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Vegan Protein
I would like your recipe Obakemono. :) I have been vegetarian for a month. I try to eat as much animal-product-free stuff as possible, but I am probably no where near being vegan just yet.
by Starladesiree (submitted 6 years ago)
just started hcg
Hahahahahaha! Wow, some of you are CRANKY! Go eat a cookie.
by Starladesiree (submitted 6 years ago)
Question about Water...
I doubt it's true. Maybe not entirely UNtrue, but they are probably not significant enough effects to really matter. The main point is just to stay hydrated. :) Although, the glass of water before a meal thing works to fill you up quicker and eat less food.
by Starladesiree (submitted 6 years ago)
GNC Women's Ultra Mega Active Vitapak - anyone use this and how did you feel?
Just a warning though, the amino acid/fish oil pill of the mix gives you fish-burps. It's a little gross. I would suggest always eating something before taking them. Haha!
by Starladesiree (submitted 6 years ago)
GNC Women's Ultra Mega Active Vitapak - anyone use this and how did you feel?
I've used the GNC Be-HOT supplement and it gives a nice little boost of energy, taken about an hour before a workout. It's not a miracle diet pill or anything but it does have amino acids and green tea extract, so it helps give me a little push when I'm exhausted from working full time and going to school full time.
by Starladesiree (submitted 6 years ago)
afraid of gaining weight with birth control pills
I've been on birth control pills since I started losing weight and it's never really been a problem. Don't worry about it too much. As long as you get plenty of water, eat right, and stay active I'm sure you'll be fine. Plus, there are several different brands out there so maybe your doctor can give you samples of different ones if you don't like the first brand he/she gives you. :)
by Starladesiree (submitted 6 years ago)
My rant: I hate everything that sucks. Ha. But really, I agree. Those sauna suits are retarded and unsafe. Not to mention you look like a hobo in one of them. The weird spandex/foam waist wraps, shorts, etc. are also pointless and unsafe. What's really been bothering me lately though, are people who are able to eat and eat and eat all kinds of junk food and not gain an ounce. I mean, they're lucky they have such a great metabolism. However, they're still eating stuff that is causing damage to their bodies and they think it's okay for them to do so because they don't see the physical effects on the outside.
by Starladesiree (submitted 7 years ago)
What was the 'lightbulb moment' that made you realize you needed to lose weight?
My sister's wedding. I didn't fit into the size 10 bridesmaid dress. I had to buy a corset thingy and it was still a struggle to wear. THEN I saw the pictures. Horrid. I looked like a whale next to my naturally-thin-eats-anything-a... sister.
by Starladesiree (submitted 7 years ago)
U.S. Health Care
(I may be a little off topic with this...) My parents are liberal hippies, and I'm pretty liberal hippy-like myself. So I agree with the upbringing part. And my opinion on neighbor-helping is this: Is my neighbor a good person? Does my neighbor try his/her best to care for him/herself and their family, or do they leech off of others while trying to get away with doing as little for themselves as possible? Are they a responsible adult who makes (for the most part) wise choices, or choices they at least believe to be wise? Would my neighbor be kind enough to help me? I may be a little harsh but I really don't like to see people that consistently ABUSE systems meant to help people get into a position to better care for themselves and their families.
by Starladesiree (submitted 7 years ago)
U.S. Health Care
[quote=Divided By Zero]I don't believe dooming people to stupidity is something we should consider.[/quote] A-frickin'-men. There are enough stupid people in this country. If public school was not available, I would have no education at ALL. There is NO WAY my parents would have been able to afford to send my sister and I to a private school. I even got a damn good education from the public schools I went to.
by Starladesiree (submitted 7 years ago)
U.S. Health Care
Lol. Yeah, my fiance works for Coca-Cola... If they start taxing that stuff he might lose his job. See? I don't like everything the government does! LOL.
by Starladesiree (submitted 7 years ago)
U.S. Health Care
Also... there is a similar issue in politics regarding a tax on sodas and juices... Have many of you heard of that?
by Starladesiree (submitted 7 years ago)
U.S. Health Care
That's another thing... any government in any country is run by other people, right? Some people are corrupt and selfish, right? Same with charities... run by people... some may or may not be corrupt... I mean, there's really no guarantee about any of it, right? So government run.. or charity run... or just plain ol' Dr. Joe Everyman run... there is the chance of someone being corrupt and using someone else's money inefficiently, right? I don't always like how the government spends my money (all that money they gave to lenders so they can give out more loans to stimulate the economy, yet I don't see them lending it out...), but I think healthcare help is something I'd be okay with.
by Starladesiree (submitted 7 years ago)
U.S. Health Care
I have a friend who REALLY needs healthcare right now. He needs to have surgery for a condition and is unable to afford it. He's had a job for at least 3 months(he was laid off from his previous employer). That's the typical waiting period before employees get healthcare from full time employment right? Except. This company makes you wait 6 months. Then, you have to wait another 6 months before the particular insurance will cover pre-existing conditions. That'd mean he'd have to wait at least 9 months to get the surgery he really needs to have NOW. He doesn't qualify for any of the assisted stuff, because like a responsible human being, he has a full time job and makes enough money to get by... He is going to have the $4,000 surgery next week and has to pay every dime of that on his own. I know I couldn't afford to do that, and he is going to have a VERY tough time doing so. See, most of the time, in regards to stuff like this, I don't like the idea that the scummy people that don't work and leech off of the handouts the governments provide using MY tax money will be receiving this benefit as well. I have one friend that has been mooching off of unemployment checks (only making a little less than I do from them, too) for quite some time now, and has not been looking for work AT ALL. I've barely talked to her since then because it pisses me off so much. HOWEVER, I also feel that there may be a genuine need for people like the first friend I mentioned that are simply TRYING to live their lives responsibly, but somehow got screwed over somewhere along the line. I would be all for healthcare for everyone as long as there was some sort of effort to reduce the likelihood of the system being abused by people that are too lazy to live like respectable human beings.
by Starladesiree (submitted 7 years ago)
H2O, is it worth it?
You can also get some water intake via fruits, veggies, and soups. However, I'm not sure of the equivalences of say, 8 oz of water to however many pieces of fruits/veggies. But adding lots of them to your menu certainly will not hurt any.
by Starladesiree (submitted 7 years ago)
Birth Control Pills and Weight Gain
I've been on the pill for the past 9-10 months. In that time I've only lost. It wasn't easy, but I think if you work at it, you can do it. I take a generic brand, Tri-sprintec. So maybe it has lower doses of hormones or something?
by Starladesiree (submitted 7 years ago)
Name TOP TEN HEALTHY items on your shopping list
Hmm. Things I consistently get: 1. Silk Light Vanilla Soy Milk 2. Kashi GoLEAN cereal 3. Chicken Breast Tenderloins (smaller cuts than breasts, easier to measure, I love that about them!) 4. Frozen Veggies I can steam in the microwave 5. Green Tea 6. Stevia 7. Fruit of all kinds 8. No or low sodium seasonings and marinades 9. Peanut Butter 10. Music for my iPod to keep my workouts going! (hey, it never said they all have to be food) ;-)
by Starladesiree (submitted 7 years ago)
Why I hate (insert diet here).
[quote=Divided By Zero]if what you're doing isn't working for you... WHY ARE YOU STILL DOING IT!? [/quote] Isn't the definition of insanity something along the lines of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Great post, I totally agree.
by Starladesiree (submitted 7 years ago)
"Exercise machine" or "walking"
Put the one that says less. So that way, you will trick yourself into thinking you haven't burned as much as you actually have and you will stick to your food better. I try to use that trick. Underestimate my exercise, overestimate my food.
by Starladesiree (submitted 7 years ago)
Then don't diet. Make a lifestyle change.
by Starladesiree (submitted 8 years ago)
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