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Anyone looking for a diet buddy?
I could do with some more buddies too :D feel free to add me
by cookiecallaghan (submitted 6 years ago)
How big were you when you met your partner?
We were both lighter - I have actually gained 22 kg since then. He probably not as much but I was slimmer than him when we met. He says he doesn't mind, and in fact he is the one tempting me with fast food and treats - I am the one pushing for both of us to lose weight and become fitter.
by cookiecallaghan (submitted 6 years ago)
What do you tell people who ask how much have you lost?
Good point, I always fear that the same people who comment on me having lost weight are the kind of people who behind my back talk about how much weight I gain when that happens. I don't like how obsessed and sensationalist some people are with these things - you're right it should be private. What also annoys me is when a slim person moans at me about having gained half a stone over Christmas - is it supposed to make me feel better? Well it doesn't because that person probably still weighs 40 kg less than me! That said, yu should just tell your husband how you feel about what he does, he might not realize at all that you are uncomfortable with it. Men can be a bit oblivious. ;)
by cookiecallaghan (submitted 6 years ago)
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Ditto with the obsessive part, I try hard only to do it weekly now because otherwise I tend to
by cookiecallaghan (submitted 6 years ago)
Oh man I know this feeling... I absolutely hate when I gain weight (or even stay the same) when I've been good and expect to see a weight loss on the scales. Sometimes I took this to crazy starvation levels - e.g. only eating 500 calories a whole day just out of panic over unexpected weight gain. Obviously that didn't work either! I guess patience is the key. Don't feel bad!
by cookiecallaghan (submitted 6 years ago)
Get Started
I know just how you feel... I didn't even get on the wagon myself... Just watched it crash into a wall from a safe distance. :D Well, like you I am feeling motivated to finally get started. I wish you good luck on your journey!
by cookiecallaghan (submitted 6 years ago)

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Steps per day
I count my steps using the Samsung Health app on my phone. i try to do a minimum of 10000 steps a day. It's synced to this app so it automatically records how many calories i burn
by QuinnChoya on 16 Aug 18 11:43 PM
Dieting while taking any form of insulin requires pretty extreme carb cuts. In order to lose the weight you have to be able to cut out some of that fat storing hormone, which is insulin. Cut the carbs ...
by BlueFront on 16 Aug 18 10:47 PM
Only 2 meals a day !!!
I now weight 179#
by Ronald Bassel on 16 Aug 18 07:02 PM
My secrets to success.
Good for you! You've just described most of my diet and it's working for me, too. I do eat corn on occasion (I make a cold corn salad with other veggies that's so good), but I've found ...
by SoCalPam on 16 Aug 18 02:00 PM
Clenbuterol weight loss Product
Clen is a controlled substance in many places (i.e. not legal). It's ephedrine's big brother, and while not as dangerous as DNP the sides can be rough: painful cramps, nausea, anxiety, restles ...
by ieGod on 16 Aug 18 11:59 AM
SuperTracker Alternative
Was sad to see that the SuperTracker is no longer available at ChooseMyPlate but pleased that FatSecret is a great alternative.
by Allgreen on 16 Aug 18 02:10 AM

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