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Personal Question... How do you see yourself?
I am wondering how you see yourself? When I was younger I was skinny and I saw myself as fat. When I got older and became fat, I would think I still looked skinny and when confronted with a mirror or any other type of reflection - I would freak out a little because my body image wasn't the same as the one I saw in my head. Does anyone else do this? Seeing yourself differently than you actually are? How do you know what you really look like?
by KayseaLove (submitted 9 months ago)
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
was never now daily
by KayseaLove (submitted 10 months ago)
[i][quote=erika2633]I actually had to pull my car over on the way to work one day to throw up!! I also prefer to have gummy vitamins like jhttfn mentioned. Not only are they yummy, but they make me feel like a kid again! :)[/quote][/i] So did I!! I also take the Alive brand gummie ones now too and I haven't felt sick once. YAY!
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
Try this vegetable: Jicama
I've always wanted to try it raw... I have had it cooked in Thai lettuce wraps and loved it...
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
Girl Scout Cookies Came Today
Has anyone actually read the girl scout cookie labels?? The *NEW* ones deemed healthy are the worst ones - high in calories fat carbs etc... I just stay away from them all together. Good point about donating to Girl Scouts directly.
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
Nauseated - I take ALIVE brand multivitamin energy for women. I won't throw up like I did with One a Day but only mildly upset stomach/nauseated on an empty stomach.
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
"Fat-shaming may curb obesity" ???
I read the title wrong. I thought it said fat sham-ming like sham wow not fat shame-ing. So I read it wondering what a fat sham was... I thought maybe from your reactions it had to do with throwing fat at people... I didn't know. I guess it's more about public disgracing people for being over weight... I do have to say peer pressure to quit smoking worked for me. I felt like a social outcast when I did smoke... I also felt guilt, shame (not sham) and over all dirty imagining the smelly chemicals radiating off of my clothes, hair and body... so for me to overcome one of the most powerful addictions... overeating should be a breeze. As far as someone over weight and obese (myself included) I see people for who they are on the inside not on the outside. My decision to get in shape and practice weight management was something I decided for myself and for my own reasons such as how I perceived myself, my health, and the fact I had to buy new bigger hard to find clothes and still I grew out of them as fast as I bought them. My daughter her whole life (all ten years of them) would always say: "Mommy, you're fat" and I would joke: "No sweetheart, it's just the angle you are looking up at me that makes me appear fat to you." When I could no longer bend down to tie my own shoes comfortably I cried and wanted to die... I felt hopeless. The desire to lose weight and get in shape was there but for the life of me I had no idea where to start. Luckily I found tools and support (this site included) and found some motivation. Becoming educated on nutrition and fitness was gold. I didn't grow up learning this in my family and if it was taught in school - I dismissed it as common sense and didn't worry about it. So I guess what I am trying to say is... Education and awareness is important. The only person I had to account to was me. There is/are no social pressures in the comfort of my pajamas in the comfort of my own kitchen late night influencing my snacking habits... just me. My eating doesn't affect anyone around me or kill anyone like smoking did so what worked for one doesn't work for the other. Its a personal choice. 98% of most menu items from restaurants and fast food places are fattening. Like the article mentioned... make it mainstream. Food and family gatherings (think thanksgiving dinner) are symbolic for love and tradition... so in a way our American holidays make it socially acceptable to gorge on food. It's more convenient for me to pick up an unhealthy snack then it is to find a healthy one. I really have to put a lot of work into telling myself no to temptations, seeking out the hidden healthy gem in a store, or put hours into planning meals following healthy guideline... It feels like swimming against a strong current at times. Shame-ing individuals is stupid. It's like shame-ing the symptoms of a problem instead of the root of the problem which is a whole culture. I am only one person and I can not change the world - but I can change myself. If I see someone struggling with their weight I am here to offer help, tips, teach skills, educate, make aware, offer support - NOT do as the article suggests... What good would it be to shun people??? Isn't this the same as bullying??
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
Upping the calories seems hard!
sky92 - I am/was the same way too. I also gave up carbs then noticed I would have days I would binge on carbs out of control. Like for instance, I ate probably 7 cups of pasta and a half a loaf of bread on two separate occasions... I guess I am a carb cycler too like Jamie mentioned and I didn't even know it. It's working for me. Are you exercising a lot? I found exercising increases my hunger but I say don't eat if you are not hungry... even if you have low calorie totals on some days... because you might have not so good days then everything balances out... so dont worry about it :)
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
Healthy Cookbooks..
[url= of Home Comfort Food Diet[/url]
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
Healthy Cookbooks..
I have a weight watchers cookbook. My grandmother gave it to me. Otherwise Taste of Home has a diet one and you can look for specialty ones in book stores and online for low carb, etc...
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
For peanut butter lovers....
Yes it's powdered and AWESOME!! There is a chocolate peanut butter flavored one too - nutella :)
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
Too much energy
Don't eat any fruit after 2pm!
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
Help! Need Motivation!!
I picture myself standing on a beach in a bikini after reaching my goal... To do so now would be frighting. I tell myself I am standing on that beach no matter what weight Im at... so to avoid embarrassment, I continue diet and exercising. Let me know what you find that works for you. I was there once years ago and I stopped everything and gained 40-lbs. I'm still working on getting it to go away. I look back and regret. I dont want any regrets.
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
Eating Under My RDI
Hi SuberWoman ~ I add Metamucil Clear and Natural to my shakes for added fiber :) Plus I can't consume a lot of calories to make it to 1000 a day without adding junk food to my diet. Sucks!
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
Body by Vi Challenge
Congratulations CarlyK82 :) I am on day 41 and lost 5 pounds in 5 weeks.
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
Hair loss and breakage
Eat more protein and take low iron supplements/prenatal vitamins
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
Too tired to cook + McDonald's = Savvy Calorie Intake!
[quote=elizabethkk715]You can also get a subway sandwich as a salad - which totally takes bread out of the equation altogether, if a person is trying to avoid it.[/quote] I just found this out today!! I am so excited!!
by KayseaLove (submitted a year ago)
Wii Games - Any suggestions?
My daughter and I play Just Dance & Just Dance 2 after work for like 2-3 hours sometimes. Its a fun way to burn calories at home, work up a sweat and not even notice we are working out because we are having too much fun. Looking at investing in the rest of the fitness Wii games like, Golds Gym, Zumba, The Michael Jackson one...
by KayseaLove (submitted 3 years ago)

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