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the ticker colour means the percentage that you have been losing since you registred here on fat if you are folowing your diet 25%,50% or 100% being 100% green means that you reached your goal :) hope this was informative. have a nice week.
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
101 Reasons to Lose Weight
[b]better sex jealousy[/b]...everyone wants to know my secret
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
Losing veryyy fast....
jesusss xenicak is the worse thing everrr literally you ll poop your pants with grease...
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
special K
special k as in cereals??? if so they have sugar...soooo i dont think youd loose that much weight.
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
Skinny Bitch (the book)
[quote=Scout22]I was really not impressed with Skinny Bitch. It was good until they start talking about how they kill animals and then it seemed to take over all of their good advice.. Sad, it could have been a better book. [/quote] ok so you really didnt get the point about the book...
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
Skinny Bitch (the book)
so i bought this book last week and arrived today. i was so siked to read it that i already finished... im happy that i also bought together the Skinny Bitch in the Kitch. so for those that have no clue what book im talking tip is [b]GO READ IT!!![/b] i never got so amazed with all the words that are there written. everything now seems so bright to me. and dont let you get fooled by its title :) [url= Bitch Homepage[/url] [IMG] [quote]The bestselling diet book provocatively titled "Skinny Bitch" features on its cover a line drawing of a lithe fashionista in a little black dress. Also on its cover is a pitch to "savvy girls" to "stop eating crap and start looking fabulous!" Nowhere on the outside of the book, however, does the copy suggest its agenda to make vegans of women seeking tiny butts; that's just a sneaky surprise. Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, the authors of "Skinny Bitch" and its recently released follow-up cookbook, "Skinny Bitch in the Kitch," have surpassed Jessica Seinfeld's broccoli-spiked brownies to create the bait-and-switch diet book of the year. This book is a PETA pamphlet in chick-lit clothing and an innovative fusion of animal rights activism with punitive dieting tactics that prey on women's insecurities about their bodies. [/quote] [url= Bitch about[/url]
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
My photo progress of 94 pounds lost
wowwww what a changeeeeee im so happy for you :)
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
hello im thinking about starting a vegan diet. ive been vegetarian for almost 9 years now but i wanna make a change. do any of you guys have nice tips on what books i could buy that would help me a bit on recipies and stuff? thanks :)
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
its a natural diet pill. anyone here ever took it???
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
Does Alli work
alli is the same as xenical...its very bad and only works if you ingest lots of fat and grease daily. i took xenical once and its really groosse when i was going to the toilet for number 2...not only that but some grease was coming out of that place...and my underwear was always with grease...but i didnt lost any weight with it. good luck
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
hahaha thank you...but i didnt even said i WAS on diet pills..i was just wondering if there were some even natural pills,that people here were taking. its just that sometimes i see so many people here with their weight ins and then i see what they eat and damnnn if i eat all that id be huge.but ok. i omce tried green tea pills but i prefer the tea itself thanks anyway :)
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
You write the story
in the meantime
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
[quote=Starladesiree]Then don't diet. Make a lifestyle change. [/quote] i am on a liestyle change vegetarian for almost 9 year now.and since last year i dont drink sodas anymore because it has too much sugar and/or gas.
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
the thing is i dont wanna be on a diet for the rest of my life :S
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
What to eat after work out?
i normally eat fruit or have some crackers with me. you can also get some low calories cup a soup a have it at work before you leave. kisses
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
[b]is anyone here on those? or is just plain diet? nice week everyoneeee [/b]:)
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
How has losing weight changed your life?
i feel much more sexy,i feel that i can run or jump(i used to have big boobies),i feel that i can dress whatever i want and dont feel tight...i actually feel greater than ever :) good luck on your diet :))
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
weekend fasting
im thinking about doing a fasting during this weekend but id like to know which one would be best...water/tea or natural fruit juices??? since im almost achieving my weight before i had my son im a bit paranoid and im so terrified of gainning weight again so i really wanna do a fasting at least to detox my body and feel better about myself. im not from the USA so i cant get any of the products you guys use to detox like from atkins or ww so if anyone has a good advice on natural fasting please tell me :) message me pleaseeee :) thanks :)
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
losing weight?
im eating at least 800 calories per day and im still fat...
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
Could fasting or skipping meals help me lose weight?
im not here to promote you not to eat but the less you eat the smaller your stomach gets. u do 2 meals per day including breakfast??if so then you need to have a nice breakfast to keep u up for the day...if your 2 meals dont include breakfast then make them 3 meals and make dinner just a simple snack with wont feel too heavy when you go to bed.its also best if you stop eating after 21.00 otherwise you dont burn that much :)
by anasousa (submitted 9 years ago)
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