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Australian Woman 60's
Hi all. I was looking at a photo of my husband & I at our wedding reception and had to ask myself, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN! That was 9 yrs and 50 lbs ago. I was pre-menopausal then and had no idea what I was about to explode into. I have posted that pic in my kitchen for incentive. Tomorrow is always there so I don't have to be so good today. That kind of thinking has to stop. I used to walk at least 3 miles every day no matter the weather. I live in Oregon so sometimes that really took commitment, you know, sideways rain and that kind of fun stuff. Anyway, I hope we can all reach our goals and high five each other for getting it done:)
by Minimizeme (submitted 7 months ago)
GOOD FOR YOU!!! Seems you're 'all in' now. Can't wait to see you reach your goals!
by Minimizeme (submitted a year ago)
Hello from wales
I'm so very sick of being fat and feeling bad about myself. It's way past time to release this burden and feel good again which won't happen if I keep giving up. I'm so predictable. I do great for a month or two, then back to not counting calories and no exercise. Every one of us can get this done, we just have to really, really care about ourselves enough to do it. So, as I watch all of you meet your goals, as I know you will, hopefully I'll come along and do the same.
by Minimizeme (submitted a year ago)
My husband just had a sigmoid colon resection because a pocket became infected. He has received conflicting opinions on whether he can eat seeds & nuts, but his surgeon told him to avoid most of them including tomato seeds and to take fiber daily. He said if everyone would do that, he wouldn't be doing dozens of these surgeries every week. I would think we should be able to eat enough fiber to do the same, but once the pockets are present, you have to be careful because you don't want something nesting in one and becoming inflamed.
by Minimizeme (submitted a year ago)
Well, that's about to change:)
by Minimizeme (submitted 2 years ago)
Need some buddies
Absolutely...good luck! I just posted today's goals over on your group forum. It's too big to look at for more than a day at a time without getting side tracked, so I need to do that everyday, and just maybe I'll be too embarrassed to tell you girls that I got sloppy and didn't do any of it. I loved your intro for the group by the way.
by Minimizeme (submitted 2 years ago)
Need some buddies
Count me in too! I was in a group a couple of years ago and they were great...and I was about 15 lbs lighter than I am now. Why did we stop??? So this will be great too. It can be done. Gracious, you're proof of that, but this time WHEN you lose it, please take us with you:)
by Minimizeme (submitted 2 years ago)
Need some buddies
Hi to both of you! I feel motivated right now, but usually about 10 lbs in I blow it and gain back 20. I'm post menopause and it's sooo hard. I sent you both buddy requests. I really want to get this flab off and it's motivating to see others get it off too.
by Minimizeme (submitted 2 years ago)
just saying
So....we should set our alarms to wake us up to feed after 5 hours sleep? Less our livers self-cannibalize?
by Minimizeme (submitted 5 years ago)
Anyone else weigh MORE after doing a poo!
Yep. Even without eating or drinking anything before. Baffling it is.
by Minimizeme (submitted 5 years ago)
Weight ticker update
Happened to me on Sunday.
by Minimizeme (submitted 5 years ago)
Looking for Fitness Buddy, for Accountability
Got the invitation and made my entry. Yeah, we're on our way!
by Minimizeme (submitted 5 years ago)
Looking for Fitness Buddy, for Accountability
I could almost say ditto to all you said. I have two grown boys, one of which is living downstairs while still in school. Really it's just me and my hubs...and that is where the problem lies. We love going out to eat. So the first change I need to make is to stop that, or at least take it down to once a week. I did do Atkins for a while, and though it did work and I lost weight, I know me and my love for pasta, and I could not make it a life long habit. So, it's counting calories. I'm aiming for 1500/day and see how that goes. If no loss, I'll take it down to 1400. Pilates 3x week and try to fit some walking in there too. I used to not like water also, but I now have a bottle with me always. Guess it grew on me. I think we should create a group so we have somewhere to go to post our PROGRESS. Maybe if I know you're watching I'll be more apt to behave. To add the weight ticker I think you go to 'My FatSecret' and find where you add a signature (look on the right side bar) and there should be an item, like a check box for you to choose.
by Minimizeme (submitted 5 years ago)
Looking for Fitness Buddy, for Accountability
Hi Tracey. I'm a few years older than you, 51, and not nearby, Oregon, but I sure do understand frustrating weight issues. I've been so frustrated for the past 4 years trying to keep my weight down. I also have a sedentary desk job and haven't been strict with exercise. My favorite exercise is pilates and I do walk at home dvd's and I really need to develop some consistency with both diet and exercise. I can see where most cardio exercise may be a problem for you, but strength building in a gentle way might be okay. Have you addressed it with your doc? I used to have horrible pain in my joints and never got a definite answer as to what it was. I was in my 20's when that came on. It seems to help keeping the muscles surrounding them strong. Do you have pain on both sides? Anyway, I'm here if you need a buddy. I thought it would be neat to have a group of people with similarities and compare what's working/not working. Every group I've joined like that has not had much activity. Not quite sure how to make that work. MJ
by Minimizeme (submitted 5 years ago)
Wow!!! You have come so very far. UD & DD, is that alternating days of eating 1300/600 calories?
by Minimizeme (submitted 5 years ago)
Why does my weight top out and then bottom out (yo-yo)?
My weight does that too and more so when I eat bread or pasta. I think it's just water...kind of has to be.
by Minimizeme (submitted 5 years ago)
Food is not your enemy, it is fuel and your body will not run without it. It's that simple and that's how you must think of it. You need to bring your calories up to an acceptable level. You will gain weight because presently your body is pulling all stops to keep you from starving. If you focus on eating clean, healthy foods, and enough calories to nourish your body, your system should naturally seek a healthy weight. Please don't continue to harm yourself. This really breaks my heart. Be healthy! Be alive!
by Minimizeme (submitted 5 years ago)
Menopause and weight gain
My doctor had the same no solution attitude. I've quit eating meat and some dairy and I'm fineally losing weight again. I was shocked because I had taco's two nights in a row and then spaghetti the following and lost 2 lbs. Normally my weight pops up at least that much after eating high carbohydrate foods. I did not put any meat on my taco's, nor in the spaghetti sauce this time. Time (and commitment) will tell.
by Minimizeme (submitted 5 years ago)
I share your frustration, but slow is better than no loss. It all seems so impossible, you know? I can gain a pound with no effort, but I have to work hard and eat nothing but plants to lose it. Not fair.
by Minimizeme (submitted 5 years ago)
You can now Lost 25 pounds Weight In the first 25 days
Good one. Liked the song too.
by Minimizeme (submitted 5 years ago)
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