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What are or were your biggest challenges that you have overcome?
I'm facing my biggest challenge right now with this pregnancy. My husband works a lot of hrs, and being home alone is my weakness at this time. Befoe I became pregnant it was never a problem to be home by myself because I could drink too much coffee, diet Mt. Dew, and Red Bulls and exercise and clean the house all night, and didnt have to be concerned about eating anything. But now, without all the stimulation I am dragging ass all the time and snacking when I'm bored. How I am overcoming this challenge is: #1.) Force myself to work out every morning, as well as walk the dogs every evening. (This is the most important bc I NEVER regret it and I always feel good about it.) #2.) I only have healthy food in the house to eat. #3.) I refuse to give up striving to control my appetite and eating habits. The euphoria I feel when I do good at controlling my calorie intake throughout the day is it's own reward. And when I eat too much, I pay close attention to what caused it, as well as how bad I feel about it, and try to figure out what I can do to prevent it from happening again.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
Salt Cravings
94% fat-free microwave popcorn. I also buy the cheese flavorings to sprinkle on it. It's all very low in fat and calories, and popcorn is good for you.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
OK guys this is getting to be a pain in my butt! More weight gain!
It's called muscule edema. When we exercise very intensly our muscles retain water while they repair themselves. I would follow the suggestions above about measuring yourself. Also, eating foods high in potassium helps eliminate water retension, like bananas and dried appricots. Cherries are particularly good for this problem. And be sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Before I became pregnant, I could gain 4 lbs. overnight from running 10 miles the day before, even if I only consumed 1000 calories that day so I know this problem can be frustrating.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
How much calories do we realy need?
I think your calories are set too high. I wouldnt completely rely on the FatSecret estimations for calorie intake. I noticed on your weight history chart that when you were consuming approx. 1200 cals. you were losing weight at a good pace. Then around Sept. 12, your weight chart went up a bit as well as your calorie intake.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
Diet secrets
Keep temptation foods out of the house. If you have a problem drinking water find a calorie-free flavoring to add to it. Caffiene-free tea an even caffiene-free diet soda counts toward your water intake. When uncontrolable urges strike me, I buy single-sized portions of what I'm craving, usually a weight-watchers brand. Practice portion control. You can always go back for one more portion if you are still hungry, or have a snack if you become hungry again later. Exercise, exercise, exercise and keep your body moving as much as possible. I once knew a morbidly obese man who lost a TON of weight by walking 5 miles a day, without even changing his eating habits.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
I've checked out your diet and exercise calander. Your diet looks pretty good but your calories may be set too high. A couple of things you can change that will get you results is: lower your calorie intake to 12-1500/day and/or change your exercise to include an hr/day of cardio at least 5 days per wk. Light calestetics arent going to do much for weight loss. Of course lowering your calories AND increasing your cardio is going to get you amazing results much faster than just doing one or the other. It wont be easy, but it will be worth it.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
Dieting, Exercising, Migrains, and Motivation...
I dont like the word "diet." I prefer "managing my weight", and for me, that is a way of life. If I need to lose weight, I know I have to balance my calories consumed to be less than the amount of calories I burn off. The only way I am able to effectively manage this task is by counting every calorie consumed and not exceeding a certain amount - say, 1200 calories per day. Exercise is very important as well. To prevent migraines and other stress-related problems associated w/ suddenly significantly increasing your exercise routine, I suggest that you steadily work your way up to the higher intensity. Your reasons for wanting to lose weight are the same as the rest of us: health concerns and vanity. If it werent for vanity, I would never have to concern myself w/ weight issues at all. Best wishes!
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
Anyone else looking forward to winter?
I usually prefer summer over any other time of year, but this year, yes i am looking foward to summer being over so I can have this baby in January! I beleive this is the only time in history that I want summer to get over with. I usually love all the fresh vegetables that we grow in our garden but since I'm pregnant, veggies unfortunatly is the last thing I have an appetite for. ha ha. I literally have to choke them down for my baby's sake. I am ready for some hearty stews and hot meals. Bring on the holidays! As long as we watch our portions and make healthy food choices and continue to exercise, we can enjoy the foods we like.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
Medication Causing me to gain weight.
I agree w/ jenkie5. If the Dr. wont listen to your concerns and change your med to something that wont cause weight gain, I would seek a different Dr. Personally, I would never take a med that could cause me gain weight unless my life depended on it and there was no other option. We work too hard to lose weight and be healthy. We certainly do not need to take anything that will sabotash (?) our efforts if we can help it.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
Go to My fatSecret > on the right hand side, where you have all your options to enter food/exercise etc., click on my Buddies > click the buddy you'd like to messege > go underneath their profile picture and click Send Messege. That should work.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
Hard time eating
I wouldnt force myself to eat anything. I'm sure you'll get hungry eventually - especially if you work out. I'd go with it as long as your health isnt suffering. Most of us have enough fat on our bodies to sustain us for several days without food.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
This is 'Some' Of What I Ate
I leave it as "some" of what I ate bc I dont feel like logging every piece of gum I chew or every mint I have or every sugar-free popcyicle, or every single veggie that is in my salad. But if I am strictly counting my calories to lose weight or if I dont have any of those extra minute calories, or if I do feel like logging so meticulously, then I do switch it to exactly. But only if it is truly "exactly".
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
What diet should i choose to slim down thighs?
The only natural way to slim your thighs is to eat less food.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
Driving as Exercise
Yes it is legit to add driving to your exercise diary. That's why it is an option on the list of exercises.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
I feel like the moon affects my body
Sounds like there could be something to that. I know the moon affects me too, at least since I've been pregnant - it seems like everytime the moon comes out all I want to do is sit in front of the T.V. and nibble on things. lol
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
Before or After?
Sillybones has got it right. Some people can handle exercise on an empty stomach and some people need to eat something light up to an hr. before exercising. Carbs is ideal before a workout for added energy, and protein should always be consumed immediatly following an exercise, to replenish and repair the muscle tissue. Personally, I prefer to exercise in the morning before I eat bc my body is still in it's fat-burning, fasting mode before breakfast. If I exercise any other time of the day, I'll have a couple peices of bread to sustain me.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
Belly exercise
Do you have acess to yutube? You can find endless ab exercises there.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
please help
You could eat small amounts of the unhealthy foods and load up on the veggies. Ask that some of the veggies be steamed raw, without fattening butter or sauces on them. Also, it sounds like your parents could take some good advice from you as you encourage them to eat healthier foods.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
Bored,Lazy and tired....
Personally, food is the last thing I like to preoccupy myself with when I am depressed. Exercise is the only thing that lifts my spirits. It makes me feel so good about myself.
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
Good sandwich low calories
Yes! We all want to know. Why dont you just tell us? lol
by holfraz (submitted 5 years ago)
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