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Recipe help (Quinoa)
I recently fell in love with quinoa. I made it as a pilaf, and put my slow cooker jambalaya ontop of it. The leftovers got measured out & placed into containers. The jambalaya & quinoa mixed beautifully... kinda like a stew. I will have to try the above recipes, sounds great! Might do the mexican one as I happen to have a cup of beans left over from last night's tacos, and have been trying to figure out what to do with them. :)
by Mom2ThreeQTs (submitted 7 years ago)
Forgot to update: I ended up buying them from Costco about a month ago. I love them! Each one has 5g protein and 8g of fibre. Sure, I can probably make my own muffins and add protein powder and fibre supplement to it... but I think it's perfect for those days that you do not have time and need to grab something on the go. I carried one in my purse while doing errands, and by the time I eat it, it's thawed and perfect.
by Mom2ThreeQTs (submitted 7 years ago)
Share your tip for stopping
I save 50 - 100 calories out of my diet for dessert. Lately I have been having the 50 cal or 90 cal skinny cow fudge bars. If I am not in the mood for something sweet, then I will either have a salad, or Quaker rice crisps. Lately I have been craving stuff during the day too, though that is much easier to ignore as I am always busy with my little ones, and can easily distract myself by taking them out for a walk, or playing with them.
by Mom2ThreeQTs (submitted 7 years ago)
I'll be able to fit into that dress someday
I have bought clothes in the past that were a size or two too small. Then I gained, and gained... and I never thought I would fit into them again. As I started losing weight, I gathered the courage to try them on, and surprisingly they fit! I rushed & hemmed them so that I could finally wear them. Now I have lost more weight and said clothes no longer fit. I think they fit for a couple of weeks. I wish there was a way to swap clothes with people as I am still losing and do not want to buy clothes until I get to my target weight. Although if there was a really good sale, then it wouldn`t be so bad. I am glad I kept quite a bit of my old clothes-- even though the styles are now old, at least I can see how I measure. I do love trying on clothes to see if they fit yet.
by Mom2ThreeQTs (submitted 7 years ago)
Lose weight fast. How to do it safely.
Okay, I just read the article (felt I needed to before commenting), and I must say that I don't quite understand what the big deal is. Sure it's not a perfect article, especially for those of us who may have been doing things "right" for years, or have progressed enough in our diets to not feel the hopelessness that someone just starting may be feeling. What I got out of the article is that 1) it's aimed at those who are desperate, and are willing to try diet pills, or diet fads, or possibly even starvation, and 2) those who want to lose something quickly for an event such as a wedding. I think the article is informative and easy to understand for someone who is just starting out, and perhaps doesn't have any clue where to begin. I myself did some of the things that the diet described (though not as extreme), and my initial quick weight loss is what encouraged me, and made me feel like I could do this. Of course I want to do things properly, but hey, I am in my 30's, married, and have children. If I were, say 16, would I see things the same way? Probably not. I did find An00bis' posts very informative (the factual parts). I actually agree. But I also don't think the article is *that* bad. I think that everyone is entitled to do what they feel is working for them. Although hubby has weights, I have absolutely NO interest in using them right now. I do mainly cardio (20-40 mins 3x's a week), and pilate workouts (usually 30 mins 4-5x's a week). I just do what feels good, and what I have time to do. No magic number for me. But movement is better than what I used to do before, which is sit all day on the couch. I am glad that we can find support on FS. That we can *encourage* each other, even if we don't entirely agree with one's methods. We're all after the same thing after all.
by Mom2ThreeQTs (submitted 7 years ago)
I have seen these at Costco. Think I will look into it when i go tomorrow. I have made many changes to my diet, such as eating Smart Pop instead of the Buttery. I figure it will only taste odd in the beginning when your body is getting used to not eating loads of fat, sugar, and salt. Just like when I first cut adding salt, everything tasted bland for a week-- now I can't imagine eating it as I find it way too salty. I haven't had muffins in forever, so I doubt I will notice a difference.
by Mom2ThreeQTs (submitted 7 years ago)
Portion sizes
I would have never been able to get this far if it weren't for my scale. One month after doing this, I tried visualising a 3oz serving, and when I weighed it, it was actually 4.5oz! It can be very easy to underestimate when you have no means of checking the accurate measurement. I also have a set of measuring spoons (including a 1/2 cup) which I use to scoop up correct portions of rice & dressings, etc. Just like Pattyannet said, I too place my plate on my scale, and then just add the food onto the plate, hit reset, add food... etc.
by Mom2ThreeQTs (submitted 7 years ago)
Xmas Wish Lists
I want the wii active 2. I currently have the first one, and while I enjoyed it, I really want to try out the 2nd one. I didn't like that the first one didn't do ab workouts, which is what I need to workout most! I'm already set with kitchen gadgets, and anyway, I am picky and would like to buy the items that *I* want. I just hope that no one buys me any clothing as I always found it offensive. Especially if they don't know the exact sizing (and then you are embarrassed to say it's too small, etc).
by Mom2ThreeQTs (submitted 7 years ago)
Intuitive Eating: What kind of Eater Are You???
I was the unconscious eater. Especially emotional & waste-not. I fully blame the waste-not on my parents-- I had to eat everything off my plate, and they constantly made comments about not wasting food. While I agree that we should not waste food, I also think that the person eating it should be able to control the portions they get. My kids eat on small plates, and if they want more, then they get more. I am fully the Careful eater right now. But I guess that's the only way I got to where I am today. Although, I don't splurge on weekends. I make sure I do not consume more than my daily allowance of calories. That is the only restriction I place on myself, and I hope I do stay a careful eater because I would hate to gain the 50 lbs back!!
by Mom2ThreeQTs (submitted 7 years ago)
It is not a race...
So far it's been 22 lbs in 7 weeks. I'm hoping to meet my deadline before Christmas, though my deadline is by next spring.
by Mom2ThreeQTs (submitted 7 years ago)
Need support
You can do exercise videos with your son, or when he is sleeping. You can also run up and down stairs (if you have any). Just make sure your recent job isn't causing you to have bad eating habits. Eat a lot of veggies as snacks when yhou need to.
by Mom2ThreeQTs (submitted 7 years ago)
Dealing with needing new clothes
I would suggest to buy yourself a pair of jeans and black slacks (if you go out frequently). That way you can make many different outfits out of those two pairs of pants until you get too small for them. I own quite a few yoga pants that I wear around the house. Luckily, I now fit into my old jeans, so I do not need to buy anything yet. I had to take in a few pairs of pants as well. When my jeans start to get loose on me, I use high heat dryer setting on them so that they shrink a little. When I gained all my weight, I refused to buy a whole new wardrobe, so I made due with only a couple pairs of jeans, black dress pants, a pair of capris, and a bunch of cotton shorts and yoga pants. The cotton stuff fits loose now, but I can still wear them. I don't plan on buying any more clothes until I hit my goal. I'm a SAHM so I can get away with that.
by Mom2ThreeQTs (submitted 7 years ago)
Has no one noticed your weight loss yet?
I had the opposite happen to me when I had dinner at my parent's house this past weekend. Another family member was there as well. The first thing they said was, "WOW!! I never in my life thought I would see this daughter again!" Then they poked and proded. The other family member kept asking me why I didn't tell her I was on a diet... what made me decide to lose weight, because I never cared before. I just ignored her at first, but my hubby rescued me and said, "I think everyone wants to be healthy". I kept telling her, "I'm not on a diet. I'm eating right, and excersizing" Although, I must admit it felt great when I ran into a friend I haven't seen in a long time, and she said, "OMG, you look so skinny!!!".. While I don't quite agree with her, I did feel over-the-moon happy the rest of the day. :D
by Mom2ThreeQTs (submitted 7 years ago)
Could use a few buddies
Hi Faithy, I just sent you a buddy request. :) I noticed we are at the same weight and have the same goal.
by Mom2ThreeQTs (submitted 7 years ago)

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