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At what point do you "officially" consider yourself in a certain size?
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
After 25lbs.... can't tell much of a difference, but I feel better!
I can see the difference! And, I know how hard it can be sometimes to see the actual difference yourself. But it shows! Keep it going! :)
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
Not hungry for breakfast.
I still struggle with eating in the morning too. I usually still wait 2 hrs after I've been up to eat. But I do make smoothies sometimes too - it really does help.
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
Woot Woot! Orange Ticker! :D
Congrats on the orange ticker!
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
Chilean Miner completes the NYC Marathon!
WOW! That's awesome!
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
5 ft 5 and 1/4" 244 lbs 18 - 20 pants (depending on cut) XL tops
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes(intuitive eating loneliness!)
I've never heard of Intuitive Eating but I think what I've been reading here sounds a LOT like what I've been doing.
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
What enhancements to the FS site are in process????
Good question! I'd like to know too.
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
Healthy Halloween treats?
Luckily we take the kids out rather than stay home and hand out stuff. When I was a kid, as I got older anyway, anything not pre-wrapped was thrown in the garbage unless it was from a family member or close friend.
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
I am pretty sure my scale is off
You should considering the calorie cycling. Eat under your RDI but over 1200 cals per day for 3 days and on the fourth day, eat your RDI alloted cals to keep yourself from going into starvation mode.
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
Where is everyone from?
Ontario, Canada
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
Dieting in Silence or Full Disclosure
It's been iffy for me. I do tell people but my blog is anonymous. I have real pics of myself on here that my friends could see if they look at the blog. It's not a secret but it's not full disclosure either.
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
all the time
It's hard though since fatsecret doesn't let you know when there are comments on things you've posted. I wish it were more like FB so it would be easier to keep track.
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
The role of exercise in losing weight
This is interesting. I've wondered about how once I get to my goal weight, what I'll need to do to stay at it. But They keep talking about "weight" rather than fat mass vs lean mass. As well, in the lAnce Armstrong example, "Is Lance Armstrong excessively lean because he burns off a few thousand calories a day cycling, or is he driven to expend that energy because his body is constitutionally set against storing calories as fat? If his fat tissue is resistant to accumulating calories, his body has little choice but to burn them as quickly as possible: what Rony and his contemporaries called the “activity impulse”—a physiological drive, not a conscious one. His body is telling him to get on his bike and ride, not his mind. Those of us who run to fat would have the opposite problem. Our fat tissue wants to store calories, leaving our muscles with a relative dearth of energy to burn. It’s not willpower we lack, but fuel." Well I'm not sure how that relates to someone like me who was under-weight all of my childhood and most of my teens and then became obese at 29.
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
Workout Music
I like songs from the tv show, Glee.
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
OS Trim Snacks (if you are a meat eater!)
I had llama summer sausage the other day - but I didn't like it.
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
New Comments
I've wondered the same thing... Though there is a fatsecret app called My Diet that you can link to your facebook. I just added it yesterday but haven't figured it out yet.
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
Junk Foods You Used to Love but Now Can't Stand
OMG I was just discussing the fact that some of my fattening food cravings have really decreased when we walked past the cinnamon bun stand at the Farmer's Market this morning! Also, I can't finish a can of pop anymore though I still enjoy the taste of a Pepsi.
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
Be careful of the accuracy of the food entries
I still don't quite understand how to gauge the nutritional info of rice. When a pkg of basmati rice says that a 1/4 is X amount of calories, does that mean prepared? And when I google basmati rice nutritional info I get a TON of different results. Any help would be appreciated!
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
Has anyone been stuck at the same weight for so long? (2 months!)
I follow a blog and the woman has only lost 9 lbs since last May. But she works out daily. I think she's going to get her metabolism checked and I see people have suggested it for you too.
by fatangryblog (submitted 7 years ago)
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by stephanieehlers on 18 Apr 18 03:14 PM

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