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Weight loss is stalling. What do I do?
Solid advice above on the need to cut out processed foods. Most folks won't do well trying to lose body fat while still eating all those unnatural food additives. Your body doesn't know what to do with them so they cause inflammation, water retention, and body fat storage. I might add that consuming more carbohydrates than your body can burn will result in the excess being stored as body fat. Also, the high insulin that must be produced by your pancreas to cover the blood sugar rises gradually causes insulin resistance and more insulin needs and increased fat storage. The more fat stored (especially visceral fat) causes inflammation throughout your body. Excess body fat also leads to leptin resistance, which leads to constant hunger and more fat storage. A nasty roller coaster to get off of without drastically reducing carbohydrates. It can be done. I've done it, and if I can, you can. I was a major carbo-holic, and HFLC was they only way I could get 'er done. Everyone is different, of course, so I encourage you to try different things to see what works for you.
by cpmodem (submitted 4 years ago)
The general rule is to stay away from the Atkins packaged foods while on induction. I'd stay away forever, since they were my downfall while trying to lose on Atkins. Your chocolate snack would be a no no on Induction, also. The idea of induction is to clean out the cravings and PB and Truvia both have ingredients that will sabotage your clean up. Try to stay with as "clean" a foods as you possibly can. Once you purge your system and get your body adjusted to burning the "alternate fuel" fat, the weight should start dropping. Everyone is different, so you may have to tweak things a bit to get the bio-machine running as it was designed. I know that until I started weighing EVERYTHING I consumed (except water), I didn't make any headway on Atkins. Once I committed totally to the program, everything fell into place. I lost 40# in the first 3 months and transitioned into OWL, etc for the next 20#. Finally, I shifted to Paleo for the last 20# for a total of 80# since on FS (95# if you count what I lost wingin' it on my own pre-Atkins). Biggest tips that I could give about losing on Atkins is to stay away from packaged foods, cereal grains, & sugar. Also, keep your protein intake reasonable. I found ~1g protein per kg of body weight per day worked best for me. Eating more protein than your body can use will increase body fat, and at some point, increase cravings. Eat plenty of fat as long as they are the "good fats" Stay away from highly processed seed and bean oils (high in omega-6)& trans fats. Try to get pasture raised and fed animal proteins, wild caught cold water fish. Anything that raises your insulin level/needs and/or causes inflammation will sabotage you. Good luck.
by cpmodem (submitted 4 years ago)
Whenever we take in processed foods, starches, sugars the pancreas will excrete insulin to get it out of the blood stream. If we eat too much starch (ie: more than it takes to replenish our glycogen stores) the rest is turned to fat. Do this for long enough and it causes metabolic dysfunction. This dysfunction causes us to crave more starches (sugars) and an endless loop is created. Reducing starches, especially the refined/processed ones are an easy way to break the vicious circle. If a strict no processed food diet is followed for a few weeks (like Atkins's Induction), we can break the cravings and get on the road to better health. Just think real whole unprocessed foods. That's the key.
by cpmodem (submitted 4 years ago)
You may have an allergy to certain nuts. I know walnuts do the same for me, so I limit them to 1 oz at a time/day. Other nuts and seeds are no problem (for me) so I use them to fulfill most of my good fats and fiber needs. Chia, Hemp, and ground flax are exceptionally nutritious and high in fiber. I mix them with nearly everything.
by cpmodem (submitted 4 years ago)
Trying to find success
Type II for 20 years myself. On insulin for 16 of those. I lost 80lbs on LCHF and have kept it off, despite adding carbs in the form of low starch veggies. I cut my insulin requirements to 1/4 of what it was at my all time high. I found that cutting out all sugar and starchy foods was what worked for me. It was hard at first due to the addictive qualities of these foods, but eventually,the cravings went away and it is no problem anymore. I found that I couldn't follow any diet plan without writing everything down. It is very easy to over eat or eat the wrong things when you don't keep a diary. At least that is my experience. Insulin causes fat to be stored, this is true, but for a diabetic, sooner or later taking it is a fact of life. The best control (therefore the least complications) can be achieved with multiple daily injections of long lasting and quick acting insulins. You can still lose fat while taking insulin, but you must continually strive to reduce the amount you use. Of course BGs must be maintained as close to normal as possible so LCHF is really the only way for a diabetic to get good results. By HFLC I mean in the under 30g/day range. When the excess fat is lost, insulin resistance will decrease, total daily insulin will decrease, and losing fat will become easier. It took a year of close adherence to measuring, weighing, and tracking everything I ate, but now I am in the best shape of my life and have bountiful energy. It was worth the effort, and I only wish I had known when I was younger, how bad the Standard American Diet (SAD) was and how wrong the Gov't was with its so called Food Pyramid. May I suggest reading Dr. Bernstein's books and listening to his monthly podcast for info on what a diabetic needs to do to deal with his or her disease. He is a bit fanatical in his regimen, but his results are undeniable. I use him as a base and modify his plan to suit my situation. Everyone is different, and should experiment to discover what foods do what to their BG's and overall health. Knowledge is power.
by cpmodem (submitted 4 years ago)
Essential oils to aid in weight loss? Thought/opinions
Wow! I didn't know there were essential oils for the outside of the body. Been missing those for my whole life. Learn something everyday. Thank you.
by cpmodem (submitted 4 years ago)
Essential oils to aid in weight loss? Thought/opinions
No need to purchase a special "product" to get your essential oils. Just substitute foods that contain essential fatty acids for ones that have un/less healthy fats. Oils of all kinds consumed with large quantities of starches will add to body fat, so beware of just changing one macro nutrient. Lots of non starchy foods with an adequate supply of high nutrient proteins and fats are the best recipe for long term weight management and overall health. Starchy foods, especially wheat and sugar cause cravings. Cut those out and lose the cravings. Works for me (and many others).
by cpmodem (submitted 4 years ago)
this is my first day back
Hi Patty, Take a look at this video. My personal experiences jive exactly with it. It may help you get on the right track.
by cpmodem (submitted 4 years ago)
Medication Woes
Insulin and any of the Sulfonylureas do the same for me. Fortunately cutting way back on carbs to the Induction phase allows me to significantly cut back on one and eliminate all the others. Unfortunately, I can't cut back totally on all of them as, for me, protein still requires insulin.
by cpmodem (submitted 5 years ago)
My love-hate relationship with Atkins
Atkins isn't a "zero carb" diet. Once you cut out sugar, other fast acting carbs and processed foods, the carbs left are mostly high nutrient, low carb veggies. This is what Dr. Atkins has been saying from the start back in the early 70's. When consuming the "good" carbs allowed on the Atkins program, I find myself eating more veggies than ever before in my life. The "net carb" part of the program results in one consuming considerably more bulk in nutrient rich, high fiber foods than one would first think when looking at the 20 carb limit imposed during the Induction Phase. There are lots of studies published in peer reviewed journals that prove cutting carb intake is healthy in many ways including reducing excess body fat. Weight loss is still all about taking in less calories than are expended. Atkins is no different in that facet. The big difference in Atkins, IMO, is the concerted effort to reduce blood insulin levels. This results in not only reduction in body fat and the myriad of detrimental maladys that that hormone contributes to, but a general increase in overall health. It doesn't hurt that it is also the only weight loss eating program I've been on that satiates my appetite so well.
by cpmodem (submitted 6 years ago)
Lowering your carb intake should lower your cholesterol, at least the bad part (triglycerides). Eating fat and protein shouldn't raise your cholesterol if you restrict carbs. At least its been that way for me.
by cpmodem (submitted 6 years ago)
Late-Night Hunger!
Try hardboiled eggs.
by cpmodem (submitted 6 years ago)

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