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I am approaching weight loss from the emotional baggage handling department and I need some support
I'm not online every day, but I'm up for a weight loss buddy.
by SuzanneJ (submitted 6 years ago)
Need a friend! I have so many questions
JS - I find the same thing. I find that artificial sweeteners cause a stall. I also count total.
by SuzanneJ (submitted 7 years ago)
I want some friends!!
I sent a buddy request. I look forward chatting with you.
by SuzanneJ (submitted 7 years ago)
Had to do something very rewarding today !
Hey - I have been working just under 1.5 years, and we are at about the same place. It is so wonderful to fold jeans and put them away, only to have my daughter say 'mom, these are your jeans, not mine!' I got rid of most of my big clothes but I kept 1 pair of jeans at each size. I am going to make a poster of me holding each pair, as they get smaller and smaller. Just so that I can see and celebrate all the hard work I've done. It is so good to meet someone else who has reached the same level I have. So many just quit - maybe we should start a group :D
by SuzanneJ (submitted 7 years ago)
induction phase`
The net carb option when you set up your options is fairly close to the Atkins book (I have one). There are a lot of Atkins dieters on this site
by SuzanneJ (submitted 8 years ago)
BE AWARE - Google and our journals
Hum - thanks for the 'heads up' - I will be more careful what I write. BTW k8yk, contrats on losing 107lb!
by SuzanneJ (submitted 8 years ago)
Carbs vs.Calories
I have primarily been on Atkins, but I have been flexible. I haven't changed my RDI from what it was when I was younger-thinner, and in fact, when I was heavy! In fact, I increased it a bit. But, I have bounced from Induction to OWL, back to Induction, a few days of cheating, back on track. And I've consistently managed to lose weight.
by SuzanneJ (submitted 8 years ago)
by SuzanneJ (submitted 8 years ago)
can't get no satisfaction..
The atkins book says to increase the fat in the meal. ... or just eat more.
by SuzanneJ (submitted 8 years ago)
Weigh Yourself Daily?
I weigh in daily. It helps me see if I am 'on track'. Sometimes, it is easier to have a 'good meal' when you are on a diet, if you know that you are loosing. I will sometimes weigh myself later in the day...if I haven't gained a lot, it makes it easier to keep eating. I find that when you 'gain' you can usually look back on what you ate and find something that you ate which should be removed from your diet...usually, that extra piece of bread, a treat, fast food. It is your body, the better you can monitor it - the more successful you can be. However - I agree. Don't stress over the numbers. That is all they are. They don't measure your BMI, health, energy level... I don't eat much as it is. Sometimes I have a hard time eating at all. I feel full. I exercise, my hair is shiney, my complexion good, my skin soft. I figure that I am healthy. People tried to make me eat 1500 calories a day. Not only did I gain weight - but I felt awful, had no energy, slept 2 hours a day longer. I went back to what felt right to me - and I am doing well.
by SuzanneJ (submitted 8 years ago)
Edit initial weigh in?
My mom's scale was always off. As long as you know your 'real' weight, and then can 'do the math' - you should be okay. I have a scale under my desk for motivation. When everyone is getting latte', or going out for reminds me that I have a goal which is important to me.
by SuzanneJ (submitted 8 years ago)
Too much fat...
rjenkins - what about the laxitive dieters? The bulimics? common, if we are going to have a convention where everyone brags that they have the answer, we shoul allow everyone. Of course, these 2 new groups would have to have their 'own' bathroom, and would need a 'pass' to leave - :( LOL I read this whole thread after reading your post and it is a little foolish. No one here is trained to give advice. We are just sharing and helping each other. People helped me, and I am loosing weight after 2 years of struggling. I am healthier. I eat healthier. I don't starve myself no matter what my calories say ... I eat all day long. I sleep less. My complexion is 10 years younger. My point is. Let's all share everything we know, and what works for us....then let others determine what works best for them.
by SuzanneJ (submitted 8 years ago)
Too much fat...
hi Atkins is not the only one that works. I found that I gained weight on a high protien, higher fat diet. As soon as I switched to a no fat, low protien (notice it is 'low' not 'no') I started to shed pounds. \ As for the statement that low fat diets are causing health problems. I wonder how many health problems we brought into the 'study' because of our high fat, high starch, high sugar, high red meat, high salt diets that everyone considers 'normal eating. I agree that eating too much 'breads' and non-veggie carbs is causing a lot of health problems. People eat WAY too much bread. Starch is put in everything today...anything that says 'thick' - 'creamy' - 'rich' - probably has starch fact, they are now even adding it to our milk.
by SuzanneJ (submitted 8 years ago)
What would you eat if you only had 1200 calories to spend?
milk and cereal for breakfast and 1 piece of fruit, veggies for lunch, all you need to feel full, and meat/veggies for supper. Eating this way, it is very hard to get your calories over 1000. I know, this is how I normally eat. I agree with datadoll, soup and stew is a great way to stay thin...just remember that if you have too much water while you eat, then you wash the food out of your system before you get the nutrients out of it.
by SuzanneJ (submitted 8 years ago)
is it reasonable or possible to lose 10 a month?
I lost almost 10lb this month - that is with a 2 week period where i actually started to gain weight again. I know exactly what you mean feeling that you should have lost more. I went from eating burgers and pizza, not exercising at all, and eating only 1 meal a day. Now I am exercising daily, eating much healthier, and I am eating about 2000 less calories than my RDI says I should...but I am not loosing the 'almost' 1lb a day the math says I should be loosing. I tried to listen to everyone...and that is when I started to gain weight again. I guess my point is simple .... relax. Stick to a diet that works for you. Don't assume that if it works for someone else, it will work for you. BUT - pick a diet. If you don't then it is too easy to fall 'off track'. Also, if you stick to a diet then you'll loose fat - not muscle. This is important because muscle will burn more fat in an hour...the more muscle...the more fat you will burn. I am still waiting for the week that I get to loose 6lb :D
by SuzanneJ (submitted 8 years ago)
Thanks. I added you.
by SuzanneJ (submitted 8 years ago)
not too much action here. Anyone want to be buddies?
by SuzanneJ (submitted 8 years ago)
Weighing In
I bought my scale yesterday.. I was so happy. Now after reading all your posts I am looking at it with serious suspicion. Is it evil? ANAPDC - I love your strategy. I am going to try it.
by SuzanneJ (submitted 8 years ago)

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Old Timers
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