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how do u get past the cravings??
Very simple - DRINK WATER!!!
by Soulnoid (submitted 4 years ago)
What do you mean by 'sports diets'?
by Soulnoid (submitted 5 years ago)
men's health and womens health. Then any sport hobbies you are into. For my Runners World. I learn a lot from all listed.
by Soulnoid (submitted 5 years ago)
Quick Weight Loss Center Diet
Success does not come in a pill. Stop taking the pills.
by Soulnoid (submitted 5 years ago)
Question: Can alcohol stall your weight loss?
I agree with most of the above. I use to drink 5 nights a week and it added lbs, but I drink 1 night a week now and a lot less. It has not caused me a problem. The point is, don't drink every night and think you are going to lose weight. Another trick I do now is I will drink before I eat my meal to get the buzz I want, it hits a lot quicker with a lot less and then I stop drinking for the night. A little planning goes a long way. I don't think I could give up my microbrews and i am also a home brewer.
by Soulnoid (submitted 5 years ago)
B-12? What do you think...
CJT1217, when you say 'performance levels have improved' where and how did you see it? Hom many mcg are you taking? I just started taking it today and want to know what to look for. (Fish pills have helped me a lot with the blood and heart, I can tell when I miss a day.) gkcfm95, I love my coffee and I take my pills in the morning, I guess I will have to watch for the jitters?
by Soulnoid (submitted 5 years ago)
B-12? What do you think...
So I was listening to a podcast that talked a lot about B-12, so it got me thinking of trying it. I went to buy some today and saw a wide range of types and doses. My question is: Has anybody here tried it? If so, what dose and did you see any effect? If you saw an effect what was it? TIA
by Soulnoid (submitted 5 years ago)
I started by walking on a treadmill until I could run. I do one day treadmill and then I do something else the next day. As I felt like I could run, I ran for as long as I could, sometime a min, sometimes 5 mins. Once I could run 10 mins, I knew I could run the whole thing. After about a month of running it on the treadmill, I moved to outside just about a week ago. It is a lot more stress on your legs, but the time goes by much faster. Also, sign-up for a 5K so youo have a deadline, it will keep you going. If you have a lot to lose, you may want to work on losing before running, to save yourself the pain and high risk of hurting yourself. I hopefully will run my first at the end of July.
by Soulnoid (submitted 5 years ago)
Some of these 'fat' chicks aren't FAT!
I know it is easy to say, but who cares? If your too skinny you are going to be judged, no matter what you wear you will be judged. I agree the #'s you picked out are not bad at all and yes I would 'look', LOL I try not to follow what the media says I should, so not many of them bother me, but I can say I may feel uncomfortable around them. On another note, I use to avoid the water parks for the fact I did not want to be seen without a shirt on - over-weight, bald, hairy chest and back, middle-aged man. My kids did not give a crap and took me with them and I had a blast. It was hard to get over the hump, but when I stopped and looked around at the others there, I was not the focus...... So if you like it, do it!
by Soulnoid (submitted 5 years ago)
Weight loss Irritation
You just need to ask yourself one question: Are you ready for the journey? Do you want it bad enough? As some have stated above track everything and don't look for an easy fix. I hate to tell you it is work. If work and focus is not something you like, than your not ready. Other pointer I will give is eat REAL food! If it comes in a box or does not need to be 'prepaired' don't eat it! Drink only water for a few weeks and flush your system. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT!
by Soulnoid (submitted 5 years ago)
Low Cal Salad Recipes?
Just eat it, lol. You will find that your tastes will change over time. I have cut sugar/HFCS back so much now that when I do come eat something sweet, I only need a little bit and then my belly says no more. I agree with all above, make your own dressing and mix in different veggies. Go to a local farmers market and see what is in season.
by Soulnoid (submitted 5 years ago)
Ramen Noodle Diet
I also agree 110% with above, it is all about real food, no fad diet is going to work long term, but we are the 'we want it know' folks.....
by Soulnoid (submitted 5 years ago)
Looking for some friends
I can add, that I look for folks that are real and are not hiding. So like Millalite said, put yourself out there. Add pics, story, goals, etc to your profile. (I normally don't read a post unless there is a pic of the person, in this age of computer bots a real face goes a long way.) I have only been here about 4 months, but I agree there are a ton of folks come and go like the wind. I to try to search out those that have the same goals or are winning at their journey. It is not harsh, just the truth if you want to be successful. BTW, be prepared for the truth it is part of the journey :-)
by Soulnoid (submitted 5 years ago)
snacking after diner
Cut back slowly and you will find you don't need it. Going cold turkey and thinking about it may be the problem. I have cut sugar back a lot over the past year, but I did it one thing at a time. Another good idea is to just get the bad stuff out of the house. I go through every month or so and get rid of the crap. If it is not there, you won't want it.
by Soulnoid (submitted 5 years ago)
accepting body changes
I kinda have the same problem, I have lost a lot but still have a lot in the belly, it makes me wonder if I am going to have the skin flap? More the problem I am having is I have always worn an XXL shirt and now they look like a dress on me, but when I wear a L or XL I feel they are to short, but I know it does not look bad, but I don't like it. I use to wear the XXL to take focus off my belly. How I am getting past it, is how I feel overall. I know I look better and I feel great. I can go out and play sports again. I think with time my body will come around to the body I want. I just gotta keep up with moving alllllll the time, LOL
by Soulnoid (submitted 5 years ago)
Is there a way to see what I have posted to others journals?
I reply to a lot of journals, but lose track of them. Is there a way for me to see whos journals i have posted to?
by Soulnoid (submitted 6 years ago)
Toooo little
Also, once you start to log food you will see where you need to make changes. I have found if I can stay around 1500-1700 (Yes, I am male) I do really well. It took me about a month to realize that. I also found I needed more fiber and protein. BTW, the daily recommended cals is to maintain weight, if you want to lose you have to be under that, but don't drop below around 1200 cals, your body will not shed. I do not log the tea and water I drink, but I do log coffee. Also, read, read, read...... Hope that helps.
by Soulnoid (submitted 6 years ago)
Topic of the Day April 12 - Does journaling/logging food help you or hurt you?
All I can say is, I know when I do it, I do much better. When I get to the maintain step, I am not sure what I am going to do.
by Soulnoid (submitted 6 years ago)
Do you really want to lose weight? My RANT.
I love it! Folks are getting it.
by Soulnoid (submitted 6 years ago)
Do you really want to lose weight? My RANT.
I guess Mike got some of what I said: HE IS MAD & HE WANTS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Maybe? Mike, I was not even talking about the food folks eat (what are you trying to sell? Sorry, I did not follow your links), that is a whole different rant and one I could support also. What is on the shelves at most food stores should not even be fed to lab rats. And to those that have had success, many congrats!!!!! :d Do what you have to do.
by Soulnoid (submitted 6 years ago)
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Resisting the urge!
Yay! Good job
by abbadabba on 19 Apr 18 10:24 PM

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