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What time of day to weigh
I will definitely try this tomorrow although I think my scales are very consistent. Thanks for all the responses
by Loociieemoo (submitted 4 years ago)
Everyone is judging and trying to put me off!
I'm not really trying to lose weight for cosmetic reason, I mean yeah it would be nice if my jeans weren't so tight. It's really because my mum's pony has a weight restriction of 10 stone (~64kg) and I don't want to be pushing his limits every time I ride him. The healthy eating I just think will be good for my own wellbeing too. They're people I live with at uni so I don't know them all especially well but I did consider them to be friends. I suppose just saying it's a healthy lifestyle change rather than a diet will be a good idea to get them off my back thanks guys :) I really appreciate this help x
by Loociieemoo (submitted 4 years ago)
You lost what?!
I've lost an ostrich egg :)
by Loociieemoo (submitted 4 years ago)
Everyone is judging and trying to put me off!
Most of my friends seem to think that I'm not in a qualifying category to go on a diet. They don't understand that weight loss aside I'm trying to eat healthily in general! They all judge when they watch what I eat and then try and make me eat really unhealthy things. Or when we cook together and I try and substitute some of the high fat things for some healthier options they are having none of it. I find it so difficult to stay motivated when everyone around me seems to be fighting me! I know your not supposed to care what others think and I don't I just can't cope with them actively trying to throw me off track. Has anyone got any motivational tips?
by Loociieemoo (submitted 4 years ago)
What time of day to weigh
I was told by someone that weighing 15-30 minutes after you've woken up is the best time to weigh as you'll get the most consistent results. Is that what most people are doing? I don't want to cheat by weighing in the morning if I'm not supposed to :/ Thanks guys :)
by Loociieemoo (submitted 4 years ago)
Pure Health
Thanks loads this is very helpful. definitely going to invest in those teas.
by Loociieemoo (submitted 4 years ago)
How to avoid being hungry?
Make sure you're eating enough fibre. That is the stuff that will keep you fuller for longer. If you are hungry but feeling like you shouldn't be it's almost certainly down to not having enough fibre in your diet. A bowl of All bran in the morning keeps me fulls for ages. Also remember volumetrics, it's not the calories you eat that keep you full, it's the volume that you eat :)
by Loociieemoo (submitted 4 years ago)
Pure Health
Hi, I'm trying to lose weight and just eat as healthily as possible. Meeting all my RDA with calorie deficit and what not. Has anyone got any advice on superfoods, wholegrains and any teas. Just started religiously drinking green tea and using wheatgerm and linseed on my food, has anyone else done this? Any success? Thanks guys, first post so be nice :) x
by Loociieemoo (submitted 4 years ago)
Support group
I would love to join :) Always need some motivation
by Loociieemoo (submitted 4 years ago)

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