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Forget Diet Pills - but check out this supplement!
Hello all :) I have been a member of fatsecret for over a year now. Things have been up and down with my diet - at times encouraging, discouraging at others. You all know what I am going through! :) Over the last year I have really tried to stay on the path - eating right, exercising religiously almost every day, and still I hit plateaus that I just don't understand how it can be scientifically possible! I have never been one to use a diet pill. But then I found out about this all-natural supplement called "EXTREME LIFEFORCE" from Extreme Kinetic ([url=http://www.extremekineti... It is an all-natural supplement that contains no stimulants, and that helps in terms of burning stored body fat for those that have at least 15% body fat or more. It gives you extra energy, helps suppress your appetite and gives you the additional nutrients that your body might be lacking due to your diet. The results I have seen while taking this product have been absolutely amazing! Even on days when I "slack off" a little bit or indulge, I still continue to see good results. This is something that I couldn't do before over the last year. One indulgence it seemed would put me 5 steps backwards! You can check out the product at the following link: https://www.extremekineticonli... It is a very cost effective product - less than $20 a bottle, and they also offer free samples that you can request through their website. I just received an email about a special offer they have for 30% OFF your order for new customers, so that is why I thought I would share this with you. [b]The coupon code for 30% OFF your order is AUG2008.[/b] I HIGHLY recommend checking out this product! Like I said, it is simply an all-natural supplement, but it works wonders! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.... Good luck and Take Care! Anna :)
by annaf1973 (submitted 9 years ago)
Fat/Carb/Protein Ratios?
Try Googling "40 30 30 Diet" and you should get some results. As my regimen is low carb, my protein is 40, carb 30 and fat 30. (It is not the Zone Diet but a low carb derivative, similar, incorporating calories into the equation to optimize metabolism). As far as making the diet conform to specific ratios, it takes planning ahead what you will be eating the next day. An online tool that calculates your percentages is really invaluable in the process. I set up each days meal plan for the next day (or next few days) in advance. (Of course there is always the unexpected invite to lunch, etc., so you just try to compensate your other meals to incorporate that change in.) And don't forget your calories either. You may want to run your height and weight through a calorie/weight loss calculator to see what your recommended calories should be at to lose X amount of weight per week. If you don't meet your recommended calorie intake, your metabolism will go into storage/starvation mode and you may not lose the weight you would like. I was skeptical about the 1400 calories I was recommended, thinking that was awfully high, but it is working consistently for me. :) My reason for changing from South Beach to this was that I was having great success on SBD initially, and one day out with my family and I gained ALL of the weight back I had lost in 1 week. That was discouraging! I have been doing this regimen, and have had the day with family, plus a birthday party with cake and have lost 6 lbs in 10 days....... Not bad for never feeling hungry, and most of all no fatigue or headaches!!!
by annaf1973 (submitted 10 years ago)
Fat/Carb/Protein Ratios?
OK all! I am back!! And I have switched diets, but it is still a "low carb" plan called "Low Carb Express" and it is 1400 calories a day, but the important thing is the carb/protein/fat ratios, and of course eating the right types of each. With this diet, it is recommended that your percentage of calories are in the following ratios: 30% carbs, 40% protein, and 30% fat. I have been doing this regimen now for a week and a half, and I am seeing GREAT results!! And it is more than water weight that I am losing - my body is improving so much, it is unbelievable the change in this short amount of time. I have also been keeping up on the exercise with two rest days a week. And the best part is that I am never hungry. :) Along with the proteins and veggies, I have been eating fruits, and rice and I had a shrimp pasta tonight! 30% Fat seems like a lot, but as long as it is the right fats - from oils, cheeses, etc.- then it seems to be right on. PS - Weigh in day is Friday, so I will post an update on that, but last Friday I had lost 3 lbs after a week following this regimen.
by annaf1973 (submitted 10 years ago)
HI EVERYONE!!!!!!! :0 :) :)
Hi! I am new here too - just started last week on Thursday. It looks like we have the same starting point and goal!!! I did the Weight Watchers too after having my second baby, and that worked pretty well. My 2 daughters are both in elementary school now and I am a "room mom" so with all the school parties/birthdays, etc., I found some weight coming back on! :P So here I am, and I'm hoping to reach my goal of 120 lbs. by my anniversary on Sept. 21st!
by annaf1973 (submitted 10 years ago)
Prepacked prepared SB meals
Hey! I have tried just about all the SB prepared foods (prior to actually starting SB strictly - still Phase 1 right now), and they are all pretty good. My fav's are the Frozen Steak Teryaki and Chicken Monterey wraps (I think they are P2 "approved"). Just don't microwave them too long or one end will get hard! I agree the grilled chicken ceasar wrap is also great! I used to take those to work with me cause they were so convenient. (The southwest one has some good salsa in it!!!) And I LOVED the Cinnamon Raisin Cereal Bar!!!! (I got the variety pack and the others were OK, but not great.) I never got to try the pizza, because my 8 year old daughted always stole it from me because she loves it! ;) Can't wait to try the Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad!!! Just a few of my favs.......
by annaf1973 (submitted 10 years ago)
Is there a limit on good carbs per day?
My hubby should really love me then! LOL! ;) That was my understanding as well, and there wasn't a "limit" next to them, like the tomato's or nuts, etc. I just couldn't help it!!! They were pretty tasty for a crunchy snack in these desperate times! Hey, at least I am staying away from those fabulous peanut butter cookies I made from the recipe here! Thnx TwoAngels! I'm sure I will have plenty more questions for you soon! :P
by annaf1973 (submitted 10 years ago)
Is there a limit on good carbs per day?
So here is my next question..... Is there a limit to the daily carbs, even if they are on the good list? Okay, specifically garbanzo beans/chickpeas ;) I made the toasted chickpeas recipe, and ended up eating them all (1 whole can) throughout the day..... Is this bad??? :? :doubt: :?:
by annaf1973 (submitted 10 years ago)
Fat/Carb/Protein Ratios?
I am new to SBD (today is my first day :p ) and I have a question - how much fat is too much? I ran my foods for today (through the calculator) and it seemed so high!!! :cry: Today I had 970 calories = 48% protein (108 g), 42% fat (42 g), 10% carbs (29 g). Also, are my carbs to high also to see good results? I appreciate any info you all can share! Thanx in advance!!! :d
by annaf1973 (submitted 10 years ago)

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