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WW Points -- Kinda Sorta Back?
Given the recent visual changes to Fatsecret and the food journal, this script is now broken. Is there any interest in me making a new version? I'd probably make it as a Chrome extension this time.
by healsdata (submitted 4 years ago)
WW Points -- Kinda Sorta Back?
[quote=Playwright]I get a little pop up at the top that says Apps, Extensions and User scripts cannot be added from this website.[/quote] Google did make it a little harder to get the script working in Chrome. To install it, you now need to save a copy of the script to your computer first. It goes like this: 1. Visit 2. Right click on "Install and choose "Save link as..." 3. Save the file somewhere like My Documents. 4. Go to Options > Settings > Extensions in Chrome 5. Drag the 75800.user.js file over Chrome. You should receive a prompt: "Drop to install" 6. Drop then click Add
by healsdata (submitted 4 years ago)
Wheat Belly
I read the book not too long ago. Definitely some new information that I didn't see covered in other keto/paleo books -- especially the sections talking about how wheat has changed since early agriculture started. I also like that he emphasized that using rice flour or tapioca flour in place of wheat flour is really just the lesser of two evils. All in all, I think the book is a good read but a bit longer than it had to be.
by healsdata (submitted 5 years ago)
Atkins and foot/leg cramps
On a recent podcast, one of the doctors who co-wrote the newest Atkins book attributed all the "Atkins Flu" symptoms to low salt intake. Pickle juice is essentially salt and vinegar so I would guess that it's the salt that is helping everyone out with their legs. And, as CorsetLady said, both Dr. Atkins and Drs. Eades recommend potassium supplements when on a low carb diet to deal with leg cramps.
by healsdata (submitted 5 years ago)
louana coconut oil
While food manufacturers are allowed to put "0g trans fat per serving" if the amount of trans fat is below .5g, I don't think that's the case here. Normally, you want to look at the ingredients list for the word "hydrogenated" and avoid those things like the plague. The label for LouAna Coconut Oil does not say that it's hydrogenated coconut oil, so you should be fine.
by healsdata (submitted 6 years ago)
WW Points -- Kinda Sorta Back?
[quote=FatGirlWantsCake]Anyone... still working on getting fruits & applicable veg down to zero points on here?[/quote] Good question! heh. I've been caught up in a whirlwind of other projects with one being due this Friday. I have a good idea how to get the zero point foods working and happen to be on vacation next week, so I'll try to get something out then. Thanks for the continue support/interest folks.
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
The way FatSecret shows activity for the day is by totaling up what you did over the 24 hours. So if you add one hour of walking, then you need to have 23 hours of something else; sitting for example. But if you then track your 8 hours of sleep, you only sat for 15 hours.
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
re the Dukan Diet
I've read an interview with Dr. Dunkan and he sounds like a hoot to hang out with. The diet looks like a cyclical low carb diet except that it also emphasizes low fat. Kinda crummy since it's the fat you eat on Atkins that helps keep you from being hungry. There's also an odd bit about downing a tablespoon of oat bran each day. From what I read elsewhere, the specific type of oat bran is hard to get here in the States. C'est la vie.
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
Confused about net carb count for meat
According to [url= website[/url], that turkey sausage has "less than 1g of fiber" which might lead to some confusion calculating net carbs. Whenever something says that, I usually treat it was 0g just to be safe. .01g is less than 1!
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
Low Carb Diet
[quote=kokusho][quote]consume nothing but lean meat and vodka[/quote] I like the sound of that diet. Sign me up.[/quote] Seriously. k8, I think you have a million dollar book idea here. Sadly though, excessive protein will convert to glucose so, even if you tried to eat nothing but, you're still going to get a heavy insulin response. On topic! I cracked open my copy of [i]The Paleo Solution[/i] and the author addressed IBS like he addresses most things: try eliminating grains, legumes and dairy for 30 days and see if it clears up. Combine that with limiting your fruits and starchy vegetables and you'll also easily come in under the 30g of carbs recommended by your doctor.
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
Hey Atkins people - why lie?
[quote=sherilyn70]The advertising capaigns do lead people do do that though. They don't suggest you go learn about the diet, they just suggest you buy their products and market shakes and bars just like slim fast does. It is very similar. The boxes certainly don't tell you they're frowned upon as meal replacements. You'd have to be much more involved in Atkins to know otherwise. [/quote] The company message, who's in control of that message, and the advertising has changed dramatically (and repeatedly) over the years. [url= 2004 book[/url] was complete garbage because, post bankruptcy, someone decided to pander to the traditional nutrition advice with an Atkins slant. Thankfully, the most recent advertising matches [url= 2010 book[/url]. Shakes/bars are there and available if you need something on the go. They're not a replacement for real food and shouldn't be the staple of your nutrition. Not bad considering it is from the same company that owns Carvel and Cinnabon.
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
Hey Atkins people - why lie?
[quote=sherilyn70]I challenge you to show me where it is suggested that you eat things extremely high in fats, especially saturated ones on a daily basis. [/quote] I guess it's cheating because I have the DANDR book in PDF format and can hit F3. The word "saturated fat" appears only 4 times and, in every instance, it is portrayed in a positive light. The phrase "lean meat" appears exactly 0 times. The word "lean" only appears once in reference to meat and it's in a testimonial. Furthermore: [quote]I cannot stress strongly enough that trying to do a low-fat version of Atkins will interfere with fat burning and derail your weight loss.[/quote] [quote]Liberal amounts of fats and oils are permitted. This includes butter, olive oil, mayonnaise and any oil that is liquid at room temperature.[/quote] [quote][b]Misconception:[/b] You can do Atkins while following a low-fat regimen. [b]Reality:[/b] To encourage your body to burn its own stores of fat, you need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat, meaning you need to eat primarily foods rich in protein and fat. Remember that essential fatty acids play a role in normal metabolic function. Fat also plays a role in stabilizing blood sugar and increasing satiety. If fat intake is too low, you will not burn fat aggresively. Moreover, excess protein converts to glucose and can keep fat from becoming the primary fuel.[/quote]
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
Hey Atkins people - why lie?
[quote=fredmugs]I was looking at somebody's diet calendar and I noticed that for the Atkins products the nutriontional values were intentionally made smaller so that the net carbs would come out to their ridiculous claims.[/quote] I've seen this a few times and it is difficult since FatSecret isn't specifically an Atkins site and they don't handle the nutritional facts in such a way to factor sugar alcohols into their "Net Carb" counts. I contacted them about it once and the reply was basically that, since manufacturers aren't required to put counts for sugar alcohols on nutritional panels, they opted to not include them. But Atkins products do advertise a number on the front. For someone who's opting to eat them, should they use the number of net carbs on the front of the packaging or the back? One is based on the advertising of a low carb company and the other on the guidelines of a government agency that doesn't recognize low carb eating as viable strategy. [b]Both are suspect.[/b] But, as a number of people in this thread have already said, it's best to simply see how the products impact you. I know that they stall me so I opt not to use them. I recommend the same to anyone who's not losing at a decent rate.
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
The GI stuff always throws me. I remember my wife telling me at one point that Frosted Flakes had a low GI which seemed really weird to me. I did a bit of Googling but all the sites I found seemed to agree with [url= one[/url]: Raisin bran (73) actually has a lower GI than bran flakes (74). And, sure enough, Frosted Flakes is listed at 55.
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
Not a looser!
Ugh, Atkins shakes are the worst. If you really aren't losing weight with 20g net carbs, then that's your problem. Instead, make your own shakes so that you know they don't contain sugar alcohols or other things that the "Atkins Foundation" swears doesn't count but were never recommended by Dr. Atkins himself. Go to GNC or the equivalent and get some low-sugar protein powder. Mix in water, heavy cream, eggs, etc. to get the consistency you want.
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
Good Eats
I honestly forget where I got the recipe but I tried roasted chickpeas once. It reminded me a bit of corn nuts. Alton's recipe looks like it has more seasoning than I remember so I might give his a go.
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
Low Carb Diet
It really depends what you mean by interfere. Any change to your diet can change how well your thyroid works (in either direction) and, for people on thyroid medication, they should work with their doctor to close monitor their dose. Additionally, most diets (including Atkins, Paleo, etc.) tend to be lower in iodine so it's worth making sure you get enough (from table salt, kelp, eggs, etc.) Also, the above comment needs some clarification. Your brain does need some glucose but, if you're not flooding your system with sugar, it will change to run mostly on ketones. For this reason, it's best not to switch back and forth between high-carb and low-carb on a regular basis. Pick a plan and stick with it.
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
Photographic Height/Weight Chart
[quote=k8yk]Cool to see how incredibly different people can look even though they are the exact same height and weight.[/quote] Yeah, I was a bit surprised by that. I suppose it all has to do with where your body chooses to store fat and how much muscle you have. I've heard the term "skinny fat" before but honestly "obese fat" seems like a thing too. Some of the lighter people look larger than the heavier folks.
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
Experience With the Paleo Diet
In addition to mc1035's suggestions, I'd add in: [url=]Robb... Wolf[/url] who wrote [i]The Paleo Solution[/i] [url=http://www.marksdailyappl... Sisson[/url] who wrote [i]The Primal Blueprint[/i] The Paleo Solution is the book I'd recommend but it takes a very jovial tone; I've seen a number of reviews that don't appreciate that. The nice thing is that both websites provide the crux of their recommendations for free so that should help you decide about the diet without having to buy anything.
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
Looking for a natural appetite supppressant
Fat and protein are both satiating but I imagine that's not what you meant. The guy over at advocates intermittent fasting, so I figured he'd have a post talking about appetite suppressants. Turns out, I was right. [url= You Might Actually Find Useful[/url] Sadly though, to sum up: [quote] '1) Are there any non-stimulant appetite suppressants you might recommend?' No, because people rarely find them effective. Some think Hoodia helps, but the feedback is mixed.[/quote] So you'd be using things like caffeine, yohimbine, ephedra. All of them can increase your blood pressure and have other nasty side effects. If you're hungry, a cup of coffee is probably the most natural route.
by healsdata (submitted 7 years ago)
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