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Weight ticker update
I am have the exact same problem, the ticker won't update, I can't get my weight to track on Challenges and I keep getting that stupid error message. I wish this site had a better "Help" area.
by Mrs. H (submitted 5 years ago)
Struggling to eat more necessary calories. Also, what is 'good' progress?
A site that has been really helping me also is the and then go to myplate. When you start plugging in foods, it will tell you if you are over or under in each category. Some foods are hard to find is the only downside to it. It will also help calculate your total calorie intake that you need for losing weight and if you go to the exercise part, it will tell you how much exercise you need for the week to maitain or lose. I use that site and this site. I was actually amazed what I COULD eat!! I know I've only been doing the calorie counter now for just over a week now, but I will say, I have more energy, I sleep better, and I'm in a better mood. What was the big shocker was I don't crave sweets anymore, they actually sound disgusting. Erie32 has given great advice also and I agree w/what she has said. The above things are what I have learned over the course of all my failures and trying to learn more each day.
by Mrs. H (submitted 6 years ago)
Looking for a buddy
Tess - I'll be a buddy :)
by Mrs. H (submitted 6 years ago)
Are you doing your 2 shakes a day? Then a 1 healthy meal? As far as to eat, I just try to stick w/a meat (watch portion size on it), then a big serving of veggies. As far as the meat goes, I eat a lot of chicken because I'm just not a beef eater. As far as the shakes go, I usually put a whole banana in w/the vanilla mix. If you are looking for more info, let me know.
by Mrs. H (submitted 9 years ago)
I started Herbalife 3 weeks ago and if you look at my journals you can see that I am having progress and if you look at my profile I was on this before and had great success, I just screwed it up and that's why I put the weight back on. The 1st time I started it I was @ 148 lbs and dropped down to 117 lbs and lost 25 inches. So it does work and just takes time and motivation.
by Mrs. H (submitted 9 years ago)
Good Day!
Good luck w/the program and keep us posted on your progress!
by Mrs. H (submitted 9 years ago)
I'm so confused??!!
It sounds like you are off to a great start no matter what diet you choose. I sorta look at the Fat Smash as a new way of eating not so much as a diet. I'm sure there are others out there that are geered to that same thing (new eating habits). It sounds like you are very motivated in doing this so I hope you can find one that will fit to you. Good Luck and let us know which one you decide to go with!!;)
by Mrs. H (submitted 10 years ago)
I'm so confused??!!
What I did is I went with the one that seemed the easiest for me and looked at the foods you could eat. I don't cook, so when I read the fat smash, it was the easiest for me. I can handle the microwave, lol. I would just pick one, follow it for a few months and if you're not happy w/it, try a different one. I think each one works differently for some than others. I couldn't do the Atkins one - way to much meat for my liking and it was actually making me very moody (mean).
by Mrs. H (submitted 10 years ago)
New to the diet & new to sharing thoughts
Welcome! You have found a great site, the people here are great and very supportive. I know what you are saying...I haven't told anyone that I started again. The only person that truly knows is my husband, but I refuse to tell him how much I have lost - we have a bet going on, lol. So he doesn't get to know until the end of the first month.:d
by Mrs. H (submitted 10 years ago)
less expensive
I really didn't find this to "cut" into the budget. You are trading bad food that you use to buy (junk food, which can be expensive) to healthier foods. They are common every-day foods, that's what I like about this.
by Mrs. H (submitted 10 years ago)
How much weight did EVERYONE take off in phase 1???
During Phase I, I had lost 7 lbs - I had started the Fat Smash, a few months before I joined this site.
by Mrs. H (submitted 10 years ago)
Here goes...
As of today I have lost 15 lbs (started this before I joined this site), I have also lost 16.5 inches. I have hit a real major plato but I do feel it's because I have started working out 6 days a week. Just in the past 2 weeks I've noticed a big difference in how much more muscle I have gained, so that will account for why I'm not losing the weight (which is fine w/me). You will actually notice w/the amount of veggies, fruit, and the other items that you are permitted to eat, that you won't be hunger even w/working out. Good Luck!!!!
by Mrs. H (submitted 11 years ago)
Great Job "Z", keep up the good work and you'll lose those 30 lbs in no time. :d
by Mrs. H (submitted 11 years ago)
Getting started
Welcome! You will be eating a lot of veggies and fruits during phase I; there are some other things that you are permitted to eat, but in portions. Also, brown rice will be a big one for Phase I if you want it to be. There's been a couple of posts just recently that lists some of the foods that you can/can't have recently. You may want to check those out. Plus if you have any questions, there's a lot of people here that will help you out. P.S. it's a lot easier to follow once you get the book.
by Mrs. H (submitted 11 years ago)
Breakfast ideas
I have a few different ones that I make: 1. 1 yoplait Strawberry/Banana fat-free smoothie yogurt; 1/2 banana, 7 frozen strawberries; 1/2 c. (or a 1 c.) of Soy milk. Put it in a blender and blend it. 2. 1 yoplait Peach fat-free smoothie, 10 slices of frozen peaches, and same amount of soy milk as above. (I threw in a 1/2 banana last night w/it too - yummy) Also, try some frozen mangos, they are great too w/this one.:d
by Mrs. H (submitted 11 years ago)
Just started the diet
Congrats on your baby!!:d Yes, it does really work. When I "officially started" this program back in October of 2006 - my starting weight was 147; I didn't join this site until later and I was weighing in @ that time 135 - 137 and now I'm down to 132. For me it's slow, but I like it that way. Good luck!!! and keep us posted...
by Mrs. H (submitted 11 years ago)
Fat Smash Newbie Questions
I do believe that you can have up to 3T of low-fat/fat-free dressing. They do make a light (low-fat) Balsmic dressing. Also, if I don't lose all the weight I want by the 90 days, I plan on starting over. I know the weight won't come off as quickly, but it will come off.
by Mrs. H (submitted 11 years ago)
first day, need help
The oatmeal is plain (personally I add 1 pkt of splenda on mine, and a little bit of cinnamon - sometimes I even add a 1/2 of a banana); yogurt is flavored as long as it's fat free.
by Mrs. H (submitted 11 years ago)

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Advice for beginning healthy eating for weight loss
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