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Where is everyone from?
North Dallas, TX. Weather's starting to cool off, thankfully!! Happy Friday, y'all!
by ZippyDani (submitted 3 years ago)
"Fat-shaming may curb obesity" ???
But if you really read the article, it's one person, a FIT 82 year old dude, who is talking about increasing the shame factor, and most other professionals are wholly disagreeing with his argument. What may have worked for the fit now-82 year old to quit smoking/eating fatty foods won't always work for the rest of us. Shaming people into quitting something or eating better/exercising is NOT the answer, and won't do anything except jack with already sensitive souls. Education and resources are the answer, as well as more of the chain restaurants revamping menus to add more healthful options, like so many are doing now. Being fat might not be a choice, but doing something to fix it must come from within the individual. This one dude isn't going to make any change.
by ZippyDani (submitted 5 years ago)
Avoid Negativity
Selenap: "opinions here are like trail mix, you pick out what you like and give the rest to your dog! " I absolutely LOVE that saying! Steph, I too have experienced the power of positive thoughts/feedback here at FS. Yes, there can be the negative nellies, but they can and should be taken with a grain of salt, then ignored for better judgments. Whatever you're working toward, healthful balanced approach is the best method of success. I wish you much success!
by ZippyDani (submitted 5 years ago)
"Frickin' Nice!"
PhilandDeb, you made me cry with that pooch story. I have my own fur babies, and no matter what "human suffering" story, animal stories make me cry HARDER. They're at the mercy of our world with only basic understanding, and when treated with kindness, it really does make a difference. The way they give love so unconditionally and unquestioningly, we humans should take a page. I've said it before... my dog, Gigi's, kisses have healing powers! So do her kitten brother's licks and purrs. I don't need chicken soup for my soul as long as they're around. <3
by ZippyDani (submitted 5 years ago)
"Frickin' Nice!"
Me and the Teen were JUST talking about this!! It's a big theme in Les Mis, which I just took her to see on the urging (and extra credit offer) of one of her teachers. Kindness is HUGE in my book, and paying it forward, which she didn't know the term. Keld, I like yours better F**king Flink! I'm using it! I've had, more than once, someone pick up my coffee tab in the drive thru. I think I might be behind in PIF, but it'll get done tomorrow. IDK about y'all, but this past Christmas has seemed a "kinder, gentler" season than years past. Maybe it's because I didn't HAVE TO go out to shop for my gifts, and wasn't under pressure to get the right item or disappoint the munchkin. I hate that our holiday season is of late comprised of people willing to literally fight for an item. That's not what Christmas is about. My holidays over the past few years have begun on Black Friday, and kind of get a little Charlie Brown gloomy. I get stressed and not in an energetic way, just in the "I'll be better when the holidays are over" kind of way, and I don't like that feeling. I think Linus actually did speak to me this year, Linus and The Grinch. They're both similarly themed "Welcome, Christmas, bring your cheer. Cheer to all Whos far and near. Christmas Day is in our grasp, so long as we have hands to clasp. Christmas Day will always be just as long as we have we. Welcome Christmas while we stand, heart to heart, and hand in hand." That REALLY spoke to me this year, and when I was out shopping amidst the public (generally I don't like crowds), I was smiling, happy to purchase the overpriced items for my daughters and husband, happy to meet each face with a smile, each transaction with a "Thank you! Merry Christmas!" Not sure what the difference was, maybe more of a conscious choice on my own part. The mall-going crowd at large annoys the crap out of me. But this holiday season, I was cheerful. My heart lighter. More excited for the coming looks when my kids and my love opened their unknown gifts. And let me end here with this: there was maybe only once or twice that my "Merry Christmas" to a shop clerk or other person did not get answered back with the same. So all that media crapola about employees not being allowed to say Merry Christmas is exactly that. It's bullsnot. If someone says it to me, I'm going to say it back. I have friends of every religious persuation, and not one did not appreciate my sentiment and well wishes. As Bill and Ted are keen to say "Be Excellent To Each Other!" If we can be excellent, we'll get excellent in return. Carry on, my FS friends!!
by ZippyDani (submitted 5 years ago)
perhaps you could count it as kickboxing with your time? I don't have a list of the different exercises in front of me...
by ZippyDani (submitted 5 years ago)
Exercise Tips for Toning?
In my journey, I have achieved a 60+ lb loss, and I'm exercising with some regularity. However, I think I am (more than) ready to start toning up my bod, hopefully to get rid of the "wingspan," thin the thighs and flatten the belly pooch. I've been doing cardio mostly (elliptical, walking) and some arms weight resistance machines to add a little muscle. Can anyone give me some recommendations? I'm SO ready to firm up!!
by ZippyDani (submitted 5 years ago)
Losing weight sucks!
OMG, totally LOL!! Y'all are killin' me in the best way! Laughing is jogging on the inside, right? I am also losing clothes that were once daily wear, and both my pairs of jeans are loose enough to "pants" myself--I'm happy about this, actually, cuz they were so uncomfortable there for a while! One pair makes me look like a hobo, the others are stretchy, so they don't look bad. As for the girls... yes, they're diminishing, but my bras still fit me... so far... my cell holder is still there... XD
by ZippyDani (submitted 6 years ago)
5K ???
I did my first 5k last October, walking almost the whole way. I was definitely not first, and definitely not last, because my walking gait is rather swift. But, after finishing that, I got HUNGRY... hungry for more!! We did another one on Thanksgiving (this time not just me and my teen, but my hubby and sisters and their kids, too-everyone that was at my house for the holiday) and it was A BLAST! I am in NO way ready for full on running, as my ankles and knees can't really handle the impact, but just DOING IT-finishing! That gave me the confidence to keep going, to do more of them, and not to be concerned with my time. I also get so bored on the treadmill-I prefer the elliptical for the pace, but walking outside for scenery, fresh air, walking the dog, soo many reasons. But... even with walking most of the way on the first one, I still came in under an hour! :) After that one, I started to beat myself up over not having done them in the past! Great job, everyone!!
by ZippyDani (submitted 6 years ago)
"Lost weight lifting"
I will be taking my pix this weekend. :o)
by ZippyDani (submitted 6 years ago)
"Lost weight lifting"
OMG, I have lost more than a big bag of dog food!!! YAY!! Thanks for thinking of this... it wouldn't have occurred to me...
by ZippyDani (submitted 6 years ago)
List your benefits of weight lost
Definite separation of boob and belly! There's no more shelf for my shelf to sit upon! ;op Every little comment hubby makes about my butt being smaller or other things he's noticed. Being able to breathe without wheezing or needing my inhaler! Having more energy! Sleeping better! omg, there are so many...
by ZippyDani (submitted 6 years ago)
LOL @ Hoser's reply... M.Trublu... I too will be giving up the java--my Achilles heel! Good luck to us both!!
by ZippyDani (submitted 6 years ago)
What do you tell people who ask how much have you lost?
Tell people what YOU feel comfy with. That's all.. I've lost just under 30, (was OVER, but then holidays happened) and I tell them just that. "Just under 30 lbs" Then I hug them, say thanks and beam a little brighter.... Take the compliment, you have definitely EARNED every single pound!
by ZippyDani (submitted 6 years ago)
Salad porn
Salad Porn--HILARIOUS! I feel like that about food, too. I guess it's us chunky folks version of porn... The salad looks DELISH!
by ZippyDani (submitted 6 years ago)
CRAVINGS during PMS - Ladies, do you get them?
I crave STEAK around mine, nice thick medium rare steak. That or other salty snacks... I can usually stick it out with a serving of Wheat Thins and some good hummus... Lilly's Hummus makes a kalamata olive variety that is DELISH. Good luck y'all... Mine's coming up this weekend... Just in time for my anniversary. PFFFT.
by ZippyDani (submitted 6 years ago)
Buddy-less! New to the site.
Veggies and fruit, and lots of exercise are the key! I was big, then lost 45lb on Atkins only to gain it all back because I treated it like a diet and not a lifestyle change, or as I prefer to call it, a dietary plan. Now due to health issues, my hubby had to go nearly vegan to lose weight and correct some issues. BUT, I'm down 22 lbs, he's down about 25, we're feeling better, sleeping better, and eating better. You don't have to go totally vegan because that's a HARD thing to do. You have to be SUPER committed for that, but if you add like 4 times the veg and fruit, and cut back on the meats, and limit the fast/pre-prepped/food in a box type stuff to like once every other week or less, you will see and feel great results. Slow, but slow and steady is better than a yo-yo. Good luck!! We can all use support!
by ZippyDani (submitted 6 years ago)
How do you handle your children?
I have 2 girls, and the 12 yr old does have a body complex. Not a drastic one, just unhappy with this or that on any given day. She is a tall and slim girl, and in 7th grade athletics for basketball, learning the value of regular exercise. In their off season, they workout, running, weight training, etc. She hasn't lost anything (and doesn't need to), but she's gained strength and is feeling better about her body. I try to be as frank as possible when she asks me awkward (for her) questions, so that she understands why her parents went on this near-veggie-only dietary lifestyle change, and in an effort to help her to avoid the same pitfalls that we succumbed to in early adulthood. If you teach them why some foods are better than others that might taste good, teach them to drink lots of water (even the toddler has her own reusable water bottle), and give them foods that you would be able to eat as well, with an exception of something bad and super-tasty every so often, they will learn by example. That is why our kids (society as a whole) are getting fat at younger ages-they go from the example their parents and other authority figures have shown them. Well, my girls are getting a really good example now, and it's been a good journey for all of us.
by ZippyDani (submitted 6 years ago)
Good info, Gnat... Do drink lots of water (I start my day with a liter before I eat anything else), and add LOTS of veg, especially leafy greens. When you are at a salad bar, start by getting a heaping helping of the mixed greens (not just romaine or iceberg), then add a smattering of the extras like mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, onions, etc, whatever you like. The salad will be lighter (and may cost you less) and you'll get all the good stuff with the micronutrients. Good luck!!
by ZippyDani (submitted 6 years ago)
Looking at "diet" vs. accepting change
I thought that Atkins was my "lifestyle change" but there are too many things during that diet that I was restricted from, even if I had pushed myself through to the final "permanent" phase. While what we are on is a lifestyle change, it incorporates so many foods I love and hated giving up in Atkins, like fruit, and I am not limited by calories or carbs or whatever, I'm just eating better. So when I do "cheat" as it were, I allow myself small little treats, a really good meal once a month or every other month, the single chocolate kiss the other day, my half-cup of coffee this morning with breakfast. OK that last one had me jonesing for Starbucks, but I stood my ground. The metric TON of water I've been sucking down helps stave off the "I'm-hungry-what's-in-the-frid... moments. Or, I have some veggies instead of make myself go without. I'm happy with my progress, and excited to continue, now remembering just how AWESOME I used to feel working out every day. I wouldn't skip a day either. If I skipped, I wouldn't have as much energy, it seemed, and besides, it helped me sleep. I wasn't obsessive, just would make the time. KEEP IT UP LADIES!! We can ALL do it.
by ZippyDani (submitted 6 years ago)

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