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Favorite Low-Carb Snacks
Sugar free jello with heavy cream for a sweet tooth. Cheese sticks. 100 calorie pack of almonds.
by Lavinnia (submitted 7 years ago)
When does the ticker change color?
I just hit orange yesterday!!! Right at 25%. It truly is a motivator. I was sooooo excited when I saw my bar change color. Now, I can't wait to hit yellow...then green...then blue! I am now officially 0.9 pound UNDER my old all-time-high. :)
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
How Much Weight Did You Lose Before Everyone Else Noticed?
I've lost 32 pounds and no one has really said anything yet. But when you start out as heavy as I was, I think it takes longer. I am now 3 pounds above my old 'all time high'. I still wear baggy t-shirts and jeans, so nothing really catches anyone's eye. I think once I've dropped 50 or 60 pounds, people will start to notice. I hope so, anyway!
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
I'm on atkins, and I do have my eggs fried in bacon grease, cooked after I cook up my bacon every morning. My cholesterol, while never terribly high, is better than it's been in years. I wish I could find fresh eggs. It used to be my job to collect the eggs in the mornings when I was visiting my grandmother's farm. Those were the best eggs. Later, I found a family egg farm and used to get eggs there. Those farms have pretty much disappeared in my area. It makes me sad.
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
WTH is ketosis?
kmartin, thanks for your posts. they are always informative. I love the info on ketosis. I've battled health care professionals for 15 years, who tell me to go low fat, high fiber and, by extension, high carb to combat first pre-diabetes and then diabetes. My 'gut' has always told me it's wrong to treat someone with impaired carbohydrate metabolism with more carbs, even if they are complex. I tried it and gained and gained, then felt bad about it and pigged out and gained more. I finally decided it's my health that and my responsibility. I went on atkins. I've reduced my insulin intake. I'm not looking back. When the day comes that my doctor tells me I can go off of my insulin and asks me how I did it, boy IS SHE GONNA GET AN EARFULL! lol
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
Does you feel deprived?
Oh...and another reward: that silly bar turning color...going below the half-way mark!
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
Does you feel deprived?
Feeling deprived? Not me. Most days, I am so full, I can't think of anything I want badly enough to start feeling crappy again. I just start thinking about all the food I used to eat that was literally poison to me. Poison is something that can make you very sick or even kill you. That is how I've started to view things like potato chips, biscuits and gravy and even my beloved pie. One day, when I'm in control, I can have those foods in reasonable quantities. But I'm not strong enough to do 'reasonable quantities' yet. I've known for some time that I used food to try to fill up a hole in my heart. We all have those holes. Some bigger than others. I try to depend more on God to fill that hole now. I still have the occasional day where all I want to do is eat everything in sight. I take a deep breath, have some cheese or SF jello and I'm ok. I might go over a little, but I don't binge. My reward is coming...there are rumors of a wedding I want to attend, a cruise in a about a year. And, the best reward of all: Onederland and being able to buy clothes in the misses section of the store!
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
Coffee makes my world go round :)
Coffee? Did someone mention coffee? It starts my day, picks me up in the afternoon, and is my dessert after supper. I love it strong and dark. I use 1 scoop per every 2 cups. That's a tablespoon per cup. My fav grind is Obsidian by Caribou Coffee. I like it summer, winter, springtime and fall...No, never could I leave it at allllll. lol I quit smoking. I don't drink anymore. I agree with Canajun...they'll pry it from my cold, dead hand.
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
Goals and Rewards!
Woooooooo hooooooooooo! That's a lot of money. You think she could get you 2 outfits for that? LOL. Of course, I buy most of my clothes at Walmart, so I could probably get 3 outfits for that. When I reach goal, my mom will take me on a shopping trip.Just us. No boys allowed. I'm looking forward to it.
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
Where are you?
Well, you know where I am. Rantoul, IL, about 18 miles north of Champaign, IL, here in the flatlands. Waving at arianalj in the windy city. I'm about 140 miles south of you ("We're 140 miles from chicago, we have a half a pack of cigarettes and a full tank of gas. It's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses." Joliet Jake: "Hit it." lol...gotta love the Blues Brothers.) It's so fascinating to see where everyone is.
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
Where does it go?
Oh, one more thing. For those of us on low carb diets, high fiber oatmeal simply isn't an option; at least not for the weight loss phases.
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
Where does it go?
OK, I just discovered that milled flaxseed has little to no impact on your carb intake. I added a half a cup to my meatloaf yesterday. I haven't seen any real impact on my bowels yet, but we'll see. I find coffee helps me. Personally, I may not go for a couple of days, but on the days I do, it's generally 3 to 4 times. My doc always told me whatever is 'normal' for me is normal and not to worry if I didn't go every day.
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
I'm in! I'll try to keep some money set aside for it. I've never been on a cruise, but I can eat shrimp all day. lol
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
Where does it go?
The bms will come. I think we just produce a lot less solid waste eating this way. Kind of like when my rescue dogs came home from doggy jail and I switched them from whatever cheap food they've been on to IAMS. In a couple of days, they were producing a lower volume and it isn't as stinky. :badgrin: Make sure you're getting your foundation veggies, too. This really helps.
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
Atkins - Just moving from Induction to OWL, anyone else doing the same??
but, but...I read in the new atkins book that you should stay with induction longer if you have a lot to lose. I'm in my 4th week of induction now, have lost nearly 20 pounds and still have well over 100 to go. I had planned to stay here for awhile, until I lose another 50 pounds maybe. Now, I'm not sure what to do.
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
parking signs
I have to agree with Demomof2 about the very heavy people using the electric carts. I have a handicapped placard because I have rheumatoid arthritis and, frankly, there are days when I simply can't walk very far. That being said, I have only used one of those little electric carts a total of 3 times. And that only when my knees were flaring up so badly I couldn't walk 10 feet. I have leaned on my regular cart and hobbled around the store with my 100+ pounds of extra tonnage, wanting to scream at the men and women I saw whose only obvious problem was that they never learned how to put down the fork or put on the walking shoes. I agree, walking with all this extra weight on me hurts. But, as I told my kids so often, if one starts riding the little cart, it is way too easy to keep doing it and way too easy to get even less activity. I wept when I had to use that little cart. It really hurt my pride. I don't mind the pregnant woman spots. As someone who had a lot of complications with 2 pregnancies, they would have been nice when I was having my 3 babies.
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)
Canned Green Beans
I think they count liquid and solids in a can. Personally, I'd measure it out and see how many cups you get. Probably about a cup and a half. That would be 3 servings.
by Lavinnia (submitted 8 years ago)

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