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Starting a new life
This is a great website if you're looking to start a healthy new lifestyle. I started on this more that a year ago and it has helped me tremendously. I have lost almost 15kgs since just by eating nutritious food, and it never felt like a diet at all - and everything I know and learnt, it was from these forums - everyone's invaluable input, sharing, experiences, suggestions, and of course the calorie counter. Welcome on board, and good luck!
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 6 days ago)
Fat-Flush detox
Hi, thanks for that. I just ended up making a pitcher of water with lemons, cucumber, mint leaves and oranges and sipped on it all day for two days. Well, even though it may not have done anything spectacular, it wasn't too bad drinking it. It was very refreshing.
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 6 days ago)
My FS journey, as told by dogs
Loved this!! Made my day :)
by coffeebiscuit (submitted a week ago)
Fat-Flush detox
Hi, Has anyone tried a 3-day fat-flush detox with wholly natural stuff, that doesn't include juicing? It's mainly to clear toxins from your body. I know there are plenty online, but I was just wondering if any of you have tried something before, and it would be great if you could share your experiences and your plan. Cheers!
by coffeebiscuit (submitted a week ago)
What is your favourite/most used food for weight loss?
"These are a few of my favourite things" 1) Chicken salad - just lettuce and roasted chicken (with light soy sauce, pepper, onion powder, chopped garlics, rosemary/ thyme, chili powder). 2) Hard bolied egg-whites/ boiled tofu on a bed of lettuce 3) Roasted brocolli and asparagus (salt, pepper and herbs) 4) Leafy greens and onion soup 5) 85% lindt dark choc (20g - 105 cals) 6) Almonds (10almonds - 70 cals)
by coffeebiscuit (submitted a month ago)
Plateau-ing! What do I do?
Thanks guys! I took all your advice and I have been at 55 for the past week or so. Now to maintain this and to lose 5 more kgs. And thanks kingkeld - I love your Indulgence day diet, and I also like your eat within the 8 hour frame idea. It works for me.
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 9 months ago)
You lost what?!
So far I've lost the amount of cheese an average American eats in a year. Working towards losing an elephant's heart :) Nice one bella!
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 9 months ago)
Binge Eating - a venom!
Hey, thanks a lot everyone. I have managed to somewhat overcome this binge eating, not completely (as only on Monday, I had 3 subway cookies, again for no reason, or rather, because in my country, 3 cookies came with a discount - *rolls eyes*). I love all your tips, especially slotting a day in the week for binge eating, because at least you know at the back of your mind your favourite foods are not forever banned from your life. What I find works for me is snacking on almonds, walnuts and dark chocolate (85%), it does curb the urge to just chomp down on large amounts of food.
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 10 months ago)
Plateau-ing! What do I do?
I have not budged from between 56-58kgs in over a month. I am still continue-ing my healthy eating plans, stopped most of my binge eating "escapades" but the scale is refusing to hit 55 even. How do I kickstart my weightloss again?
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 10 months ago)
Florida girl looking for other shorties to share support and motivation with!
Oh, hello. Finally some people who would understand what its like being short. If you think you're 5'1" is short, I'm 5'(fullstop). Its so unfair that although we're not that heavy but we still look fat. One kg up and the pounds start showing. Anyway, welcome to fatsecret. Would love to be your buddy. I love this site. It has helped me lose about 12 kgs over the last 4 - 5 months. Good luck!
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 10 months ago)
not easy
Wow JamesK - amazing work! Keep it up. Do share with us your secrets and how you did it.
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 11 months ago)
Binge Eating - a venom!
Also my RDI is really low (1200 cals) because I'm really short, and by short I mean 5ft (fullstop. no extra inches). In order to actually lose weight, I read that one should cut down 500 cals from your RDI, and so I try to maintain it at 800. But its just so difficult. I'm afraid to eat much most times, and then I get fed up, and just binge away. I was doing alright the first 3 months, but this month has been crazy.
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 11 months ago)
Binge Eating - a venom!
Thank You thinner120. I usually binge secretly, in the comfort of my own room, where no one is watching because it is just so disgusting for one person to gobble up all that. It's true, ensuring you only eat in the company of people, or in a properly set table does make a huge difference. My diet is basically low carb, and mostly just vegetable (either cooked in soup or as salads) and meat. So yes, it is "restrictive" in a sense that I have cut out all sugars and carbs. I do have indulgence days (and by that I mean I allow myself to eat reasonable amounts of rice or bread) once a week. But my binges are when I suddenly decide I want all the cakes and cookies in the world. I have seen some of Paul Mckenna's videos on youtube, but I have not practised any of his methods. I was quite taken by the tapping thing. I suppose its about time to put it in practise, and I must remember to do that each time these ridiculous urges crop up, and not just unthinkingly give in. Thanks again.
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 11 months ago)
Binge Eating - a venom!
Thanks b.please, missnaughty and sherota for the advice. Yes, I find keying in every drop that goes into your mouth really helpful - to the point, sometimes, I actually visualise my diet calender when I'm about to eat something. I really should programme my mind to get away from those crazy binge moments. Also, I agree that protein is amazing. It keeps me full all day, and I ensure I have protein for breakfast - I find that really helpful. And I also understand what you mean when you said you finally realised what "empty calories" mean - i feel the same way, who would have thought. I mean, yes I have to admit I never gave much thought about nutrient intake until I started this journey, and now I am obsessed about the nutrients in my food. And missnaughty, I use to suffer from bulimia too, when I was way younger, but not to the extent of falling ill. But I did have my bouts of overeating and than throwing up. Its an awful habit, and its addictive. No one should ever do it. Sometimes, I still have thoughts of binging and throwing up, and I have to talk myself out of it - for the sake of my teeth and skin.
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 11 months ago)
Binge Eating - a venom!
Thanks Jannabelle. Yes, that glass of water will help and so will painting my nails. I will definitely try that the next time. I'm actually wondering if there's a mind game I could play to talk me out of it. My trigger was just wanting to munch while watching a movie. Thanks Nicky. Yes, I've been religiously keying in my food intake, but side-tracked a little this month. I have been eating very little the past 2 days as I was planning on looking a teeny-bit smaller than I am to fit into a dress this coming weekend for a wedding. In fact I planned my meals for today as well, and was done with a good breakfast and lunch, and then I gave up and all hell broke lose. I have cut out sugar and carbs almost completely too, but then when I get a craving, I give in.
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 11 months ago)
Binge Eating - a venom!
I hate it when I binge eat. I was doing so well this week, and today that crazy power took over me and I ate 3 huge slices of cakes and a number of pastries, at one go! And for no apparent reason. I wasn't even hungry. I'm disgusted with myself, I even felt disgusted while I was eating. I don't know what drives me to have this sudden urges, and even worse, to allow it to control me. Is this normal? Does anyone have crazy urges or certain power that takes over your brain that makes you decide to buy a whole lot of stuff and eat them all at one go, for no reason? Any ways or tips to overcome it?
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 11 months ago)
Trying to quit smoking
OMG! Just came across this thread and how I agree with all of you. I've been wanting to quit smoking, but I thought I'll get the weight down first before I attempt to quit. But yes, it is getting in the way of exercise.
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 11 months ago)
I am 97.2 kgs ughhhhhh....!!!!!
Hey Zehnabh, totally understand how you feel. I think the best way to go about it is to not feel like you're on a diet. You've got to set your mind to have a lifestyle change. It is very difficult but do-able. I used to eat without thinking based on convenience, and I love food, any form of food, especially the unhealthy stuff like white bread and rice and everything deep fried, not to mention my undying love for cakes and cookies. I made a conscious decision to change my eating habits and the only way was to cook the food myself, so I know what goes in there (makes it easier to count the calories). Ever since I started cooking, life has been amazing, I love food, so yes, naturally I think about it a lot, but I think about the foods that I am allowed to eat, and how to spice it up. I feel like I've been eating gourmet dishes since I started cooking, and the weight has melted off. I still have a good 10kgs to go, but hey, the thing is whatever I did has worked. I went on a holiday last week, and totally ditched healthy food because I couldnt find any and then I came back to continue eating junk and had been feeling like crap all week. Today, I cooked again, and I feel like I have my life back. Good luck!
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 11 months ago)
Quitting Smoking and drinking's effect on weight loss
Oh me too! Thanks for the post. I'm planning on quitting smoking too as it is interfering with exercising. I hate having shortness of breath when I run, that's why I only do brisk walking. I seriously need to quit, but I havent found the courage yet. Way to go for taking the plunge!
by coffeebiscuit (submitted 12 months ago)
Tofu - yay or nay?
How does tofu work in a low-carb diet? Is it considered high protein or high carb? I love having tofu salad as it makes me full, but there's a whole debate going on about the yes and no for soy-based products. Thoughts anyone?
by coffeebiscuit (submitted a year ago)
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