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I did it!
thank you for sharing! Congratulations and you have done an amazing job on your journey!
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
Great Articles!
You should check out the rest of their site...I can honestly say it isn't like any other magazine out there! They never try to hit you with a "quick fix" it is very organic, holistic "mind, body and spirit" approach to being healthy!
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
Great Articles!
We have all read something inspiring, eye opening or even mind boggling so I thought we should have a thread that would make it easier to share articles we have found!!! Hope you find it useful :) From my absolute favorite magazine "Experience Life". It truly is like no other health magazine out there! This article: Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act http://www.experiencelifemag.c...
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
The fat version of an eating disorder
I was in a very similar state of mind that you find yourself in now. the best advice I have is to summon up the courage to talk openly and honestly with your family physician. Mine was incredibly helpful! She helped me approach my weight loss in a healthy and manageable way. hang in there you will do great!
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
Designer Whey
Do you guys get Gold Standard on-line or at a Nutrition store?
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
My sister is in ICU and my diet went down hill!!!
5lbs is nothing in retrospect! I am so happy for you to hear that your sister is doing well! and congratulations for staying strong and being ready to get back on track. stress can be so hard to deal with especially when it comes to loved ones!
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
Out of curiousity
I think of it as a terrain type of thing. A walk can be done at an easier pace on a smoother terrain. Where as a hike takes into account the difficulty in which it is to get over the terrain therefore exerting much for effort and calories burned. (as an example, I can walk on an incline at 3.8 mph on a 0% incline for an hour and burn around 300 calories...if I the only variable I change is the incline to 2%, I can burn 400 calories!)
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
Is my metabolism screwed for life??!
induce...the hardest step i ever did was actually going to my doctor to talk about my concerns. However, it was the BEST thing I ever did for myself. My doctor helped me to set reasonable and attainable goals. Helped me understand my risks and how to overcome them. It was hard because I had to face a lot of truths about myself, but without doing that I couldn't get in the right mindset to start making a real difference in myself. I encourage you to do the same, learn about your metabolism, heart rate zones, food sensitivities, ect. It may just get you back on track to becoming your healthiest you :) GOOD LUCK
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
Answering the big question: "how did you lose weight"
I find it interesting that people seem to get so discouraged when I tell them how I am losing weight. They don't want to hear that it actually takes hard work (mentally and physically) and a huge commitment. I feel they are looking for the "miracle" that I may have discovered! Nope, no miracle just a LOT of patience, confidence and determination one day at a time, one meal at a time, one snack at a time and one exercise session at a time!!!
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
My sister is in ICU and my diet went down hill!!!
My prayers go out to you and your family. Do the best you can, but keep in mind that failing yourself can lead to an even deeper depression. Stay strong, stay positive and remember that no one can find fault with you for trying to be your best. at least try to snack a little bit through out the will help.
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
Was Feeling Unmotivate until I SAW THIS!!
great job mouse4. I am the same way...I need to look at old pictures in order to grasp on how far I have come :)
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
Recording what you eat is a must for me.
I am the same a nops! As soon as I thought I had it under control, I would slack on my tracking and realize I would get nowhere! I definitely need to stay on track with tracking!!!! :)
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
I am actually in the exact same boat as you are right now. Feels great to have lost the initial weight, but hard to be in a plateau when there is so much more to lose! (I haven't lost a single pound since Thanksgiving) I redid my fitness test at the gym, and although the scale has not changed at all since November, I have lost 2.5% overall body fat. (From 33.5% to 31%) However, the only thing that I am going to disagree with somewhat on Kat's response is the "exercise with intensity". yes this is definitely important, but NOT always! If you understand your heart rate zones, there are 5 of them. Zones 1 & 2 are designed for the best fat burning. Zones 3 & 4 are designed as carb burning zones. Although you burn more calories in zones 3 & 4. Zone two is your optimum zone for weight loss. My trainer says that my 3 nights a week that I hit into zones 3 & 4 are enough...the other nights that I exercise he wants me to stay in zones 1 & 2 for an hour. (You may be surprised, this is a lot tougher to do than it seems). It goes with the philosophy, "work smarter not harder" There are some great articles about understanding heart rate training at GOOD LUCK AND I TOTALLY SYMPATHIZE!
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
I Love my Body because............
It help to nurture all three of my beautiful daughters.
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
little sister's birthday...
If you would like to contribute a dessert, you could bring a pre-made sugar free angel food cake, fresh strawberries and lite cool whip (YUM!!!) If you have a little more time, one of my favorites is to rip up the angel food cake into a 9x13 pan. make a package of family size sugar free strawberry jello and pour it all over the cake so that all the pieces are saturated. put in fridge until set. Top with lite cool whip and fresh strawberries.
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
Quick Poll: Do you find it harder to be consistent with exercise or food?
I find the food side to be definitely harder! I have come to look forward to my exercise routine and "alone time" at the gym. But, sticking to my calorie count and not giving into a craving is still a huge struggle for me!
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
here's my update.. Still 5'0" (thought I could change that :P) 177 lbs mostly size 12 in jeans (some 14) Size L or XL shirt Boobs went from a 40DD to a 36DD (still want them off my knees though!)
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
Who am I
Who am I I am 33 years old I am a wife I am a mother I am a caregiver I am a dreamer I am fat But, I am also learning. By focusing on who I am, I am transforming myself into who I want to be. Little by little day by day I am noticing the differences and I continue to add to who I am. Today…. I am a motivated 33 years old I am a healthier wife I am an energized mother I am a better caregiver I am a dreamer AND a doer And every day that I take time to focus on me and who I really am, I am one day closer to transforming my last “I” from I am f[u]a[/u]t to I am F[u]I[/u]T!!! It isn’t easy, but it gets easier. My motivation comes in a form of confidence. Confidence in taking control myself and daring to try new things. In the last year, I have lost almost 60 pounds, joined group fitness classes, started resistance training, completed my first 5K race and pushed myself to do an 8k, reduced my body fat percentage by 5% and I bought my first ever sexy dress (4 sizes smaller) for a fun Vegas weekend. THIS is who I am TODAY, but TOMORROW, I will be even BETTER!!!
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
THIN... a poem
thank you so much for sharing this special poem :)
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
Are You a Motivator or a Struggler.... Which Do You Want To Be?
[quote=Buck Deblo]i havent struggled... i havent given in to any craving, went over my calorie allowance, had a "free day" or the like. I work out 4-5 times a week and always keep my caloric ratio the way I want it, so sayin everyone struggles isnt accurate.[/quote] Buck, I am going to have to disagree. I think it is very accurate that everybody struggles. What drew you to this site? If you never had a moment of struggle then why be associated with a site that give motivation, suggestions and accountability for proper nutrition and exercising. I am not saying that every moment of every day should feel like a struggle, but in reality I think we all start out (or become) strugglers before we can be motivators.
by StacieRitz (submitted 7 years ago)
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