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Welcome! I'm also Rachel. Why not take your dog out for a jog with you?
by Zippy773 (submitted 9 years ago)
I'm going to have to extend phase one after having some setbacks, too. :?
by Zippy773 (submitted 9 years ago)
New to This Site and Starting Tomorrow Again...
Hey, I just joined, too! The site takes a bit getting used to doesn't it? but i love the exercise and food diaries, and being able to save recipes to my cook book. Excellent!
by Zippy773 (submitted 9 years ago)
Hi everyone!
Hey! I just joined (or rather, I joined a while ago, but never did anything, making the whole site useless for weight loss). I figure there's a lot of things that made me take my weight loss seriously. I've lost weight by just making lifestyle changes, but it isn't enough, and I'm at the dreaded plateau. But more than that, I'm tired of looking like this, I'm tired of feeling like I should jump behind a pillar when someone takes out a camera, and I'd love to have more energy, and feel more confident in the dating scene. And considering that weight issues run in the family, I want to enter my 30's healthy and energetic! I also have the added impetus of my high school reunion coming up in November. So here goes... wish me luck! :)
by Zippy773 (submitted 9 years ago)
Wisdom Teeth Removal and South Beach
You'll have to stick with soft foods for a few days. I also had all 4 out at the same time. How about plain yogurt mixed with stevia or another no-cal sweetener?
by Zippy773 (submitted 9 years ago)
Why I love my WiiFit
So i guess that answers my question of whether the WiiFit actually delivers a decent workout. :)
by Zippy773 (submitted 9 years ago)
Looking for a Phase 1 Buddy...............
Sure! I'm (sort of) starting it today. It wasn't planned until I made the decision to start it right before going grocery shopping. I decided to redo the entire shopping list for Phase 1!
by Zippy773 (submitted 9 years ago)

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Poco a Poco
Poco a poco (little by little) I'm still losing weight. Since March I have lost 24lbs & I feel good. I need to work on dropping my fat intake by 10%. My protein and carb intake is fine. My ...
by DonSanAnto on 25 May 18 07:14 AM
Welcome! To manage your logs go to the Fat Secret home and click on the icon of a plate. There you can enter your foods for the day and create set menus that you can access again and again. Click on ...
by SoCalPam on 24 May 18 10:29 PM
I don't truly know if I'm pre-diabetic or not. Hubby is, so he has the finger stick machine, etc. My blood registers at 85 with his gadget but the doc said my blood tests showed pre-diabetes. ...
by SoCalPam on 24 May 18 10:26 PM
Aaaach! and Aaaargh!
That's a smart fix. The salt will cancel out the sugar for sure. At any rate, it will leach out enough water that you'll think you've lost a pound.
by SoCalPam on 24 May 18 10:23 PM
Export food eaten/logged or a report like on the iphone app
The app and website might as well be two different platforms entirely they're so dissimilar. Unfortunately the website/desktop site lacks big time with respect to reporting. Can you not screenshot ...
by ieGod on 24 May 18 04:31 PM
Egg salad breakfast
Egg Salad Breakfast: One hard boiled egg 2 tablespoon mayo Squirt mustard to taste Lemon pepper seasoning One dill pickle spear chopped Slices cucumber and red tomato wedges 7 multigrain tortilla chips ...
by Chow moore on 24 May 18 12:57 PM

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