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Atkins and foot/leg cramps
I tried eating a pickle a day for my restless leg syndrome and charley horse cramps. I don't know why it works, but it seems to. I'm glad I spotted this conversation!
by San Francisco (submitted 4 years ago)
Atkins and foot/leg cramps
Circulation is usually behind cramps, or restless leg syndrome, another form of this problem. Increase circulation. A hot bath in the tub helps a lot. Improve elimination. It can affect the nerves. It might be best not to exercise too vigorously just before bed, as the change from much activity to total rest can leave fluid in the muscles that needs to go to the kidneys. Herbs such as mint, capsicum, butcher's broom and hawthorn also increase circulation. Chamomile aids elimination. Sleepytime tea combines chamomile and spearmint tea to help ease sleep. Massage, of course. Heat--hot water is better than a blanket. You have to get into the tub.
by San Francisco (submitted 4 years ago)
I feel like a blimp
Protien and vitamin B supplement might help after quitting smoking. And excercise too. Nicotine is related to niacin, but it seems best to take all the B vitamins rather than just niacin. So look for a supplement with a variety of B.
by San Francisco (submitted 4 years ago)
I feel like a blimp
Things to avoid are veggies that are really starchy and cause fluid retention, like potatoes and dark yellow squash. Corn is starchy, but it is very versatile and rather low calorie. Cut back on white starch. Avoid sugar. It is an artificial chemical that upsets the body's metabolism and causes disease. Use stevia rather than sugar. Cut back on salt. Try to stay within 15g of sugar and 1500 mg of salt per day. Get at least 25 g of fiber daily. A snack that can stop hunger sometimes and add fiber is wheat bran, with a little water, stevia, and cinnamon. You can get wheat bran at the health food store. A quarter cup is 30 calories. Stevia has no calories. You can also get soy protein powder at the health food store--It's used by body builders, and provides 20 g of protien per serving, 8 oz of soymilk made with water. Ghiradelli unsweetened cocoa powder can be added to the soymilk. Cocoa powder is 15 calories per tablespoon. Get used to really simple foods and don't forget variety. You can get along for a long while on a diet like this. But if your activity level really requires it, don't hesitate to raise your RDI.
by San Francisco (submitted 4 years ago)
I feel like a blimp
Another part of this regimen is vegetables, particularly broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, romaine, celery, tomato, cabbage, beets, turnips, kale, mustard greens, and collard greens. Onion and garlic are wonderful, as are lemon and lime juice and all the herbs and spices you like. These veggies keep a long time and most can be eaten raw or cooked in different ways.
by San Francisco (submitted 4 years ago)
I feel like a blimp
Diet is what controls appetite. The best foods for the regimen you describe are lean protiens like flat brisket, extra lean turkey, tilapia fish, and tripe, which all have a calorie value of 25 to 35 calories per oz. A slow cooker is invaluable, as is a microwave oven. Get some fat every day, and not just omega 3. Your diet will be higher in protien than in carbs or fat, but balance requires a reasonable amount from all 3 food groups.
by San Francisco (submitted 4 years ago)
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
You all might start a group for yourselves, like the other groups on this site. That way more people would hear of you. Also, why don't you ask your doctors to participate? They can join fatsecret just like you did and join the group. Is there a school or clinic specializing in PCOS? Your doctor might help you rope them in. This health condition is serious and goes way beyond dieting. I'm really concerned, to the point where I don't know what to say, except get help!
by San Francisco (submitted 4 years ago)
Dropping Sugar - Need Guidance Please
Stevia! Best sugar substitute. There are some others too, like Truvia, which is really stevia, and sugar alcohols, like Xylitol, sold in health food stores. I love stevia and I get it at my local supermarket. But look it up on Wikipedia.
by San Francisco (submitted 4 years ago)
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
TJ, can you download the free medical app iTriage? It's a good one-a little like having Taber's on your phone. Also, as mamajava writes above, carbs are needful of being watched. Actually, it's SUGAR in the bloodstream raising the insulin levels, which can lead to insulin resistance, hence the metformin. Jorge Cruise mentions this in The Bellyfat Cure, and information can also be gained from Wikipedia. On this website there is a diet tab where the group Weightwatchers is discussed and the discussion has links to all sorts of definitions. We have to rely on our doctors, but the more we learn, the stronger we become. I think the Jorge Cruise book would help you. It is so specific and has all these recipes to control sugar/carbs. I think it might be a real "upper".
by San Francisco (submitted 4 years ago)
not enough calories?
You're right! The calorie calculator in calorie counter is wild. Congratulations on your progress. It will slow down after the first week or two, because at first we lose a lot of water. But hold on and you will keep dropping. Some people notice that the weight loss pattern begins to resemble a flight of stairs more than a slide, after a while. That there are plateaus and short periods of loss. This appears to be normal too--Keep hydrated. Avoid sugar and watch the salt. Drink as much plain water as you comfortably can.
by San Francisco (submitted 4 years ago)
Belly Fat
Jorge Cruise has a book called The Bellyfat Cure that is just about this problem. He says it's sugar, and the kind of starchy carbs that start turning to sugar in your mouth while you eat them. You can find the book (s) at used and below cover price new, and they mail to your house for a very low price. The advice is simple and short, and there are lots of recipes. Basically, the author says if you keep your total sugar no more than 15 g per day and your total carbs under 120 g per day, your body will adjust and get rid of the tummy without further calorie counting. A lot of us think this knowledge is a lifesaver. I hope it helps!
by San Francisco (submitted 4 years ago)
Negative friends and coworkers
Keep your sense of humor. Try real hard not to take these others seriously. You know, there's a trick that ladies sometimes use in bars so they don't have to drink too much alcohol. They arrange with the bartender or their server to bring them tomato juice or soda and pretend that it's alcoholic. Then they take an age to drink the thing. Similar tricks can be used to put off eating, if you're being nagged. Like, you have to go to your mother's and she makes you eat. Keep up your cheerful countenance and fast for the love of God. Get your mother to invite you over if your conscience requires.
by San Francisco (submitted 4 years ago)

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