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Where R U From????
Another new Yorker..... well upstate New York!!!!
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
What is 200 lbs?
You are beautiful!!!! and dont think you are less!!! I deffantely dont think your in a place on this web site where someone is gona think bad about you!!!! We are all here to support each other! You are in the right place!!!! GOod luck to you!!!!!!
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
Keep good sugar free chocolate with you during the party and chew lots of sugar free gum if somethings already in your mouth then you can't eat m&m's Good luck I have a party to and unless I loss the weight gain from vacation it won't be good!!!! lols GOOD LUCK
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
whats your best feature?
what do you like about yourself? To often do we put our selves down for what we dont like! But I want to know what you LIKE about yourself? I found that I love my calves!!! After rockclimbing this past week I saw pictures and saw how awesome they look and fit they are. So its a start for me!!!! HOW ABOUT YOU!!!
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
What's Your Motivation...?
Mine is to be healthier and happier with me!! I want to feel great in my clothes and not feel jiggle when I run!!
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
thanks giving
A great way to get thru the holidays!!!! fill your plate first with salad and veggies the your turkey. You can try and make the cauliflower mashed pot. and green beans if you fill up on the good stuff youll be less apt to have a big piece of pumpkin pie. but don't deprieve yourself all together have a sliver then get up from the table. If its not bad out go for a walk with the family after dinner instead of laying down on the couch. or go play flag football instead of watching football on tv. Good luck
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
Diet Pills....
I have tried them all I think!!lol The only one that didn't make me sick or jitter and cut down my appet. and had more natural healthier mixture was TIGHT. but it mostly just help me maintain. But if your eating cause your bored or upset diet pills wont help you!!!! You need to fight something else like working out when your bored or hitting a punching bag when your upset or mad. IT TRUELY IS THE MIRACLE MOOD CHANGER with no unhealthy side effects unless you think being relieved of stress and looking better "side effect thats unhealthy" lol. If the boredam is coming at work or watching tv try taking up knitting or getting a hand held game. If your hands are busy then you can't grab food and it will keep you busy. or take a walk at work for 10 min to just unwind for a min. good luck
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
*Turbo Jam*
I love the Turbo Jam workouts. I have had it about a year now (not doing it faithfully) but when I do get in full swing just doing the 20min jam I notice a big difference in my belly area. Its fun and over quick.
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
What would your 'Goal Shirt' Say?
Everyone has great ideas!! As much as I want to lose the weight and become as healthy as I can, I think everyone needs to start with "Loving me for me!!" or "Loving you for you!"
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
does anyone have any ideas for me ?
To help get your veggies you can do a v8 as well and I know it fills me up.
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
How do you mix up your meals if you HATE seafood?
Go to the receipt part of this site there are so many different meat option meals that even if you had chicken 5nights a week you could have a different meal type each time along with beefs and side items.
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
Is slimfast okay on sbd?
You may want to be careful with how much sugar is in it.If I remember right I use to do slimfast and ever trainer I had made me get off it cause of the sugar. If you like doing the protein shake try making your own they can be quick and easy as one scoop of whey protein and some milk to putting them in the blender with ice and a banana or fruits for a healthy smootie without the extra sugar. You can even buy the shakers at any health food store and it would be cheaper then slimfast in the long run. just shake them up and go.
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
What's Your Motivation...?
My motivation is that I want to be healthier, and happier with me!!! But I always find something to work towards. Lately was my fitness test for work, and my party this weekend. For Octorber its my cruise, then the holidays then my birthday, then the summer I find that there is always something to set a goal for and thats what motivates me to keep pushing forward. Also I never never never want to go back to 200 lbs and so I will look at the old pictures when I don't feel like working out and bammmmmmmmmm Iam out running!!! Good luck to you
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
In desperate need of a lifestyle change buddy
hey Iam always looking for a buddy anytime you need someone just write I too check the site as often as I can
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
those burdensome thighs
Not that I have the thighs Iam looking for either but there are a few exercises that I am working with that I think are starting to make a difference. Turbo Jam lower body is kick butt!!! bender Ball for thighs and butt (also has an awesome core that takes like 10mins and you feel it) Also try lying on the ground, pick your left leg up and cross it as far as you can over your right leg (almost like your gona roll over) do as many times as you can then switch legs you want to try and work up to 100 each leg, let me tell you hard then it sounds and youll feel it in your inner thigh. Hope this helps!!!
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
frusterating plateaus!!!
I know the feeling I came back to dieting from being off it a few months and have just yo yo as much as when i wasn't on it. It is totally frustrating!!!
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
Younger Next Year: The Book
Well Iam diff not that old yet!!!lol but I would have to say its got be true I have a friend 75 years old and now her health is starting to decline but she still drinks and smokes on a regular basis, but she is more active and has enjoyed her life more then most people I know. She has traveled to Spain, China cruises and much much more and has lived a happy full life.
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
Where's all the pictures?
Your totally right. Having a picture of someone helps personalize the reason we are all here. It makes everyone more human. Its also great to see what a variety of people are out there and face the same problems!!!
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
Theres also a I know I know - Richard Simmons tapes that help with people that can't get out of bed for one reason or another. I know he was on Oprah with aguy who was like 500 ++ andlosing with exercises he did right in his bed. Hope it helps to at least getyou moving alittle
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
Let's Have Some Positive Talk...
Well my reason for losing is one to be healthier and more comfortable in my own skin. My whole family has weight issues and I don't want the medical problems that go along with it. You have to do this for you and not for anyone else. The other reason is I want to look great in anything I put on. Whats your reason??
by anicolet (submitted 9 years ago)
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