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How do You Deal with Alcohol Events?
A word of warning. Drinking alcohol when you are in ketosis can be dangerous. It will hit you harder and make you tipsy in no time. You may faint or collapse. Put your health, first. Dilute your booze with lots of mixer. Drink an alcoholic drink followed by a non-alcoholic, and so on, all evening. I advise eating a slice of bread and butter or a goodly low carb meal before you drink so as to minimise the risk of a bad reaction x
by elfprincess (submitted 6 months ago)
Does It Really Matter... Calorie Intake
Calorie-wise I think of Subway as disastrous! Carb wise, too. Not really suitable for any weight loss programme.
by elfprincess (submitted 6 years ago)
Pros and Cons of ADIPEX???
As far as I know Adipex (I used to buy it privately from a clinic as 'phentermine') is not available in the UK on prescription. It was banned or some such many years back. It only worked for me at the beginning. Pretty soon I needed a double dose; not long after even that no longer worked. When I finally ran out of money and patience my weight went up again. Perhaps I was just unlucky but I do truly believe that appetite suppressants, particularly amphetamine-related ones, are very addictive and can be dangerous. What happens when you stop taking the pills? This is the real worry. Rebound regain is so common as to be universal. The chemically suppressed appetite often comes back with a real vengeance. Depression is often part of the 'comedown' too. All the best, those who are taking them. Perhaps you will be lucky, keep your weight off and kick the pills without any problems x
by elfprincess (submitted 6 years ago)
Frustrated with lack fo weight loss...what am I doing wrong?
Would like to add as others have stated on this site that sometimes eating too little whilst undertaking heavy exercise can stall weight loss. It may not have this effect on everyone but it certainly has on some individuals. Could it be that your body is retaining fluid? Storing water as glycogen? If you are under-eating the body needs to find a source of energy to support this added demand. When this source is not coming in as food it will also slow-down the rate at which you burn fuel in order to stop you from eventually dying of starvation. It does not know you are deliberately choosing to eat too little for your daily needs. Too little carbohydrate when exercising in a serious way can make the body cling to the water and glycogen to fuel your muscles. Without a certain amount of carbohydrate the muscles cannot work at optimum level and, indeed, are far more prone to injury and slower healing. Once again, the key to success is moderation in all things.
by elfprincess (submitted 6 years ago)
I am In Need of Prayers because I am Haveing major Health issues
You need medical attention, and fast. Deal with the physical problems first as a major priority. Once you are being treated for the reflux etc you will be in a much better physical and emotional state to tackle the spiritual pain and the overwhelming food issues. I once weighed 300 pounds. I felt despairing at times, just like you do now. I managed over time and with effort and commitment to lose the weight. I thank God I was able to. The benevolent Universe will help you. Call on Archangel Michael in particular to protect you from further harm. Ask for help, humble yourself and say, I am beat, I cannot do this any longer, I have had enough, please give me healing. And see a doctor as soon as possible. Right now a diet is way down the list of priorities. Brightest blessings x
by elfprincess (submitted 6 years ago)
Another simple tip - try cutting portion size. Many pile 'allowed' food onto the plate, thinking it's low carb, I can eat it... Dr Atkins advised moderation in all things. Keep the portions reasonable and absolutely cut back on all dairy if you are stalling. Cheese and cream are often the main culprits! Atkins and other mealbars, chocolate etc and other diabetic treats are also notorious for stalling or stopping weight loss. I an doing Vegetarian Atkins and for most of my life I have relied on cheese for protein. I now limit cheese intake to twice a week at the most. Likewise cream. Measure it out - no more than two tablespoonsful per day in Induction. It may be that your individual metabolism cannot tolerate even that amount, so you may have to cut it completely or have it every other day. Another thing is that many on Atkins Induction go mad on low carb food sites and buy wraps and pittas and sweets and cakes and all kinds of things you CANNOT HAVE in Induction! Atkins has a pyramid of food types which we add as we go along. Check the Atkins Community website for all the info you need, if you don't have one of the books (you should always buy a copy of the Atkins book). Nuts and grains are not allowed in Induction. Even nibbling on these occasionally could be stalling you. Good luck!
by elfprincess (submitted 6 years ago)
Looking for a buddy to give/receive encouragement.
Hey everyone! I lost 140 pounds and kept it off for mmany years. I began with eat less, exercise more, and lost about 5 stones. I then stalled which is very common after dieting for a while and switched to Cambridge. That was unbelievably tough and I cheated a lot but still managed to lose another 3 stones. The last two I lost on vegetarian Atkins. I maintained with ease really until my father died last winter. That hit me hard. At that same time my brother was diagosed with a third terminal illness. I went back to nibbling the wrong foods - classic comfort eating. However I recently decided that enough was enough! I am sick of buying new clothes every month or so. I have a whole wardrobe full of 12s and 14s that I can no longer wear. The time has come! If I can lose that much, you can too. Just commit to it, decide once and for all that you are now your way and no matter how many slips you experience you will dust yourself off and keep going. That's what I did, and still do. Good luck!
by elfprincess (submitted 6 years ago)
Starving yourself for a calorie deficit? Don't - it'll only backfire!
[quote=solarijg]We all know that a calorie deficit is required to lose weight, but restricting your calories too much can have the opposite effect. If your body thinks your food source has dried up, it will start storing fat for later use. Instead of tricking your body into starvation mode (which will not help you lose fat, but may cost you lean muscle), create a calorie deficit with exercise. Eat a reasonable diet that lets your body know it is safe from starvation. You can restrict calorie intake, but make sure you eat enough for your body to continue to function normally. Then, work some of those calories off with exercise. This will keep your body from storing fat and will help you maintain your lean muscle. If you still insist on drastically restricting calories, consider reading about the zig-zag diet method. Upping your calories every fourth day or so will often keep your body from transitioning into starvation (fat-saving) mode. Good luck everyone - hang in there! :d [/quote Absolutely! I have just been posting the same kind of info elsewhere on the site. We need to eat when losing weight - starvation is counter-productive. Well said!
by elfprincess (submitted 6 years ago)
Getting started...again
He is probably insecure. He is scared that you will slim back down into a hot chick - which of course you can't wait to do, for his benefit as much as yours - and fears that you will get tons of male attention and so decide to find someone new and fun and exciting. He might well be sabotaging you, deliberately or otherwise, because he loves you and does not want to lose you. So you need to sit down with him and tell him firmly but lovingly that he is your man, that you love him, and that you want to be slim for both of you. You need to lose the weight for health and self-esteem, and to feel confident and upbeat again. Ask him to stop buying you chocolate for ANY reason - birthday, christmas, anniversaries, easter, whatever. Tell him it does you harm and only makes you feel more depressed when the chox have been eaten. If he wants to treat you he could buy you flowers or frillies or even a gym membership! Or a beauty pampering product. If he has no clue what to buy he can buy a lovely card and gift voucher for you to choose what you like. Tell him to buy whatever he thinks you will like APART from food of any kind. I think he will get the message. You can find other ways of lifting your mood. Losing even a tiny of weight usually works like a charm! Find a diet you think you can stick with and give it a go. I find Atkins/low carbing by far the easiest as you don't experience hunger or cravings after the first few days, but you may prefer another approach. Lots of women - and men - gain weight after they get married. Takeaways, cosy suppers together, snacks when watching TV or DVDs... It all mounts up. I laughingly say that contentment really can make you fat! Good luck hun x
by elfprincess (submitted 6 years ago)
Switching diets
oh dear me no. that last post sounds like a 'plant' promoting a commercial diet enterprise... stick with low carbing folks, through the ups and downs. I am stalled too but low carbing has helped me keep off 141 lost pounds. I am close to goal and won't give up for love nor money, now, no matter how long it takes to lose the rest.
by elfprincess (submitted 8 years ago)
Atkins shakes
Hey all! The important thing is to find what works for US, as individuals. Then, if it works, don't fix it. There are no hard and fast rules, so long as you are eating for health and strength and are happy with your food plan. This is YOUR journey and MY journey! It's personal! Very, very good luck to all x
by elfprincess (submitted 8 years ago)
I have a question for everyone.
Restricting carbs, without a doubt. I have lost 139 pounds over the past 9 years and at first I was calorie counting, doing the 'eat less, exercise more' thing. Great way to go about it, and it works. But I got 'stuck' at 13 and a half stone some time back so used a VCLD to kick start losses. This introduced me to carb restriction. I struggled on the VLCD but managed to lose 3 stones that way, on and off. Then I decided to give veggie Atkins a serious go. This has proved to be a revelation. No more desperate food cravings. I am calm around food. Relaxed, not-panic filled and fearful. It's wonderful.
by elfprincess (submitted 8 years ago)
Anyone on here from the UK??
Hi. I'm a Glaswegian living in the East of England.
by elfprincess (submitted 8 years ago)
It ain't easy getting thin
I think we all get hungrier in winter. Probably as old as humankind, this need to eat more in cold weather to keep warm. We seem to lay down more fat too, again probably because in days of yore food was scarce in winter and we had to conserve energy to see us through 'til spring. Nowadays we have supermarkets! And takeaways. And sit-down jobs. And television. I always find it harder to eat less and exercise more over the Christmas period.
by elfprincess (submitted 8 years ago)
Vegan Buddy???
I'm veggie but not vegan. And I'm on Atkins! Brave or slightly over-optimistic - not sure! - but hey it works, and works very well.
by elfprincess (submitted 8 years ago)
recipe substitues?
Carnation Light. Available in the UK, not sure about other locations. Some supermarkets have their own-brand 'light' version of evaporated milk.
by elfprincess (submitted 8 years ago)
Low-Carb recipes
Hey thanks! I am low carbing and making as many meals and treats at home as I can. That way I know exactly what goes into the stuff I eat and can even save a little cash. Atkins is not an economical way to diet! My food bills have soared but every penny has been well spent. My current passion is low carb bread made with yeast. Boy does it taste good and is so close to the Real Thing I am amazed. Biggest problem is limiting the portions ha ha. It's yummy and wholesome and takes the pain out of this way of eating. Good luck!
by elfprincess (submitted 8 years ago)
nov 11th
Remembrance Day is very poignant and moving. I have been saddened and uplifted in turn by the tv war documentaries shown around this time. Everyone hates war but once the soldiers are actually out there we should support them. Not war itself, but those doing their duty in very tough conditions.
by elfprincess (submitted 8 years ago)
soooo happy
Hey well done! It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? Fantastic. I have 23 pounds to lose now so we are at roughly the same stage of our diet journey. I've lost 135 pounds over the years and can't tell you how blessed I feel to have been able to do so. Good luck!
by elfprincess (submitted 8 years ago)
Weighing Daily vs. Weekly
Well I regard daily weighing as a dangerous thing! If one is VLCD-ing and sticking to it ridigly the pounds will come off fairly steadily but on other diets as with 'normal' eating weight and water levels can fluctuate wildly from day to day, and even from hour to hour. I have lost count of the many friends who have given up dieting due to weighing too frequently, obsessively you might say, and finding a result they dreaded, accurate or not. If you can handle daily weighing, great. I weigh once a week at the most. Was told years ago in OA that weighing once a month was even better. This is a personal choice of course but for some daily weighing can bring a kind of tyranny into dieting and maintaining. The scale can become your enemy, something to be feared. It seems to be working for you ladies so fine! Whatever suits you best. Daily weighing for me proved a mistake - just another excuse to beat myself up.
by elfprincess (submitted 8 years ago)
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