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You need a rest day after a good training day with weights. Your muscle tissue needs a day to repair and build. Don't over do it. You won't get the gains you want. If you go hardcore.. do arms and upper body one day and do legs the next, ect. You'll get there buddy.
by PeeFat (submitted 4 years ago)
Hey buddy. Your belly fat is the last to go. Google Ab Cutting Diet. It is very close to Atkins and will help you with those last few pounds of belly fat. What you put in your mouth is 80% of the battle. Some cardio at this point will help also. Crunches or situps won't make you burn belly fat. good luck Bill
by PeeFat (submitted 4 years ago)
I reached my goal!
Awesome job. Another success story. I took off 110 lbs in 2010 and have kept it off without diet for the past 2 years. The secret is not going on diet. Just learn how many calories your body burns in a day and don't go over it. It takes time at first to log your food to realize how many calories you consume but becomes second nature after a while. I have realized how I can eat tons of food and never feel hungry by avoiding by wrong types of carbs. I don't deprive myself of anything. A treat once in a while is fine. Moderation is the key for sure. Again great job. The side effect of losing weight and getting yourself in shape is a much longer healthier life. Enjoy all that extra energy I know you have now.
by PeeFat (submitted 4 years ago)
Legs and Thighs
Climb the stairs 2 at a time. It's free. Leg muscles are huge and will burn calories and help you to burn fat. At the same time it will build new muscle tissue all around your thighs. Taking the stairs 2 at a time is a lower form of impact on your joints. Take your time to avoid injury.
by PeeFat (submitted 4 years ago)
Protein!! How to get it all in
Liquid egg whites in the carton is cheap and a high source of protein. Salmon is another favourite of mine. Great protein and good source of healthy fat omega 3. There is such a thing as too little fat in your diet don't go below your low limit level. Many people suffer from depression from a diet too low in healthy fat. Fat is essential to good health. Eat lean protein and slow carbs an hour or so before a workout and protein and some fast carbs soon after a workout. Fat with pre and post workout meals will slow digestion so avoid it. Slow carbs before helps with energy to last your workout, fast carbs after your workout helps shunt the protein into your muscles and helps replenish glycogen stores in your body. If you haven't gone over your calorie count for the day and your real hungry at night before bed have some slow protein. A casein protein shake or some 1% cottage cheese. Casein protein will digest real slow and feed your muscles over a long period. That old saying don't eat after 5 is a load of crap. You just have to be smart what and how much you consume. Casein protein is good for the body. Most people are too weak and cant control themselves after having just a little food and begin to binge. Just be aware of that issue and you'll be fine. My favourite protein powder is Ultra Peptide by Xtream Formulations. It is a whey/casein protein blend with the right amount of healthy fat and a very small amount of carbs with awesome flavours. My favourite protein bar is QuestBar 20 grams of protein and almost as much fiber. There isn't any junk in these bars and they taste great. Many protein bars are very close to candy bars with lots of unwanted crap in them. Choose your protein bar carefully. Maybe a little too much extra info there but good for others to know. Good luck
by PeeFat (submitted 4 years ago)
Gained back all 20 lbs I had lost on Atkins! NOW WHAT?
I did all the Atkins phases for the fist 80lbs and then transitioned slowly back to a regular diet and have lost over 100 lbs and kept it all off. For me I pretty much don't eat anything made with white flour, avoid white potatoes, white rice, and sugar. I focus on lean sources of protein, healthy fat and make the right choices for carbs. I eat lots and lots of food. Moderate exercise is also a regular part of my life now, but I do it at home for free. The only money I spend is on healthy food. If your serious about losing weight and getting in shape and living a longer healthier life you can. There is no quick fix that will last for ever. The secret is to NOT go on any diet. Simply learn to pack as many nutrients into the food you eat and not eat more than your body can burn. It isn't as hard as many think. Take the time to educate yourself.
by PeeFat (submitted 4 years ago)
HCG Warrior Diet Drops??
mel_you, 3 posts, no start date, no goals, no logs, no weight info/ weight tracking, nothing but 3 posts all with links to that garbage starvation drug HGC. Go away. Stop encouraging people to take the coward way out to lose weight the UN-Healthy way, instead of learning how to eat healthy food that nourishes the body and mind and helps prevent cancer, heart disease ect ect ect. Time to go prepare a nice filling healthy meal. I hope you enjoy your 3 crackers and a half a carrot for dinner. btw I have lost over 100 lbs and have kept it all off by eating lots of healthy food. I'm never hungry. Are you going to live the rest of your life paying big money for that poison and starving yourself. Grab a brain. It's been said before. There IS NO MAGIC PILL or needle or drops in this case. Is this post harsh... you bet it is, and I don't have any problems saying it like it is.
by PeeFat (submitted 4 years ago)
New To Site
Just research healthy eating and weight loss. There is so much free information on the internet. I spend my money on nutritious food and work out at home. No need to fall for marketing bullsh*t. Keep your money in your bank account, and use it to pay for new clothes or plan a vacation so you can give yourself an awesome treat when you reach your goal. You don't need to buy anyones book, or buy a gym membership or any expensive machines for your home because a friend or commercial tells you thats what you need to do to lose weight and get in shape. You don't need to buy premade meals or supplements that tell you they will make you lose weight. Take a little time and learn how to eat properly. The right choices will help you live longer and healthier for free. Please don't waste your money.
by PeeFat (submitted 5 years ago)
How much protein?
Your trainer is a douche bag. 30 grams of protein is off the chart too low for you. You need to find a new trainer that has a brain in his head. Google "how much protein do I need" and read and read some more.
by PeeFat (submitted 5 years ago)
Mostly marketing. Save your money and spend it on healthy food. There is no miracle pill. You just have to change your eating habits.
by PeeFat (submitted 5 years ago)
Losing weight is NOT a battle (Does NOT have to be).
Low potassium can cause leg cramps. Eating broccoli or cauliflower raw or some other vegetables raw can cause gas pains in your abdomen. Nice to see your eating to lose weight and not starving yourself like I see so many try and do. Keep at it
by PeeFat (submitted 5 years ago)
Do you know about Ezekiel 4:9 bread and other sprouted grain products. Nice low carb option. Low glycemic impact, lot's of fiber and protein.
by PeeFat (submitted 5 years ago)
HCG Warrior Diet Drops??
Crazy insane. Even Dr Oz says if your going this route go see your doctor. The crap sold in stores or online have little to no actual hcg in the bottle at all. Your losing weight on 500 calories. Don't tell me your getting all the nutrients your body need to be healthy from 500 cal intake and fat being burned up for fuel. You need to learn how to eat healthy food. How is starving yourself teaching you anything about a healthy way to live the rest of your life. Have you looked up the possible side effects it can cause? Have you read testimonials from people who come off hcg and go back to eating normal amounts of food. I suggest you DON NOT put that garbage into your body. But your probably looking for the quick fix aka magic potion to undo what you have done to yourself over a long period of time in a few months. Do yourself a favour and really think about it. btw the above poster Joined Fat Secret today and made a link to a web site selling that crap. Sounds like spam to me. Lots of crap on the internet making claims hcg is good by scum bag advertises.... beware I once made a post on one of those web sites that had 20 positive posts about how good hcg was. I made a negative post on possible side effects and my post was deleted by the op. It was a scam web site to sell black market hcg.
by PeeFat (submitted 5 years ago)
Making Turkey after 20 years, please help :/
I learnt all this from my mom. She taught me how to cook when I was old and tall enough to use the stove. I didn't particularly like having to learn how to cook, but love it now more than you could imagine. I'm single and cooked myself a 23 lb turkey for our Canadian Thanksgiving in October, then went to my parents house to celebrate with the whole family.
by PeeFat (submitted 5 years ago)
Making Turkey after 20 years, please help :/
Take the bag of organs and simmer real slow in salt free chicken broth. You can add onions and carrots some celery if you wish. Let it cook down then strain. This is the base for your gravy. It should reduce by half or more to make the flavours concentrated. Using some of the pan juice with a little fat is added to that broth. Just make sure the broth is a no salt added brand, or it will be too salty after it reduces. You can add all the fluid in a blender add a little flour and blend well. Then put in pan heat slow and stir until it thickens up.
by PeeFat (submitted 5 years ago)
Making Turkey after 20 years, please help :/
I don't just stuff the inside of the bird. I stick my hand between the meat and skin and separate. I put stuffing between the skin and meat over the breast and even down and around the thighs. I put it on a rack in a roasting pan. Starting with dry skin, I rub butter and then season. I tent with foil and cook. For the last hour I remove foil and baste every 15 mins. When done, I'll remove the stuffing. Take the pan drippings, remove some fat and make gravy. By this time 20-30 mins has passed and its safe to cut the meat without having all the juice run out. Let the juice in the meat redistribute before cutting. For my stuffing I dry out ancient grains 100% bread in the oven sauté diced celery and onions in butter. Mix them together and season with thyme, sage salt and pepper. I eat healthy most of the time so using butter and making gravy isn't going to make me feel guilty. This isn't an every day meal and it's ok to live a little once and a while.
by PeeFat (submitted 5 years ago)
Steel cut oats
I like adding a scoop of protein powder. I have frozen wild blueberries/strawberries,raspb... and a bag of berry mix to choose from to add as well. I had a bowl of steel cut oats with 1 scoop of strawberry protein powder a handful of sliced strawberries this morning for breakfast. So yummy and healthy and keeps me feeling full a long time.
by PeeFat (submitted 5 years ago)
losing that last 5-10 pounds!
Patience... You can try a little more resistance training. A little more protein and less carbs especially late in the day. Force your body to use up sugar stores early in the day and let it burn fat for fuel in the second half of the day. At this point getting to where you want to be is 50% exercise and 50% food choices.
by PeeFat (submitted 5 years ago)
just saying
I believe that saying, Never eat after 6pm to be one of the biggest myths ever. I lost over 100 lbs and have kept it off and I eat after 6pm all the time. I make the right choice of course. I'm not chowing down on a cheesburger or cake, I have either 1% cottage cheese, fat free Greek yogurt or a protein shake. A small amount of protein will satisfy your hunger and prevent some muscle loss during the long period between dinner and breakfast.
by PeeFat (submitted 5 years ago)
Food Problem
I guess grapes arent so bad on the GI list, it was the Glycemic Load factor I was remembering. Some fruit can be fairly low but have insulin spiking effects. Look up fruit glycemic load lists. A rating of 10 and under are slow digesting. There is a huge difference lets say between grapefruit and grapes, or strawberries and a banana.
by PeeFat (submitted 5 years ago)
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