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Self control
I have to share an article I read quite some time ago as I too struggle with my trigger foods -- processed, added sugar -- and have tried many times to eat it in moderation unsuccessfully. I always just want more & have come to realize that one bite of sugar is too much for me and 100 bites are never enough. Check it out if you have time --
by Ruhu (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Positivity wins the day
What a wonderful mantra -- thanks for sharing and allowing me to start my day with it too!
by Ruhu (submitted a month ago)
Dairy Intolerance
I went through an elimination diet over a year ago and found that I'm lactose intolerant. First though, I eliminated all dairy for 3 weeks, including that drop of milk in my coffee. I use almond, soy or coconut milk or creamer instead. After those 3 weeks and feeling so much better, i tried adding back lactose free dairy slowly to see if my symptoms came back, which they didn't, so lactose free, it's been for me. I've found many dairy or lactose free products that I love, including lactaid milk & cottage cheese, and lactose free yogurt. Real cheese is another story with the substitutes not really being tasty enough to want them, for my taste buds at least, so I usually just avoid it altogether. And, there's non-dairy frozen substitutes too. Good luck, and let me know if I can give you any more details on what/where of theses products.
by Ruhu (submitted 2 months ago)
Passing on some info...
I'm curious to hear about the Good Greens bars too. I've been enjoying the Simply Bars and Quest Bars, but am focused on higher protein, low sugar & gluten and lactose free. Thanks for the info!
by Ruhu (submitted 2 months ago)
Low Carb
Great advice & so wise to slowly introduce the changes so that they become a lifestyle change rather than temporary "diet". Good luck!
by Ruhu (submitted 2 months ago)
Binge eating
What great advice & a much needed reminder for me. I tend to overeat in the evenings when I'm alone & had a small victory last night by closing the kitchen after dinner, brushing my teeth & going up to my bedroom and into my pj's to watch a movie & on to bed. I find if I stay anywhere near the kitchen, it can start to call to me. Also, doing something active to distract me helps too -- for me, it's taking a walk or working a jigsaw puzzle.
by Ruhu (submitted 2 months ago)
My food strategy
I love your clean, healthy, unprocessed plan, and especially that it's doable for you! I eat similarly & find it works for me too. :)
by Ruhu (submitted 2 months ago)
I, too, consider myself addicted to sugar. I struggled for a long time trying to find a way of handling it, to finally get to the point of realization that giving up added sugar works best for me. I, too, hid it, snuck it, denied it, etc. I'm intolerant of gluten & lactose as well, and choose to think of having a sugar intolerance too. I've seen multiple articles saying that by restricting sugar or any food completely, just sets us up to overeat it or binge on it. But, for me, each time I'd try to eat sugar in moderation, I just wanted more & more. So for now, I choose to not eat it, but know that I can choose to have it again anytime, knowing what the consequences may be. Now, my sugar manta is that for me, one bite of sugar is too much and 100 bites not enough.
by Ruhu (submitted 3 months ago)
Weekends are terrible
I find it harder on the weekends too, so must find that fine-tune that Draglist & Calyn have! One weekend at a time, right?!?
by Ruhu (submitted 4 months ago)
Emotional eaters - and resulting yo-yo weight?
I hear myself in all of your posts! For me too, emotional eating has become my "go-to" to deal with stress, fatigue, sadness, anxiety, etc. I have to keep reminding myself that it's such a habit now, that it will take time to "re-wire" my now natural instincts to eat these emotions, rather than healthfully express, release or sit with them. I hope we can keep this thread going & continue to support each other on our journeys! xoxox
by Ruhu (submitted 4 months ago)
Emotional eaters - and resulting yo-yo weight?
You've got this fellow emotional eater's support, anytime you need it! What's helped me tremendously is working to eat & live mindfully. I'm a huge proponent of Dr. Michelle May's "Am I Hungry?" approach. (She has a book & web site.) I just sent you a buddy request & would love to stay in touch. Good luck!
by Ruhu (submitted 4 months ago)
Older women????
Can I join the party? I'm 54 but guess I'm technically through/in menopause as my periods stopped when I turned 50. I'll never forget my gynecologist telling me 50 was the average age -- I had my 50th birthday & never another period! I've had a fairly easy time through menopause, mainly after making some dietary changes. Unrelated to menopause, I struggled with acid reflux & allergies. After going through an elimination diet & realizing that gluten and lactose negatively impacted these, I gave both up & now my allergies and reflux are so much better. Last spring was my first not needing to take daily allergy meds:). But, night sweats & mood swings persisted which I realized corresponded with me eating sugar. So, I've now also eliminated added sugar from my diet (as much as possible) and I'm sleeping & feeling so much better. Thanks for creating this thread for us older gals to share!
by Ruhu (submitted 4 months ago)
Struggling to cut out certain foods
I've eliminated gluten, lactose & now added sugar as they all impact me negatively -- stomach issues, allergies & sleep problems. Sugar has been the hardest, but I've come to realize that some us do best eating all/any foods in moderation & some (like me) need to completely abstain. I was finding with sugar that each time I'd eat it again, I'd want more or fight intense cravings. I'm been off it now for over 2 months & feel so much better. The first weeks were the hardest, but I just tried to focus on all the good foods I could eat, and taking it one day or meal or moment at a time! Good luck to you… we're each on our own journey, so you need to keep trying to see what works for you!
by Ruhu (submitted 4 months ago)
Group for those going through menopause or perimenopause
I couldn't agree more, richiesbaby! I'm an avid, borderline obsessive, exerciser. No mater how tired or moody I feel, I always feel so much better after breaking a sweat!
by Ruhu (submitted 5 months ago)
The Whole Calorie Counting Thing
I agree, but eat out more than I'd like, especially when traveling. Luckily, now, many restaurants have their menus & nutrition info online. I try to check before I go if I can, but am always amazed at some of the info. Also, the differences between different restaurants can be shocking too. Thanks for the great reminder!
by Ruhu (submitted 5 months ago)
Group for those going through menopause or perimenopause
Just joined! Thanks!
by Ruhu (submitted 5 months ago)
talk therapy
Tray, if you're thinking talking to a therapist could help, I'd give it a try. I am currently & it is helping me quite a bit on this journey. I, too, eat for emotional reasons, which is a long-standing habit that I'm trying to change. Its hard work & is not happening quickly for me, but so worthwhile as I know this is the healthy eating & living journey I want my life to follow.
by Ruhu (submitted 5 months ago)
Avoid feeling hungry
Great insight, ALKJ, & so timely! Thanks for sharing! I have to agree with you Classic, as I too have been eating some sugar again, as mindfully, as I can, but not always in as much moderation as I'd like. It is everywhere this time of year! But, i know come 2014, we can unite again to curb the sugar monster and continue our healthy eating & living journey. Merry Christmas! xoxox
by Ruhu (submitted 7 months ago)
Great Intermittent Fasting Article
I've been doing the 5:2 IF for almost 3 months now, and also am loving it. I too have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is most of the time. And it's made me realize that it's ok to be hungry sometimes. Since I rarely do my 2 fasting days back-to-back, I always know that I can eat what I want tomorrow. And, I just realized that in those 3 months, unless my scale was or is playing tricks on me, my body fat % went from 19% in Sept to 15% now. That's measured though on our home scale, and I'm not sure how accurate those scales are. I was so surprised to see the drop, that I re-did it several times. I'm curious though since so many of you do 16:8 IF, if there are benefits to it over 5:2, which was what I was hearing so much about when I started. Thanks for the great articles & posts -- I love reading more about IF, and hearing other's stories! Also, I'm curious about the "indulgence day" some of you mentioned. I'm a sugar addict & try to stay away from it as much as possible, but have started having some sugar again as I just can't go entirely without it!
by Ruhu (submitted 7 months ago)
How to tackle comfort eating
I, too, try to "close the kitchen" after dinner is cleaned up, brush my teeth & settle in with my dog and cat to read, relax, watch tv, etc. I also try to chew gum or have a mint if cravings come. Distraction is great in any form, but its also good to try to sort out the emotions you're wanting to eat rather than feel or deal with, if you can. Hope that helps, and good luck in this new week & new opportunity to better deal with wanting to eat when its not really food you're hungry for!
by Ruhu (submitted 7 months ago)
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