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One for the ladies . . . how do you conquer those 'time of the month' bad food cravings?
The cure is menopause.
by eKatherine (submitted 2 months ago)
Why do people eat high protein diets?
We like meat and vegetables.
by eKatherine (submitted 2 months ago)
Screw the Diet: Just Eat Real Food!
[quote=buttercup30]Here is what you do. You clip coupons for everything. The money you save on everything you used a coupon on you can use to buy real food. Chicken is not very expensive. Frozen veggies are just as nutritious as fresh, and more nutritious than canned. Watch you local sales circulars for the best deals.[/quote] Spend the money on real food. Manufacturer's coupons are used to market processed foods that are overpriced no matter what they cost.
by eKatherine (submitted 2 months ago)
Arrowroot Flour/ starch
It's empty calories. You should limit empty calories.
by eKatherine (submitted 3 months ago)
Anyone here get heartburn regularly?
Heartburn is a common symptom of gluten intolerance. When I gave up gluten and stopped eating in the evening my nighttime heartburn went away completely.
by eKatherine (submitted 3 months ago)
work out with a minute pause
I rest as long as I need to. It is more important that you get the exercise than that you get it done as quickly as possible. If you scatter the same exercise throughout the day, you can fool your body into thinking you are a highly active person, rather than a sedentary person who occasionally does "exercise".
by eKatherine (submitted 3 months ago)
how do u get past the cravings??
I also can find that being too hungry at night can keep me awake. But ask yourself, what could you have done differently? Perhaps if you had eaten more earlier in the day. Or maybe there was something smaller, healthier that would have satisfied you adequately. You didn't say how much pizza you ate. One small slice isn't going to blow your diet to kingdom come. Ordering a whole pizza and eating it in one sitting is a major issue you need to work through.
by eKatherine (submitted 3 months ago)
weigh everyday
If you feel the need to weigh yourself less often because weighing daily makes you obsessed with the numbers on the scale and you judge yourself for it, or you are afraid that might happen, or you do weigh yourself obsessively, the problem is not the frequency with which you weigh yourself, and cannot be remedied by changing that frequency. The problem is obsession, and it needs to be addressed to get a healthy relationship with food and eating.
by eKatherine (submitted 3 months ago)
Weight loss
26 pounds in a month and a half is fabulous progress. Anyone who says you could be losing weight faster doesn't understand weight loss. Hang in there.
by eKatherine (submitted 3 months ago)
elliptical machine from hell
Cut back on the tension adjustment. You should be able to set it low enough so you can stay on it for 20 minutes or so. Then gradually increase the setting while still being able to do the entire time period.
by eKatherine (submitted 4 months ago)
Strategy for an "appetizery" evening out?
I would have a big meal right before the party. That will keep you from continuous nibbling.
by eKatherine (submitted 4 months ago)
Fat fast support
The Atkins Fat Fast is a temporary "crash diet" that people on Atkins use to jump-start weight loss that is stalled. Common dieting wisdom says our bodies have 2 modes, "regular mode" and "starvation mode", and that we switch from regular mode to starvation mode upon eating too few calories and then maybe never lose weight again. What actually happens is that if you restrict your calories too long at too low a level, your metabolism begins to creep down. Eventually the successful dieter will find they must eat a lot less than they used to, and even a lot less than anyone else at that weight can eat. But that's a long way down the line. I was fond of eating 3oz of raw almonds and 2oz (weight) of coconut oil (one teaspoon at a time) on fat fast days. Or nothing but macadamias. A lot of people eat things like egg yolks, brie, and other foods that are too low in fat to give you 90% days. [url= an interesting study that had its participants do a phase that would have counted as an Atkins fat fast.
by eKatherine (submitted 4 months ago)
Pure Health
Eat whole natural foods as much as possible. There are no "superfoods". It is simply a marketing concept to get people to spend more money.
by eKatherine (submitted 4 months ago)
Kangmei Slimming capsule
Even better, report spam. The administrators will remove it promptly.
by eKatherine (submitted 4 months ago)
Everyone is judging and trying to put me off!
What "qualifying category" do they think you should be in but are not?
by eKatherine (submitted 4 months ago)
Eating less but gaining weight???
Are you restricting your salt intake? An electrolyte imbalance can go both ways. It is very possible to drink so much water as to deplete your electrolytes if you are not eating salt. Research data supporting the standard recommendations for water consumption is somewhere between poor and non-existent. It turns out that standard recommendations for salt consumption are hogwash, too. For many people the recommendations are too low. Most people in the world eat far more salt than that.
by eKatherine (submitted 4 months ago)
The first few days on a diet a person loses a lot of weight. Some of it is excess food passing from the system, some is water weight. Weight loss then slows down to 1-2 pounds a week, which is a good rate of weight loss to keep up. Don't be disappointed that the rate of loss slows down. That's normal.
by eKatherine (submitted 4 months ago)
The "Downsides" to Eating Healthier
I eat more fat in the winter to stay warm. It's the way traditional people in northern climates have always lived. I have my heat set at 68°F during the day and 64°F at night. My bedroom (where my office is) actually runs colder than that because it's drafty, so sometimes I need a sweater.
by eKatherine (submitted 4 months ago)
Change profile name?
You could try sending an email to the admin by clicking the contact link at the bottom of the page. They probably can do it, but I don't know if they will. Or you could just start a new account and abandon or delete the old one.
by eKatherine (submitted 4 months ago)
"X" deficit, but, for how long?
After you've been on it for a couple of weeks you can see how you respond. Everybody's different. Ideally, weight will be lost at a rate of 1-2 pounds a week.
by eKatherine (submitted 5 months ago)
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