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Eating Mindfully
I think I need to try this :)
by Wyattj99 (submitted 11 months ago)
Doing the Food entry backwards!
Every morning I put in my breakfast and snacks. If I know what dinner will be I will put that in as well. Lunch does change for me so I can't always add that in the morning. But I do too adjust it if it changes during the day. It has worked well for me.
by Wyattj99 (submitted 12 months ago)
Tips for combating late night snacking..
Its a hit or miss with me. I can go weeks without needing a night time snack and then a few days of being hungry. I recheck what I'm eating during the day to make sure I'm getting enough protein and healthy carbs ...normally that works just to check things up a bit, of course, drinking lots of water too
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
List your twelve best "tips" that have worked for you to lose the weight
[quote=Itzjstjeff]wyattj99: Brief, concise and to the point, your list is very comprehensive and covers all the bases. Thanks![/quote] I like simple..if we go on and on about tips its over whelming to the human being and gets them no where :) I know experience that a time or two getting over whelmed and not learning nothing.
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
List your twelve best "tips" that have worked for you to lose the weight
As you can see from my blue line I think I have done good for myself. Here are my twelve tips: 1. Water - Drink it all day! 2. Sleep - at least 8 hours 3. Preparing/preplanning - at least 5 days worth 4. Temptation - clear out all bad foods in the house 5. Support - most important! 6. Fat Secret - Need I say more 7. Eat - at least 5/6 meals or 3 meals 8. Keep a log - let me say that helped me/stopped me from binging (of course, some days can be bad but I was aware) 9. Move - No need to do hours of workouts but just move find workouts you like even short ones at least 6 days a week 10. Positive - Keep motivational speeches near by 11. Talk about it - No need to brag or be pushy but talk about it 12. Scale - Need to keep in the mind that is not your friend even on good days
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
Why This Diet?
I love everything and maybe if I cut down meat more
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
Confession: I don't like exercise?
Frankly, I can't say that I hate to thing is I get bored easy. I too rather during the week stay in and not do much social so I found 10 min videos on you tube for free, that way I don't feel over whelmed, I don't get bored cause there is thousand of videos and when I do feel social I go for a walk with a friend :)
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
Some really great ideas!
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
chicken meal ideas
I love chicken either your welcome ladies!
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
chicken meal ideas
I bake chicken drumsticks (which you can warm up later for lunch) and have asparagus on the side.
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
Weigh-in Error Message - Anyone else?
I went to fat secret in Canada, updated my weight and came back to the American site and it's working now :)
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
[quote=thinner120]Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Make sure you are balancing enough protein with a carb. Maybe you aren't getting enough "good" fat. The body needs some fat. Make sure you are drinking enough water.[/quote] So true! I eat my 3 main meals a day with two snacks, mid morning and mid afternoon. After dinner if I am still hungry cause I ate not so good I lean towards some fruits or a glass of almond milk. I never feel hungry. Plus I drink about 10 bottles of water a day.
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
Weigh-in Error Message - Anyone else?
I finally got an email back saying they are working on it...sounds like it will be awhile..arghhh!
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
Weigh-in Error Message - Anyone else?
I'm having the same issue with updating my weigh in with the error message and my tracker isn't updated as well. I contacted them several times with no response..arghhh.
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
i want to stay on this healthy eating forever
I've been eating healthy now less than a year, I feel and look so much better.
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
[quote=micki13]i agree. you are still a child.don't worry about silly stuff like are still growing. your body is still NOT put up someone else's picture on your fridge or anywhere else.ESPECIALLY with your head on it.its not your will look your own way.seriously people,what's wrong with you ![/quote] Correct she is 16...does anyone remember (mostly females) the age of 16. The peer pressure, the self esteem you had. So she want to lose 10 small lbs and she is here asking for help. Why we as adults can't help her. Yes get outside for fresh air, run, play around...volleyball, soccer, basketball but also learn to educate yourself on your body, your health but we as adults shouldn't be insulting other adults on here in front of a 16 yr since we are her influence!
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
unmotivational speaker
Can you not see that I was laughing
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
If we encourage you to stay away....would you?
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
Let's get serious about tracking our fitness progress: Weighing every day won't do it ; you
I do it all: Weigh myself daily but log it in weekly (for the most part), measurements, workout and most importantly eat healthy :) plus see how my clothes fit!!!
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
Goals and Rewards
I love this idea!!!!
by Wyattj99 (submitted a year ago)
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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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