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Get mini dark chocolate pieces, personally, I love Hershey's Bliss Rich & Creamy Dark Chocolate. Have one piece (one serving is 6 pieces) when you can fit it within your daily calorie limit. Else try making fruity ice candies and have one. Use fruits and flavors of your choice. Two good recipes are
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Food Problem
I too am constantly thinking about food. But the thing is I redirect my energies to thinking how I would make whatever recipe I'm looking at healthier and think about making it later. Of course, I'm lazy too so it never gets made but makes a fun pass time. Don't fret it. Just imagine creating different types of dishes, the more complicated the better. Haha. Also, take a look at videos of people chopping fresh vegetables. It gives you a high. I love watching people slicing cucumbers and tomatoes. Makes my mouth water. That way your cravings would be healthy food not... fries. To prevent yourself from eating unhealthy, try imagining the amount of fat it has and imagine tasting that fat by itself. It will put you off.
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Physical hunger vs. Emotional hunger
Urgh! I am frequently, which has sadly increased during the past few months, attacked by boredom hunger, I'm feeling a bit chilly so I need to eat hunger, others are eating hunger, and the it's time I should feel hungry hunger. I probably am attacked by the I'm thirsty but don't know hunger too but I don't know about it. Problem is that satiating this hunger with processed foods does not satiate it. Just makes me fell more hungry and yes extremely guilty.
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Making healthy foods taste better?
You can always add veggies to your favorite foods. If you like pasta, make whole wheat pasta and add veggies to it. Veggies are heavenly in a tomato-based gravy. Personally, I love cumin and garlic in such gravies with a dash of vinegar or lime juice. As Hoser said, stir fry your veggies in a Chinese-style gravy. Steam the veggies first so you need a lot less oil/butter. Check out some fabulous recipes of oven roasting veggies in balsamic and even oven-baked chips. Best yet, something I really really need to do myself, is to convert the veggies into a healthy soup. You can always add beans, meat, and lots and lots of veggies in it using a vegetable/chicken/beef broth as a base. Mash some veggies/beans to thicken the soup if you don't like clear broth soups. Hope this helps.
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
trying to lose weight with ongoing health issues
Hi, I am handicapped and spend most of my time sitting, which creates a lot more problems and weighty ones at that. It even went and restricted my movement further. Urgh! When I joined this site, I did start exercising (5 mins per day for a month and then increasing it by 5 mins each month.) But as the number went over 20, I lost my motivation. But I did find something that makes me a bit more active. Try doing two things. 1. fidget, all the time. It's fun and is an escape. 2. Do a sitting dance. Just sway your upper body as if you're dancing. I usually do it for 1 hour and count 30 mins of calisthenics (the light, home exercise one). Oh and try and help with cooking by doing the tasks you can do while sitting. Peeling and chopping are relatively easy for me. Do some finger exercises at the beginning to ensure that you get used to chopping. That way you can at least make salsa! *just kidding* Do let me know if this helps. I will try and answer any further questions you might have if I can.
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Foods I'm added to database not showing up for others?
Maybe you can add it in Sunbelt bakery but click the "Restaurant/Fast Food" option. Then, it might be available for everyone. It is not 100% accurate name-wise but at least everyone will be able to see the foods.
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
My Diet Journey
It isn't listed here. You can add it to fatsecret by referring to the following link: Or you can use the following private entry from here:
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Strange Dilemma
It used to be that. I used to equate food with punishment but not now. These days, I really, really like home cooked meals, especially ones that I've made myself. Gah! Yes, I admit... I'm weirder than most people put together. I also love collecting recipes and the idea of fresh groceries appeals to me. Just looking at plump red tomatoes, fresh green cucumber, bright purple eggplants, spicy red onions... I guess you get the drift. It's just that I hate entering the new kitchen. I'm not comfortable in it. HCB your suggestion of inviting a friend over to cook together has merit. It might scare the kitchen monsters away. JayRedux your idea of a treat is also good. I guess I could make something nice for my lunch group to share. And if they like it, then that should be motivation enough. Thanks for the responses and I hope I rid myself of my kitchen monsters.
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
I Hate to Cook.....
Urgh! I used to hate to cook. But that was because the meals I cooked were barely edible. Slowly, I learned to cook and began to like it. But lately, I've not been cooking and dread going into the kitchen. I don't have the faintest idea of why. Maybe it is because I'm still not comfortable.... errr... let's get back to your query :blushes: Usually, when I really didn't want to cook for long and wanted healthy, home cooked meals, I used my pressure cooker. I make a quick risotto by dumping everything together in the cooker and giving it two to three whistles. I open it, stir it, adjust the seasoning... and done! Maybe, you can do part of the prep elsewhere... like you can chop vegetables while watching TV or reading a magazine? Then, with all the prep work done, you can enter the kitchen, do the cooking, and make a hasty exit. If you bake, then you need to spend even less time in the kitchen. Sad that I don't have a working oven!
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Can you think of a reason for your slip? Mine usually is stress or excessive work. For motivation, think of how far you have already come. So what if you slipped a bit. You've already experienced a huge success and therefore it isn't an impossible goal. Yet, I would like to point out that with less to lose, the loss itself will reduce a bit. Hope this helps!
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Strange Dilemma
This may sound strange but lately I am scared from cooking in my kitchen. :oops: I had to shift because the apartment I was renting had been sold and now I've been a week into the new one. I am still adjusting but most of the kitchen is in place. I had rarely cooked a month before the shift because I had to bring work home and look for another accommodation. But now I feel that I should make myself go cook. What is wrong with me???? :?: Can anyone help or commiserate?
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Don't be a stranger!
[quote=Hope4Health]I've been careful just because with linkedin and facebook profiles out there, I really don't want people from my day-to-day work world to find out how much I'm eating and drinking. I don't mind sharing these facts with you guys, but gosh, a guy from work looked over my shoulder at my fitbit entry and said, "Wow, 1800 calories! You eat a lot!"[/quote] That coworker seems to be a moron. But my reason for not sharing an image is the same. The rest of my information is public and as no real-life colleague or friend actually knows my username, I don't care about the google search thing. My image is a different story altogether. I don't have a recent photo of myself and combined with the privacy thingy, I don't really want to share a photo either.
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Eating after work....
I had and occasionally still have the same problem. So, I decided that I would indulge in whatever strikes my fancy if I am able to fit it into my daily calorie limit. That way, I know that it is not forbidden and since I can have it anytime, the cravings become limited. I am still struggling with days when I don't want to cook dinner though. If anyone has any ideas, please do share.
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Silly Question.. how skinny is too skinny?
Huh! I can't imagine being too skinny but if you feel that you lack the energy to do normal tasks and feel as if a large gust of wind would blow you over, then you are too skinny. I know girls who are so skinny that I feel scared to ask for a hand. It often looks as if me holding their hand tightly might just cause a fracture. That is wayy to skinny!
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Scale suggestions.
Only one... try them before you buy them! Best of luck! :D
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
What for Breakfast?
A healthy cereal with milk? A smoothie? Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to have a boiled egg sandwich, using brown bread. If you can boil the egg the previous day, it can work for you too.
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Weight loss Irritation
Most good points (logging everything you eat, eating a lot more veggies and fruits, exercise, and getting yourself checked for diseases such as a thyroid problem) are already covered. I would also suggest that you do not let your calorie deficit go beyond 1000 calories per day. That would ensure that you gain weight, not lose. And from personal experience, I also suggest that you get adequate sleep. Don't get frustrated. The first couple of months are scary and there is no apparent movement in the weight either. Just stick in there. Something good will come out of it.
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Protein Rich foods ?
In addition to meat, lentils, beans, soya, cheese, and paneer are good sources of protein. From what I heard, 35% of our calories should come from protein. You can go through this link:
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Yippee!!! Heartiest congratulations to you! *grins*
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
Snacks for the World Series of Poker
Make sandwiches using fresh ingredients and a bit of meat (for protein) and pack them in vacuum sealed boxes. They will last longer. Chopped fruit in Tupperware or another similar container will also work if the place you are at is air conditioned. The fruit and any sandwich stays fresh for 6-8 hrs and you can keep these in vacuum sealed lunch boxes and keep them in your handbag. You can also make omelets with lots of vegetables and whole wheat toast. Chop them into snack sizes and eat in breaks. Really can't think of more ideas. *grins*
by ambtreh (submitted 5 years ago)
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