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I just had to hop in here. I, too, had my gallbladder removed after a huge weight loss. I had lost about 80 lbs, and all the sudden, my gut was WRENCHING in the middle of the night ! EXCRUCIATING ! I finally called the doc - at the urging of my Husband - to which he told me A) I am a woman B) I've had kids and C) I've lost a lot of weight ! WHAT ??? Here I am thinking my body should be working GREAT, but --- yes, as many here have replied, the low fat -- throw some fat in -- tends to cause these issues. Meanwhile -- I have had issues with having to GO (right away) with certain foods, but it is definitely better than the agony I was in before. My only regret is that instead of continuing my hard work on the weight loss, I got married just prior to my surgery, which has caused so much stress (going on 4 years of marriage in December - and 10 years together WHEEE) AND the fact that I decided to make it a personal challenge to make sure I can continue to eat the things I want. (mind trip ! UGH !) Had I just continued with my weight loss plan, and water and exercise, I wouldn't be back up to my original weight. Anyhow -- I am inspired by you all, here, and am so glad to be back. SUPPORT IS SO IMPORTANT !!! Bless you all ! OXXOXO
by MusicMom123 (submitted 5 years ago)
I'm good...
It's all about forgiveness. We all must forgive ourselves and move on. It's really just a head trip ! LOL Anyhow ~ I did my Wii Fit yesterday, and WOW ! My arms and upper back/shoulders are SORE !!! They got a GOOD workout. YAY ! :) Today, is bottoms. lol ! :) I love this site, and am working hard at making the good choices again. Last night I slipped a bit, but I also realized today that I can also chalk that up to part of the extra 35 a week... but.... no more. ;) Tonight, we are going to my favourite place, SWEET TOMATOES ! I am excited. :) LOTS of great choices there... HUGS TO ALL - BE WELL and don't forget to FORGIVE ! :)
by MusicMom123 (submitted 8 years ago)
I am back !
Okay, so my teenager wanted to go to lunch, and he wanted to go to BWW. I asked him sweetly if we could go to Sweet Tomatoes instead, but he REALLLLLLLY wanted to go to BWW. I chose the lunch lineup with the 8 boneless wings, and had extra celery instead of fries with extra hot sauce instead of dressing. I only had less than half of the wings and brought the rest home for my hubby. :) That was good. I was and am full, so I feel good knowing that I made a decent choice... Altho next time I will just go ahead and order the chicken strips (grilled) and have that instead with the sauce. Eh, not bad. At least I stopped when I was getting full and took notice of my appetite instead of gobbled the whole thing as I had been the past few months. ugh... I have been thinking through my desire to aimlessly "munch" as well again... This is a habit I have to learn to break once again, but I will do it. EEEEK ! :)
by MusicMom123 (submitted 8 years ago)
I am back !
Okie dokie... So here I are... I am ready to start anew. So, here we go ! :) I am going to work on tracking and minding my hunger instead of my desire. I have really just let it all go, and it ain't pretty ! ;) SO ---- back to work for me ! I am sorry I left the site behind for awhile, I was too ashamed to face that I have been blowing it... Please forgive me, and I will work on forgiving myself as well. My plan is to start out back on my Wii Fit for now.... and working on eating well again. Drinking more water again, and just forgiving myself for letting go like I did. I changed my Goal to 165 for now. I think 140 was seeming a bit too much for me. But the 165 would make me happy. I also want to work on the 10% again from here. So, I initially need to lose about 22 pounds to get back on track. I CAN DO THIS !!! I DID IT ! I CAN DO IT AGAIN ! I want to remember how good it felt to be in a size 16 again !!! I WAS THERE ! The good part is that I can do this again just like before. So, I am looking forward to having great success as I did a few months ago. No more excuses, and time to DEAL with the emotions, instead of eat them away. ;) K, I hear a Wii Fit calling me... :) love ~ MM123
by MusicMom123 (submitted 8 years ago)
peanut butter nutty buddy
I found a delicious alternative... It is called NATURALLY MORE. It actually has FLAX in it and it is really quite good ! I found it at a Walmart in rural Missouri, but the website has places you can find it as well. Check it out: Another thing I have been using is Maranantha Natural Almond Butter.... It is so good and natural. A schmear on your banana or in a smoothie is delicious... and you get the flavour and don't have to overdo it... :)
by MusicMom123 (submitted 8 years ago)
peanut butter nutty buddy
HERE HERE !!! :) Send me a PM and we can buddy up ! :) I *LOVE* Peanutbutter !!! (but there are ways around this....) heehee !
by MusicMom123 (submitted 8 years ago)
Enhancement Request: show WW points and Fiber on Calendar Summary
ME TOO !!! Especially the fiber ! (You mean in the Pie Chart area, right ?) I was just thinking that myself... They have done such a FANTASTIC job with the site ! It just keeps getting better and better ! THANKS FAT SECRET !!! XOXOXOXO !
by MusicMom123 (submitted 8 years ago)
Am I eating enough?
oh yeah, and the last key is MOVING ! ;) but you've already established that you are doing that ! LOL... Have a great day / evening !
by MusicMom123 (submitted 9 years ago)
Am I eating enough?
Paws, I'd say check with your doc to be sure you aren't having a medical issue, but if there is nothing medically wrong, I'd say eat as long as you are hungry and be aware of your hunger signals. Of course, eat within reason. Veggies, fruit, maybe a WW Yogurt (just b.c they are really the best yogurts out there for dieters...) or something like that. The key is really HIGH FIBER, LOW FAT, LOW CALS. I hope you're feeling well ! :)
by MusicMom123 (submitted 9 years ago)
I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day today ! Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, know you are loved ! :)
by MusicMom123 (submitted 9 years ago)
Some of the items suggested by Hungry Girl -- (the only thing I would switch is the Yoplait, you can eat a whole large pot of WW yogurt for ONE point... saves a point ! LOL) Packaged Green Foods I Love: Yoplait Light Key Lime Pie Yogurt: One 6-ounce container has 100 calories, 0 grams of fat, 0 grams of fiber (for a POINTS value of 2) Wholly Guacamole 100-Calorie Snack Packs: One pouch has 100 calories, 8 grams of fat, 4 grams of fiber (for a POINTS value of 2) Edy's/Dreyer's American Idol Mint Karaoke Cookie Slow Churned Light Ice Cream: A half-cup serving has 120 calories, 4 grams of fat, 0 grams of fiber (for a POINTS value of 3) The Skinny Cow Mint Skinny Dippers: One ice cream bar has 80 calories, 3 grams of fat, 2 grams of fiber (for a POINTS value of 1) Tootsie Caramel Apple Pops: One pop has 60 calories, 0.5 grams of fat, 0 grams of fiber (for a POINTS value of 1) Andersen's Split Pea Soup: One cup of soup has 130 calories, 0 grams of fat, 2 grams of fiber (for a POINTS value of 2) Blue Bunny FrozFruit Double Lime Bars: One bar has 90 calories, 0 grams of fat, 0 grams of fiber (for a POINTS value of 2) Mishima Soybean and Potato All Natural Edamame Soup: One packet has 50 calories, 1 gram of fat, 0 grams of fiber (for a POINTS value 1) And the GREEN VEGGIES she suggested: This list includes both natural and packaged green items that I enjoy. This list is not complete, meaning there are plenty of other edible things with a green hue I feel great affection for. A Few Natural Food Favorites Snow peas: Yum! These are like candy to me. And so good for you, too! They have just 26 calories per cup. Asparagus: You’ve got to love asparagus spears. They're low in calories (4 medium spears have 13 calories), and they're delicious. Spinach: Not only does it taste great raw or cooked, spinach is super-healthy—it's loaded with vitamins K and A. Honeydew: This is my second favorite melon (watermelon is number one, and the rind is green—woohoo!). Honeydew is sweet, juicy and has about 60 calories a cup. Edamame: I discovered edamame a few years ago and I’ve become obsessed. Now it even comes in pre-portioned packs with SpongeBob SquarePants on the package. Go, SpongeBob! Cabbage: I love to take cabbage leaves—nuke them for about 15 seconds—and wrap veggie burgers with them. It's a delicious alternative to lettuce "buns." I love cabbage! Brussels Sprouts: They look like cute little baby cabbages, so how can I not enjoy Brussels sprouts? I like them steamed...and if I could find teeny, tiny veggie burgers to wrap in their leaves I would. By the way, a whole cup of these has 38 calories. Broccoli: Broccoli is one of my go-to foods. I eat it daily. I use it in stir-fries and soups or I enjoy it steamed all by itself (with a few spices and maybe a few sprays of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray). Cucumbers: Since I'm not a huge fan of celery, I like to use chopped cucumbers in my tuna salad. Stick with the small "kirby" kind for a sweeter flavor. Romaine Lettuce: In my opinion, romaine lettuce is the absolute best lettuce out there. And it contains vitamin C and beta-carotene. Green Grapes: Green grapes rock! And for a real treat, freeze them. They turn into little round grape popsicles. Pickles: Pickles are a staple in my life. I snack on them straight, or roll them in slices of turkey breast. Mmmmmmm.
by MusicMom123 (submitted 9 years ago)
Post C-section Abs
Yeah -- me too... The Badge of Motherhood, 18 years later.... still "hanging" LOL.... I used to do this Richard Simmon's 7 Day Stomach formula... You do it 7 minutes, 7 days a week for 7 weeks.... CRANK ON THE SIT UPS MAN !!! Well, anyhow -- the tummy is still there, pouchy-ish, but really I have seen SUCH an improvement since I have lost the weight... I think it will always be there, but we can certainly get rid of most of the underlying fat and work on it as best we can... I have accepted that I will probably never have a F L A T tummy again, but I am okay with it... It is, after all, a BADGE OF MOTHERHOOD. :) (but THANK GOODNESS my last two were VBACs !) YAY ! :D
by MusicMom123 (submitted 9 years ago)
An emotional moment
KICKING BUTT YOU ARE YOU ARE !!! WOW ! A size 8 ! YAY ! I am stoked to be in 14/16s right now, can't even IMAGINE a size 8 ! WHEEEE ! Way to go you ! I think your next goal should be to run a Marathon ! :D YOU COULD ! :) Nice job on reaching your goals ! BE PROUD !
by MusicMom123 (submitted 9 years ago)
Has anyone seen BullyTrouble lately ???? I just realized I haven't read anything from her, unless I am just missing it. Just wondering ! :)
by MusicMom123 (submitted 9 years ago)
Just wanted to say THANK YOU to this wonderful group for all of the support, ideas, shared topics, and everything that is brought here. I am SO BLESSED to be a part of this site. It has truly helped motivate me to keep going and stay on track. I love the Challenges that everyone comes up with and I love the recipes that are shared. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ! You all ROCK ! Especially the administrators of FAT SECRET ! THANK YOU !
by MusicMom123 (submitted 9 years ago)
A great MAYO Health article
Check this out, great info here !
by MusicMom123 (submitted 9 years ago)
You write the story
the world keep
by MusicMom123 (submitted 9 years ago)
Just wondering... RE: WiiFit HulaHoop
For some goofy reason, I have a harder time hooping to the RIGHT than I do to the LEFT !!! It's so goofy ! I used to always get the ringing sound when I hooped right, but lately it is not registering my "rotations" ! LOL I was wondering if anyone else has this problem too... Eh, it's just a silly thing, perhaps I am just not doing it right ! LOL :)
by MusicMom123 (submitted 9 years ago)
You write the story
He looked up
by MusicMom123 (submitted 9 years ago)
The Issue of a Single M&M
:D ME TOOOOOOO !!! See you on Wednesday !!! :D Have a perfect beginning to the week everyone ! :) *PEACE*
by MusicMom123 (submitted 9 years ago)
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