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I am a couch potatoe
You could get your stomach stapled.
by fredmugs (submitted 2 years ago)
Is there a way to change my start weight?
My Journal My Weight History Change My Start Weight
by fredmugs (submitted 3 years ago)
The Military Diet
I can't speak for Soldiers but in the Marine Corps if you're over weight you spend your lunch time at the gym running stairs (not voluntarily). If you still don't lose that weight you are medically discharged. The fact that it advertises "no need to do strenuous exercise" should tell you something.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
The Military Diet
Never had SOS in the Marine Corps. I have no idea what a "military diet" is although I'm sure someone invented a gimmick and called it that. I would be very suspicious and if they are selling anything run like hell.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
Pump It UP: Workout Music
Nice profile BTW! I'm hoping to do about 160 miles on the PCT in Wash state this summer.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
Pump It UP: Workout Music
You obviously haven't worked out while listening to thrash metal.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
So discouraged!
Muscle does NOT burn fat. If you increase your muscle mass your body will burn more calories to maintain it. No - that is not semantics. Heavier weights and lower reps are actually better for you than the opposite. Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Stop doing the Jillian Michaels workout and find something else. I can ride an exercise bike at a very high pace for over an hour. I can put a 35 lb pack on my back and hike 20+ miles a day on the Appalachian Trail. If I tried to run one mile right now my knees, hips, and back would be in pain for days. So I don't run.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
I always recommend to people who are just beginning to wrokout to do something that you consider very easy for the first two weeks. Most people get really excitied, overdo it, and get so sore they give up. The key is to establish a good routine so set some goals in the beginning that allow you to be successful and then after those two weeks you can increase the speed, intensity, etc and make it more of a challenge if you want to.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
colon health - potatoe starch
[quote=triciaherbst]Colon health is to help me with constipation, gas etc... And yes it works.[/quote] One of the things that I've noticed when I'm doing a Biggest Loser contest and I think of food as a source of fuel instead of enjoyment is that my usual flatulence problem goes away. Anyway - someone on here told me about a Blood Type diet that lists foods to eat and avoid based on your Blood Type. Normally that is something I wouldn't buy into but when I looked at the list of foods to avoid it was pretty much the things I give up while doing BL. I'm not advocating the diet but it's something you might want to check out.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
What is Your Cheat Food?
Cheat food while actively trying to lose weight is beer. I'm hooked on world class IPAs and stouts. Last year for Biggest Loser I went 30 days with no alcohol. This year I had a beer for every 5 pound weight drop. Next weekend as a post BL reward I'm going to a release party for one of the best beers in the world. Founders KBS
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
Alternative to Pizza?
[quote=kingkeld]How about NOT having pizza? That's probably the best alternative. [/quote] Concur. Although it doesn't remotely compare to pizza (love Papa John's The Works BTW) one of the things I eat consists basically of the following: Santa Fe Whole Grain tortilla Cover it with cheese Add in ham, peppers, whatever else you like Slap on another tortilla Cook in the microwave or on a frying pan. The tortillas and cheese are 400 calories and less than 15g of net carbs. For 500+ calories with low fat, low carbs, and high fiber you can eat something delicious (assuming you like whole grain tortillas of course).
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
Food For Thought
Under normal dietary guidelines a 2,000 calorie a day diet consists of 65g of fat, 60g of protein, and 300g of carbs. There is no need to eat 20g of carbs a day. You can easily lose weight capping your net carbs at 100g a day and it's a better long term solution. White meat protein sources will give you the extra protein you need, the fullness factor that comes with, and not the crazy high fat content that comes with red meat. Try eating more pork, skinless chicken breasts, some hams, seafood, turkey, etc. Eat lower carb vegetables like green beans. With extra protein drink a lot of water. Also - I do not recommed recording exercise that does not elevate your heart rate. Housework is not exercise - it is an activity.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
help bit confused
I agree with the other comments but looking at your exercise journal for the last couple of days I would say that based on my personal experience this website vastly over estimates the amount of calories burned riding any type of bicycle (real or stationary). If you are riding an exercise bike I would suggest using the calories burned data from the bike (if you have it) and manually enter that info. Also I'm curious to know if you literally boxed for an hour this morning? Most professional fights are 10 rounds and, at 3 minutes a round, that's 30 minutes of actual boxing. You're doing great and are seriously engaging in more hardcore cardio workouts than I'm doing. Keep up the good work!
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
How much do you eat?
Interesting. I'm right at the end of a Biggest Loser contest and I'm trying to eat enough calories to sustain my workouts without getting hungry and keeping the carbs as low as possible. Yesterday I had a great eating day for me that consisted of 1500 calories, 69g of fat, 35g net carbs, and 173g of protein. I also did two 600 calorie burning cardio workouts. Specifically I ate: 200g of Eggs 208g of Ham 260g of Green Beans 336g of Pork Loin 56g of Cheese 114g of Tortillas 56g of Turkey 1230g total. I think I would have a very hard time getting to 1000g a day unless I ate more protein bars and things of the nature. I am a very active hiker and we are always looking for food with the best weight to calorie ratio to minimize the amount of weight we have to carry. For me that is usually protein bars and jerky.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
Help on food sources that are low fat and carb and high protein for a Vegan
I can't think of anything off hand (Egg Beaters?) but I would suggest going into the Recipes portion of this site and search for low carb ideas and maybe something will jump out at you. Protein powders are fairly low in carbs and fat also and you can mix them with water.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
sugar okay or not okay in induction
[quote=RavenSoul69][quote=fred... most cultish groups you can't tell the Atkins community anything they don't want to believe. [/quote] Wow, fredmugs, that was...uncalled for. Why not simply state your own opinion on the specific subject instead of attempting to fill some sort of strange need to feel superior by putting down what has worked and continues to work for many others? Whatever gets you through your day, I guess... ANYWAY, in response to the OP--as others mentioned here maybe it would help to experiment with the shakes/bars to see how your own body reacts to them (include them in your menu for a week or two, then remove them for a week or two and compare weight loss, any cravings, etc). When I was much younger the shakes/bars didn't effect me negatively at all. Now that I'm older and have to take certain meds I find that my body can't handle them like it once could. I have friends who actually are helped in losing weight by using the products. The only important thing is how YOUR metabolism reacts to them! :D [/quote] Your response has nothing to do with my point. Atkins claims their bars are 2g (or 3g or 4g) Net Carbs and they are not. They subtract sugar alcohols completely and that is wrong. Not semantics or a difference of opinion. Totally wrong. Like I said - do your own research and don't listen exclusively to what some Atkins book tells you. Oh wait - every Atkins book is different than the last one. Right? I did NOT state my opinion or offer anything relative to superiority. People do not lose weight with Atkins products like they believe they should be because the Atkins products are not what they claim to be. To further complicate things you have Atkins followers going into the food database on this site and artifically changing the nutritional values of foods that nobody else concurs with. You are being misled. the fact you don't want to educate yourself further is sad.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
sugar okay or not okay in induction
Atkins Bars are sweetened with Maltitol. Only the Atkins community believes you can completely subtract that sugar alcohol to achieve net carbs. Everyone outside of the Atkins community claims that matitol has roughly 2 calories per gram vice 4 calories for a sugar gram. Like most cultish groups you can't tell the Atkins community anything they don't want to believe. Google maltitol and make your own conclusions.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
Question about baseline excercise calories
I can't see your history so it's hard to be specific. If 16 hours of resting and 8 hours of sleeping equals 2404 calories burned then that it the number of calories you should eat to maintain your current weight. Obviously that is not what you are trying to do. In order to lose 2 lbs a week you need to beat that number by 1,000 calories a day. Every day. Remember that you are burning about 100 calories an hour doing nothing so if you walk for an hour and burn say 450 calories you really only burned 350 calories more than doing nothing. In your diet calendar you need to get the net to be under whatever your goal is for the day.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
How to update RDI so calories burned for resting and sleeping are also updated
Do not use RDI. Every day before you enter any exercise go into your exercise diary. It should show 16 hours of resting and 8 hours of sleeping. Use that as your RDI. As you enter different weights each day those numbers will change. For me for today it is 2152. That's the number you need to beat in order to lose weight - it works for me anyway.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
Net carbs
The monthly totals should also show fiber so it shouldn't be a big deal for you to do the math yourself.
by fredmugs (submitted 4 years ago)
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