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Need to avoid Soy products?
Me too I love Califia Farms Coconut Almond Blend Milk
by Shari22 (submitted a month ago)
Bowel Movements
Start eating Coconut Oil, up your fat, cut the grains out. Are you on Atkins
by Shari22 (submitted 5 months ago)
I think you are referring to The Atkins Diet, and you are allowed caffeine on the diet. You must be looking at an old version of the Diet
by Shari22 (submitted 8 months ago)
If you are referring to Atkins
by Shari22 (submitted 8 months ago)
Caffeine is allowed on the plan,they changed that a long time ago.
by Shari22 (submitted 8 months ago)
What is YOUR carb limit for the day (if not on Adkins or similar)
Do you mean Atkins?
by Shari22 (submitted 11 months ago)
Protein Shake
Does anyone ever put a raw egg in there protein shake?
by Shari22 (submitted a year ago)
weigh everyday
I always allow for flucuations, but it also helps me to see if something is causing a problem that I need to look at.
by Shari22 (submitted a year ago)
weigh everyday
I only weigh once in the AM after going to the bathroom
by Shari22 (submitted a year ago)
weigh everyday
I weigh everyday, it keeps me on track, and I know each day what I need to do
by Shari22 (submitted a year ago)
Thermodynamics? Not really...
I totally agree with what you are saying!! Low Carb is the way to go!!
by Shari22 (submitted a year ago)
Thermodynamics? Not really...
Have you ever tried Atkins?
by Shari22 (submitted a year ago)
Thermodynamics? Not really...
[quote=Fedaykin][quote=mmoodd6... a calorie deficit and you WILL lose weight.[/quote] Explain how someone can lose weight after initiating caloric [i][i][b]surplus[/b][/i][/i] by cutting starch but actually upping calories with increased fat intake. :d [/quote] If true, the changes made actually created a calorie deficit. Like I already said, the strategy is straight forward, but the tactics may not be particularly straight forward. Calorie number of food items are at best estimates. Calorie estimates for BMR, exercises, etc. are at best rough guidelines. People lie to themselves all the time about how much they actually eat & exercise. Metabolisms (and other body chemistry) varies. Starve yourself and your body will go into starvation mode and/or you'll just burn up muscle tissue lowering your metabolism. Some people don't digest certain foods very well (depends a lot on genetics and gut flora) and can "get away with" eating those foods without increasing their actual caloric intake (i.e. the intake that becomes biologically available). Sometimes it manifests with negative symptoms (i.e. lactose intolerance) and sometimes it doesn't. A good example is fiber. There is a great deal of variation in how many calories you actually get from consuming fiber (i've ready anywhere from 1-4 calories/gram depending on your particular body chemistry). Depends a great deal on gut flora which is different from person to person. In addition, food labeling in the U.S. has no standard for dealing with fiber. Some labels include it in the calorie count, some don't. In other words, who the hell knows how many bio available calories are in, for example, bran flakes (answer: no one) Doesn't change the bottom line though: create a caloric deficit, and you will lose weight. Create a caloric surplus, and you will gain weight. [/quote]
by Shari22 (submitted a year ago)
perimeonpausal diet help
I don' know if you are doing this, but it helps to log all your food here, so you can see exactly where you are at, and if you need to up or lower anything.
by Shari22 (submitted a year ago)
Dairy Allergies
Is anyone doing Atkins that has dairy allergies?
by Shari22 (submitted a year ago)
Arbonne Fitness Essentials
Does anyone use the Arbonne Fitness Essentials, shakes, bars, supplements, etc. And if so are you having any results, and do you like them?
by Shari22 (submitted 2 years ago)
Do you eat breakfast? How important is it?
I have not been a breakfast eater since I started running in the morning! I love my cup of coffee, do a little laundry, check my e-mails, and then off with my exercise. It has been working for me for a long time. On my work days, my first meal is about 11AM. I drink some coffee on the way to work. The thought of food in the morning does not agree with me.
by Shari22 (submitted 2 years ago)
I just can't get into eating the morning
I also never eat breakfast, I have my coffee, in the AM, and then I exercise. And do not eat till about 12:30 or 1:00. Everybody is different and you have to find what works for you. And that means thinking outside "The Box".
by Shari22 (submitted 2 years ago)
I just can't get into eating the morning
I totally agree, If Starvation Stuff were true why do anerexics continue to loose weight??? No matter what diet you are on if you eat less than you burn you will loose weight. It amazes me when people say they cannot loose.
by Shari22 (submitted 2 years ago)
I love the GNC Muscle Meal RTD'S also, and the GNC Total Lean RTD'S also. And I also like the Atkins Cafe Caramel and the Mocha Latte. I don't like to have to mix my shakes. I like the take and go ones. They are so handy.
by Shari22 (submitted 3 years ago)

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Stick with Atkins '72. Meat and eggs, a little cheese. Guaranteed to work!
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