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For the women..Atkins and sweet know when...
I waited to try the almond milk till I was on phase 2.
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
help with Atkins
I've managed to lose 80 lbs doing net carbs... it comes off slower but if you limit our sugar alcohols and stick with meat and veggies you'll do fine!
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
How to tell if you're "big boned"
Well according to that I have a large frame the small part of my wrist is 7" of course I'm 5'10.5" sooooo hence the 200 lbs goal! The thinnest I have been is 155 lbs and a size 11 junior jeans at this height! My goal will make me a size 14 misses.
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
just starting
Agreed I tried Weight Watchers and was hungry all the time! I love Atkins and the only thing I'm restricted from is starchy foods and sugar stuff that is bad for you and you shouldn't eat anyway!
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
just starting
Atkins works if you make it a way of life and not just a diet. I've lost over 80 lbs now and only have 36.5 to go till goal... if I don't lower my goal... Welcome to the club! A few tips are 1. record all food and activity and make sure you are consuming your RDI every day because if you don't eat enough you won't lose after a while.
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
For the women..Atkins and sweet know when...
I just go ahead and get some russel stover sugar free candy and eat it... it may cause a stall for a few days but it does the chocolate fix for me without eating too many carbs! Be prepared to gain wait with TOM because I usually gain 4 lbs with that visitation but take it right back off.
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
I can not eat sometimes!
hmmm hooey huh??? Funny I stalled in my weight loss at 297 lbs and when I added about 1000 calories a day started losing again... as long as I eat enough I lose weight if I drop below 1700 calories a day I don't lose.... there is a forum on the Atkins site by a man who has done a ton of research on the topic and the forum is why stalls happen by whyguy. He is currently doing research on set points! His info is condensed into a blog if you don't want to read over 200 pages on the forum...
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
What is your typical daily calorie count on Atkins?
Wow Well to answer your question about calories a day... I stalled at 297 lbs because I wasn't eating enough. I had to eat at least 2400 calories a day to start losing again. I went into FS and set my RDI by answering the questions about weight and age and activity. I've lost 79 lbs right now I seem to be maintaining but have been naughty with my coffee using a sf caramel topping that was still too high in net carbs... I've now used it all so am not using it starting today. I've had to put a hold on my gym membership due to a back injury so have been living a very sedentary lifestyle... with the new lower weight my RDI is 2000 calories a day. This is the bare minimum of what you should be eating. On the Atkins site there is a wonderful man named whyguy who has done a lot of research on this subject. His help along with others on the forum why stalls happen got me losing again at my stall. Bottom line is you should take total calories burned and subtract 20-30% of the total calories from the total and that should be how many calories to eat a day to lose 1-2 lbs a week. I usually subtract a bit more to lose faster. I'm finding I added too many net carbs and got hungrier and quit losing. So as of today am lowering my net carbs back down and cut out that caramel topping and am only going to eat around 1800-2000 calories a day to see if that kickstarts me losing again. I just know that is the bare minimum for me or I go into starvation mode and don't lose!
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
I would try cutting out the atkins bars I did and it really made a difference. I also stalled at 297 lbs from not eating enough so I try to get my RDI in as a bare minimum. I hurt my back in December so lowered my calories do the the new sedentary lifestyle.
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
I agree with Healthybabs! You have to find what works for you. I can't wait to see my new numbers because I've lost 80 lbs now and have been off the cholesterol meds since my last test since my cholesterol dropped so drastically.
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
the first numbers are what my readings were and the others are normal ranges so those are just a space to the right of my levels. This was as of last June I haven't retested since and am due.
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
Before Atkins: CHOLESTEROL 204 100 - 199 MG/DL H HDL CHOLESTEROL 58 40 - 120 MG/DL CHOL/HDL RATIO 3.5 1.5 - 5.0 RATIO TRIGLYCERIDES 114 40 - 249 MG/DL LDL CHOLESTEROL 123 30 - 129 MG/DL After Atkins before Exercise so this was done with just diet! CHOLESTEROL 154 100 - 199 MG/DL HDL CHOLESTEROL 40 40 - 120 MG/DL CHOL/HDL RATIO 3.9 1.5 - 5.0 RATIO TRIGLYCERIDES 74 40 - 249 MG/DL LDL CHOLESTEROL 99 30 - 129 MG/DL
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
Not eating enough will eventually cause you to stall. It did me at 297 lbs and as of today I've lost 80 lbs now but had to increase my calories to do it!
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
I really miss milk!!
Hey there I've bough Almond milk in a couple different grocery stores look to stores that carry natural foods or organic stuff they should have it just get the unsweetened one! I use Jay Robb Whey Protein Powder (Chocolate) it only has 2 net carbs I think and it's not sweetened with aspartame! It tastes better than anything else I've tried... I mix it with Atkins shakes and gives me 40 g protein per shake and 270 calories. You can get it at in a couple of different sizes I get the big 5 lb container and buy one a month. I have at least one of these shakes a day. I drink one every day for breakfast.
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
This is my first go at dieting
I love Atkins because I'm never hungry which was fine in the past but now I have to log all my food and make sure I eat enough or I don't lose weight so make sure you're eating enough. Pay attention to the RDI on here that it sets and enter your activity too and ideally you want to eat 20-30% less than what you burn. Hopefully it will be simple for you but I see way too many people doing Atkins, not hungry, and eating under 1000 calories a day which is very UNHEALTHY! Good luck to you!
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
Before and After pictures: 85 pounds lost!
WOW you look amazing! How much more do you want to lose? In the last photo you look normal sized! I just hope I can get down that small! I've lost over 60 lbs now but still have 53 to go just to get normal sized not like where the doctor's tell me I need to be! LOL
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
anybody here with hypothyroid?
I've been diagnosed Hypothyroidism since 1991 and have taken a couple different meds currently taking Levoxyl .2 mcg a day which is the highest dose. My thyroid was half of what it should've been. I'm having problems getting below 250 lbs without working out. I've been sick so haven't been able to work out. I do have a personal trainer when I start working out again. I'm on OWL and eat around 30-40 net carbs a day is what I shoot for sometimes I don't get there. Since I've been sick I've been bouncing between 249-255... I'm 5'11'' Tall so carry it well. Just be patient the weight will come off. I found I had to eat enough to lose weight I stalled at 297 lbs by not eating enough. Take the amount of calories you burn in a day and subtract 20-30% of that total for how many you should be eating in a day.
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
Crazy Question about site
I have found that the asterisk goes away if you click some of my exercise too you just have to click one of them to make it go away.
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
I need a question I have about Atkins a little confusing
It really varies from person to person that's why I stick to sugar free sweets.
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
she's not losing
I have hypothyroidism too and it does make it difficult to lose weight. What caused me to stall at 297 lbs was not eating enough and years of yo yo dieting screwing up my metabolism. She should figure out her RDI and go from there. But basically you should be eating 20-30% less than the amount of calories you're burning each day. Is she less or more active than you? Same height, weight... all of these are factors.
by Myree67 (submitted 7 years ago)
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