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Update: I have tried Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds for a few months now and Im not sure if it works for weightloss but I think it's awesome for overall health and weightloss maintenance. 1 tbsp has 5g of Fiber, 3g of Protein, and 2.5g of Omega 3. It has a gelatinous consistency when mixed with 8 ozs of water but you get used to that after a while. I fully recommend. Great Luck! :D
by SELouisiana (submitted 11 months ago)
What type of beverage to consume in the evening?
Maybe try Decaf Green Tea and/or Decaf Chai (personal fav). Those are my go-to beverages outside of water, and I drink my tea completely plain. You can drink those 2 options at any time of the day and not worry about the caffeine interrupting your sleep if you have a cup at night or the added sugar throwing a monkey wrench into your diet. I'm not a coffee drinker (by choice..sleep is important to me Lol!) so I can't give any options there. Tea has been very helpful in my weightloss though. Great luck to you! :D
by SELouisiana (submitted a year ago)
digital scales HELP!
I *just* bought a kitchen scale a month ago! I don't know why I never got around to buying one a year ago at the beginning of my weightloss journey LOL! Now, I don't know how I could ever live without one. Today, having reached my weightloss goal, i've found this scale is excellent for maintaining weightloss too! Seriously, it was the best $23.99 (on SALE!) I have ever spent at Walgreens! Well, besides my Clio palmperfect and Clio beauty trimmer purchases -- my unibrow (etc, etc!) situation is real! Anywho, the kitchen scale I purchased is the Escali Primo Digital Scale in the warm red color. It weighs up to 5000 grams (or 11 pounds), measures in pounds + ounces and grams, it's compact/portable, has automatic shut-off, does TARE which is the zeroing thing you mentioned (add + weigh), and comes with 2 batteries. This thing is great! You can even weigh your letters if you want (multifunction). Check it out here:
by SELouisiana (submitted a year ago)
You lost what?!
I lost: 1 healthy baby hippo! :D OR I lost: 1 elephant's penis and 1 bale of hay! :D Cute thread! :D
by SELouisiana (submitted a year ago)
how do you curve your cravings and reduce your appetite?
Update: 1-2 tablespoons of Organic Unfiltered Raw Apple Cider Vinegar in 8 ozs of water works pretty well too. :D :D :D
by SELouisiana (submitted a year ago)
Whey Protein - Any good for losing Fat?
Update: I actually did purchase and start using Dymatize Nutrition ISO-100 Hydrolyzed 100% Whey Protein Isolate about 4 months ago (just mixed with water). I will not use anything else. It has worked for my mesomorph body type VERY well. I recommend to anyone wanting to try it out. I also eat boneless skinless chicken breasts to get my protein from my food too. But sometimes I need extra protein and that's where the ISO-100 has helped a great deal in my diet. The product is pricey in lots of stores, but I found it at a great price on Comes in several different flavors and sizes too. The Smooth Banana flavor is my favorite though. :)
by SELouisiana (submitted a year ago)
stretch marks
Update: I replaced all of my body lotions with just all natural Extra Vigin Coconut Oil around Jan/Feb of this year (abt 8 months of use all over my body) and I've experienced fading of my stretch marks. It could be that my body has shrunk so much due to my weightloss over this period of time that they are not as visible anymore lol. But I think maybe the EVCO has had a hand in it somewhere too. I eventually would like to still try the Mederma but only after I've lost my remaining few pounds. I just have to take a look at the ingredients though bc I'm really trying to use mostly natural products today. :)
by SELouisiana (submitted a year ago)
Are you aware
I read the same exact thing in another thread when I was considering uploading a before and after photo of myself recently. This poor guy said he uploaded his photos early on and could not delete them afterward. SO very glad to have been warned about that potential issue. :D :D :D
by SELouisiana (submitted a year ago)
Protein, carbs and fats
This thread has a lot of info. Thanks! :)
by SELouisiana (submitted a year ago)
Vegetarian Meals
This is a very informative thread. Glad I found it. The documentary Forks Over Knives has been in my Netflix instant que for a while, will watch it and Food Matters this weekend. I want to try powder spirulina but the reviews on the product said it tastes awful...I may have to build myself up to the powder at a later date. Going to try chia seeds at some point though. I didnt know that there was a difference between a vegeterian and a vegan...I thought it was the same thing. I also didnt know mushrooms and asparagus were sources of protein.
by SELouisiana (submitted 2 years ago)
Im gonna try out Nutiva Organic Chia Seed in the near future. Found it at and will update here again once I've tried it for myself. If anyone has tried this brand let me know. :D
by SELouisiana (submitted 2 years ago)
Whey Protein - Any good for losing Fat?
So glad I came across this thread. Very informative. Im looking into a whey protein isolate by dymatize nutrition called Iso 100. I havent heard anything bad abt it and it seems to be a really good whey protein isolate powder. It appears it has 0 fat, 0 carbs, lactose has been removed, 100% hydrolized, has 24 grams of protein in one serving. My body type is mesomorph and i want to get into more resistance training by June to get stronger/gain a wee bit more muscle. If anyone has any other info on Iso 100, please let me know. :)
by SELouisiana (submitted 2 years ago)
how do you curve your cravings and reduce your appetite?
Teaspoon of peanut butter and water. The peanut butter works really well for me for some reason too. Was a huge help in the beginning stages of my weight loss.
by SELouisiana (submitted 2 years ago)
stretch marks
Thx ktexp for the mederma tip! My stretch marks are just from having gained so much weight really quickly in the past. My body is stretch mark prone though...had a growth spurt in height at age 12 and stretch marks introduced themselves happily on my knees and rear end. The ones I've received from weight gain are a bit bigger though mostly around my lower waist just at the sides where my love handles are finally starting to go away. I will definitely try this mederma after I lose a bit more weight. :)
by SELouisiana (submitted 2 years ago)
Binge Eating Monster
Oh my gosh! This is such an amazing post, Megan. One of your tips is Netflix! Hand to God that is the reason I watch much more of it today than my Directv. Netflix is a MAJOR reason I've been able to stay focused. The food commercials on regular TV were literally diabolical during my first few months of my journey. They had to go. Now, its just a lifestyle change but a very helpful one until i lose the rest of the weight! Great read!
by SELouisiana (submitted 2 years ago)
Qsymia anyone?
I have not tried that before but if you feel it will give you the jump start you need to get moving and keep moving then im totally for it. Youve already discussed it with your doctor AND youre reaching out to get support and additional info on here. I think you are on the right track with starting over with your program. Give an update on how it works too! Great luck to you! You can do this!!
by SELouisiana (submitted 2 years ago)
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Every day in the morning when i awake after I urinate/bowel mvmt. I always weigh with only bra/underwear or naked. It's really helpful to see my progress on the scale.
by SELouisiana (submitted 2 years ago)

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