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South Beach recipes for all phases
This website has TONS of recipes. I have cooked several off this site and have found some new and different ideas. check it out. http://www.southbeachrecipes.c...
by graciepoo (submitted 8 years ago)
Whole Wheat Pizza Crusts - Phase 2 only
What is wheat gluten and where do I find it?
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
Whole Wheat Pizza Crusts - Phase 2 only
I will have to try those recipes. I actually made whole wheat pizza last night with a recipe I found online, which was pretty good. I'd like to find the perfect recipe though. Here is the one I used.
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
What I did RIGHT today for ME!!
I got up and went for a nice 40 minute walk around the neighborhood. Oh, and I ate salad for lunch and dinner. I was suppose to start phase 2 but ended up eating all phase 1 without even thinking. Not bad!
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
Salad dressing recommendations!! Please!!
I love salad, IF i have a good dressing. The problem is, I HATE lite dressings. I haven't found one yet that I really enjoy eating. So, I always buy regular dressings. I have made a few lite dressings that I like, but was wondering if there is anyone else who really dislikes lite dressings, but have found one they really like.(storebought)
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
Cheesy Tacos for Phase 1
I just tried this recipe and loved it. We love mexican and this really hit the spot. I used 2% mexican cheese blend and it worked perfectly. http://lowcarb.betterrecipes.c... I only used about 1/4 c. of cheese for each taco shell and that was plenty. And then once the cheese was browned, i draped it over the handle of my frying pan until it cooled enough to stay in the taco shell shape. You just need a very thin layer of cheese on the bottom of the pan. And then once the shells are cooled, fill with your favorite taco fillings. Yummy.
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
Take a Pill and Skip the Exercise
That's crazy huh? I just watched it on the news as well.
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
South Beach Diet Salad Dressings
On the Kraft website, all it shows for SB dressings in Ranch, Italian and Balsamic Vinaigrette.
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
South Beach Diet Salad Dressings
I have seen a few at our Wal-mart. But mostly just the ranch. I used to love Kraft's Zesty Italian several years ago, and then they changed it a little, now I don't think it is quite as good. We buy the Good Season's Zesty Italian packets and mix our own. It is really good. I think Good Season's has recently started bottling their Zesty Italian but we haven't tried it yet.
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
Lentil Salad suitable for SB
I found this recipe on the Food Network website. I have not tried it yet, but it sounds good. Thought I would share it with you guys. Let me know if anyone makes it.
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
Things we should have never had to say to our kids
My husband confirmed that peeing on an electric fence is a really bad idea, he was told not to as a kid, and of course had to see for himself. Bad idea. Really bad idea, he said.
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
Things we should have never had to say to our kids
That is too funny. I especially like the one about not licking the lollipop off the wall you have stuck it to!! Funny!
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
Fat Secret Website
The journal is where you want to do your daily entries. The posts are more for a specific topic I think.
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
If obesity is at an all time high in America why is it that I cannot find a dress?
Target is affordable and usually has stylish stuff. Try a wrap dress if you are large chested. Something that ties under the bust, it will accentuate your waist and then flow over the bottom half. I am fixing to start shopping for a dress too. i have a wedding in april i need a dress for. so, i will try to take my advice. we'll see if i can find something as well. good luck. i know how frustrating it can be.
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
The Start of Phase 2
This is a pretty good list. just remember to add them back gradually. Most people start with one or two things a week to see how their body reacts. Good luck to you! Phase 2 is great! So many more options. http://www.southbeach-diet-pla...
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
American Idol
Ok. Who else is as crazy about American Idol as I am?? The guys did SO good tonight!! David Archaleto is so precious!! I want to adopt him!!
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
I saw this show today. Very interesting. I think the reason he said water was good for diets is mostly because it fills the need to eat and sometimes when people think they are hungry, it is just their body telling them it is thirsty. So drinking water helps replace the need or want to snack. Other than that....I am not sure. But yes, and i thought the part on detox diets was good. He said there was no difference in the people's toxins levels among other things, compared to those eating a regular diet. But that detox diets are good for starting a new lifestyle of eating. Helps rid your body of sugar cravings, ect.
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
oops! another question
I have noticed some people not losing on Phase 1. It is usually the people that only have 20 lbs or less to lose. For some reason. Not sure. I have stalled out on phase 1 before but once i moved on to phase 2 I started losing again. I think she should go on to phase 2 personally. She will have more options and probably be happier about it. Even if she only loses 1-2 lbs a week. Sounds like it will be better than what she is losing now. Hope it all works out for her. I know how frustrating it can be to follow a plan and it not work.
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
Where is everyone from?
Lekacako...we lived nearby Ft.Stewart for years. My dad was in the Army. That is where he was stationed when he met my mom.
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
Where is everyone from?
Pking...that's really cool. We are drowning in carpet here! We go to Atlanta a lot too. Going this weekend actually.
by graciepoo (submitted 9 years ago)
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