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What do you do to keep strong through tough things?
I was looking for ideas on keeping that fortitude going :) My sons and I are moving and gosh, so many challenges. We have been working to keep things as mellow as possible because of all the changes including their dad divorcing me. Then my mom is finally understanding we are leaving the area and yesterday she had a meltdown, cut off family relations. It is not easy on my dad who is the eternal peacemaker. I was doing great food wise and went higher than I liked but could have blown it a lot more. Today, though as we have been doing calls, handling things, nothing tastes right and it has been tough eating! Wow, that's a new one for me. This was not to be much real Christmas in terms of any giving rather a time to be with family, loving on them and then say "goodby" for now. guess closure happens different ways. My college sons have not seen this side before; it is opening understanding in new ways. I hate family upsets. seeing me in codependence like I had not realized being before. Yet, there is that side, too, of leaving what I guess I had not realized was bonds and going to where we have our work moving to. A taste of freedom like I had not thought to consider having before. I am blessed that my older son who finishes college in a week and starts an internship in January where we are going and my younger son who is transferring to upper division in what will be our new state is my family. I am lookng I think at being grateful over the family that is not melting down Well, the new year will be a new life, new home, and new work environmnts. At least I am not pregnant :) Somehow, though, I am surprisingly more desperate(?) to not let weight gain be a problem, too. So what would you do to keep it going....thanks
by Linda LS (submitted 5 years ago)
Low Calorie "filler foods"?
I like mexican so I organic full circle refried (but its no fat)black beans vegetarian which is beans, water and salt only, I add organic lemon juice to this, add garlic, minerals of sea salts, even some dried onion if you just is very filling. The whole can is 360 calories. eat 2/3 of the can and it meets your limits. I found going high fiber just was so satisfying in a way I had not expected. just keep it below 30% of your total intake so you keep digesting vitamins, minerals etc. my other thing is organic old fashioned oats. I am not big on hot so I add cold water to it, then some liquid stevia, some cinnamon and sometimes nonalcohol vanilla for a sweet treat. You can always add in cubed apples or other fruit if you want that, too.
by Linda LS (submitted 5 years ago)
Gluten Free anyone?
My household is GF. Actually, it was the thing that made my spouse leave us because he got fed up with me fixing a meal for him and one for us. I was diagnosed with Crones disease then the thyroid went the other way.Everything balanced out when I made the diet changes. I had 3 weeks of such withdrawal cravings. I only take GF supp, and found I did even better with items that avoided being packaged with soy products. When I could clear all gluten from my kitchen, the symptoms left like I had never known before. So, I banned gluten from the kitchen and we now avoid most soy, too. We found over time we could add in some very carefully packaged organic oat meals but we avoid all wheat, barley and rye, religiously. My two sons never gained the weight like I did. It did give them a lot more stamina and energy than their peers. We even made back country back packing foods. I find that when I am faithful to the non soy bit with GF, the weight pretty much falls off. So, after a year finishing up the divorce, selling the house, getting our college sons positioned and handled etc, with a lot of restaurant meals, I gained weight and now am working to get that off.
by Linda LS (submitted 5 years ago)
I changed to organic and went for taste (quality over quantity). I avoided diet foods and artifical ingredients. I was shocked how good food tasted, how satisfying food became and once I stopped craving additives, how my appetite dropped. I went as close to max healthy fiber and found the balance I needed. Yum!
by Linda LS (submitted 5 years ago)
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I noticed in weighing daily that my weight goes up every other day, so I started weighing every other day to see the over all trend going on. I have a really nice scale which is fun to use so while weighing is not the huge thing for me, I do more frequently than once a week over time.
by Linda LS (submitted 5 years ago)
Cravings can be emotional but it can also be needing a vitamin or mineral. For sugar cravings, take a B complex or extra protein (plain yogurt that you add your zero calorie flavorings to is really good for this). For chocolate cravings, you are looking at needing magnesium, I go between taking a supplement for that (no calories) or getting cocoa powder/stevia sweetener/nonalcohol vanilla (all zero calories) and adding that to whatever I am already eating. If you want the additive with the chocolate, this will be completely unhelpful fyi. I found that Acai powder feels like I am eating what I like about chocolate, if you are looking for a taste and not magnesium. I add that to a fruit smoothie. I only use stevia these days whether powder or liquid and it is sweeter than sugar used to be. If you are craving these because of the preservatives in what the items held, then these supplements won't stop the cravings. I have no suggestions on handling that except time and eating distracting type foods---that is when I began adding new tastes like acai and stevia and different textures. The adventures of figuring us out...
by Linda LS (submitted 5 years ago)

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