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How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Daily. The only times I dont, is if I forget, or (sometimes) when I know I haven't been good and it seems pointless to weigh. But I often DO weigh if I have been naughty. I also forget to weigh, when I have been good.
by Rindaloo (submitted 8 months ago)
Where is everyone from?
I was born in London, England. Now living in Turkey :)
by Rindaloo (submitted 11 months ago)
Quotes you LOVE
[i]"How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”[/i] Wayne Dyer.
by Rindaloo (submitted a year ago)
Feeling awful in Atkins. Day 10 Getting low blood sugar :(
I have tried frying veggies. I fry cauliflower, broccoli, beetroot, turnip, celeriac, amongst others. It completely changes the taste of the veg. I also oven roast them. I steam veggies too. I like how it adds another dimension to what I thought they tasted like.
by Rindaloo (submitted 2 years ago)
Feeling awful in Atkins. Day 10 Getting low blood sugar :(
Gennel, the Atkins book of 2002 is the last one written by Atkins. Anything newer than that is geared toward pushing Atkins products and also counting calories and carbs. So, if you haven't read it, this is his book, you can download it and if you want it to be converted so you can read on Kindle, attach it to an email addressed your account (for documents) on Amazon, and write convert in the subject field.
by Rindaloo (submitted 2 years ago)
Feeling awful in Atkins. Day 10 Getting low blood sugar :(
Ginsin, the Atkins diet isnt a carbless diet, at any stage.
by Rindaloo (submitted 2 years ago)
water retention, sodium...
I use Lo-Salt on my food, it has potassium it in. I just use a little. As a matter if interest, the potassium can help with leg cramps :) I hasten to add that I rarely eat processed foods.
by Rindaloo (submitted 3 years ago)
Stuck and considering supplements...Ideas?
I agree with NCNOLE, dnolan1337 and AnnThom.
by Rindaloo (submitted 3 years ago)
Should I stop Atkins??!!!
Woo, I found a place that sells coconut oil, yay, and I will be collecting a LITRE of it in a couple of days :)
by Rindaloo (submitted 3 years ago)
Restart Diet
Seems that reporting an error gets you nowhere! Try logging out of whatever Fatsecret you are on and then try logging in to a different one: Fatsecret uk or Fatsecret com or Fatsecret ca. Not saying it will work, but it has worked for me -twice. Just sign in as usual. Maybe try clearing cookies? Trouble is, it doesn't seem to last for long *mutter*
by Rindaloo (submitted 3 years ago)
Weight ticker update
I was originally signed with US, and changed to UK, that's when my Ticker problems started. I stupidly thought that if I reported the problem it would be resolved, it wasn't. :x I tried all suggestions other people had tried and felt very disheartened that my progress wasn't charted..... Someone suggested I changed to CA and my problem was solved! :p ! Sadly the 'cure' only lasted a brief time and now the ticker is jammed on that too. How annoying :(
by Rindaloo (submitted 3 years ago)
Restart Diet
I cant successfully restart the diet. Every time I try, I get an error message. In face I get error messages all to often on this site lately. :x Any ideas?
by Rindaloo (submitted 4 years ago)
leg cramps!
Lo-Salt is a good source of Potassium. I hope this helps :)
by Rindaloo (submitted 4 years ago)
Should I stop Atkins??!!!
YAY!! I am really glad you have stuck with it. How are you getting on weight-loss wise? mikefarinha, I live in Turkey and I don't think I can get coconut oil here. Peanut oil is not available. Obviously I have Olive oil available, but worry about the health risks of overheating it. So I have been using corn or sunflower oil for deep frying. Can you tell me what alternatives I should aim for in order of preference??
by Rindaloo (submitted 4 years ago)
Should I stop Atkins??!!!
fatoldlady, you ask about cholesterol. Its an interesting one. If you read Atkins book, New Diet Revolution he tells how carbohydrates cause us to store fat: Carbohydrates turn to blood sugar which causes us to release insulin and insulin causes us to store fat. If we keep our blood sugar steady, we dont store fat, we just use what we need and ditch the rest. AND stress causes us to create cholesterol too. I have probably done a really bad job of explaining that, LOL. Maybe someone can tidy it up a bit :)
by Rindaloo (submitted 4 years ago)
Should I stop Atkins??!!!
LirieAilu, I like your initial post. It shows you have determination. I would be a person who would say 'get the book', it is SO important, because THEN you will understand more about how your body works and how this WOE works. It is pretty amazing. It gives you the confidence to be able to discuss (should you choose to) the WOE with people who are ant-Atkins, due to ignorance of what it is really all about. I respect you are trying too do it right (by doing research while you wait for the book to arrive), and I hope you really enjoy the book. Too many people think they know what Atkins is, from the rubbish they have been told or read in the media. They say they are on Atkins, but they aren't. They say they are on a No Carb diet, but they dont understand that there are carbs in veggies and fruit, and anyway Atkins isnt a 'No Carb' diet. Then when it goes wrong, they blame Atkins, when there is no connection between what they have been doing and Atkins. I had someone tell me they had tried Atkins and it had made them ill. They then said that 'Anyway, cabbage soup every day for 2 weeks is horrible' when I pointed out that THAT wasn't Atkins, they wouldn't believe me!!! In the media in the UK, I have seen it mentioned that people on Atkins eat huge amounts of fat and meat, no veg, no fruit and don't exercise. What rot! You WOULD become ill if you did that. It is grossly unfair that the media had gotten away with this. I am glad you will have the book soon, best wishes and I look forward to seeing your progress :)
by Rindaloo (submitted 4 years ago)
Should I stop Atkins??!!!
Well said tiegerski. schmetterlin, I suggest you check what happened. Then check again. There was a lot of cruel and unfair speculation and lies going about when he died. It did the man a disservice. http://www.atkins-diet-advisor... If you aren't interested in his way of eating, -fine, you aren't being forced to follow it. But please let others follow Atkins if that's their choice, because its likely they have read his book, and have a fairer idea of what its all about. Since I have been on Atkins, my weight has gone down, I feel healthier AND my bad cholesterol has gone down and my good cholesterol has gone up. I think that in the future, more people will realise the wisdom in Atkins Way Of Eating.
by Rindaloo (submitted 4 years ago)
I'm Coming Back!!
lovetaliah, been there too. I eat when I am not happy, or when I think its a treat (yes I know that really IS stoopid). Your phrase "is this really going to make me feel better or worse about this going to get me one step closer or further away from my this cupcake greater than a skinny body and feeling beautiful 24/7 and loving hanging out with myself and being in my own skin?" is very good, especially "is this really going to make me feel better or worse about myself". I am going to try to tattoo that to my subconscious. Bates, I hope lovetaliah's suggestion helps you. I really think its the key. Sometimes I go into 'mindless eat mode' and its grim. We need to overcome and succeed. Best wishes :)
by Rindaloo (submitted 4 years ago)
My Weight Loss Success
Best wishes for reaching goal!
by Rindaloo (submitted 4 years ago)
soy flour and flaxseed meal
Ingria, that is an interesting suggestion. So, I would be interested to know if anyone has used ground Sesame seeds to make Mims as I loathe the taste of the only flax seeds available here in Turkey.
by Rindaloo (submitted 4 years ago)
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