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It's a Lifestyle
Yes!- make good memories happen. I'd call that good eating, it was social and fun. The 3.5 pounds will come back off, but the good times had will last forever. Glad you had a great time with your daughters.
by Katred12 (submitted 2 years ago)
today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday! here you go: [url= Yes, it is. It's the 3 Stooges and the Beatles.
by Katred12 (submitted 2 years ago)
I would be interested in what your doc says too. Seems contrary to goals to try to eat more than you want. Good luck.
by Katred12 (submitted 3 years ago)
Hungry on 1500 calories
As a side note- not eating carbs won't hurt you. My Mom has been doing Atkins for 37 years, and she lost a lot of weight. She can't eat most starches as they inflame her arthritis now, so she just doesn't. At 87 she is only on Plavix, which is a blood thinner, so I think she's doing pretty good. All her numbers are fine. She does take supplements, it's easy to tell if she doesn't, she gets muscle cramps and the like. Also, carbs make you hungry more often, in my experience. Atkins has a fat fast at 500 cals too, for those stuck. Might be worth checking. I am very aware of losing muscle instead of fat, I make sure to watch my Mom for that all the time, as her appetite is low and she doesn't eat much any more. I would not do the week Atkins proposes, you might mix it with the 5:2, and even up your calories a bit on the '5' days.
by Katred12 (submitted 4 years ago)
Taking Meds
I thought hypothyroidism was a cause of not being able to lose weight, or weight gain-my source is wikipedia and the women's health network under thyroid health- so that means you will have an easier time according to these articles-[url=http://www.women... health[/url] Perhaps it is the other meds, maybe your doc can give you an alternative.
by Katred12 (submitted 4 years ago)
Planning for Turkey Day...Am I to nuts?
I don't think it's nuts, I think you gotta do what you need to. I also think as much as I think in my very humble opinion life is too short so I'm going to eat all that good stuff, not over but enough to enjoy myself and everyone else. Then get back on track. I have to say I can't help but think about it anymore- what and how much I eat so planning might happen for me incidentally. I'd like to keep my averages for the month but I probably won't. I am sort of applying the Carson Chow philosophy(credit here to Draglist for article posting) of one day won't make that big a difference, as long as you compensate at some point and don't keep on eating, which I have been wont to do over the whole holiday season in the past. I like this new me and I want to keep her :). I feel so much better than I used to. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
by Katred12 (submitted 4 years ago)
Are you eating ENOUGH?
[quote=kingkeld] The point to exercise, if you ask me, is not so much to burn fat. That's a side advantage. The main point is to maintain the muscle mass that we have. If you lose your muscles, you lose your fat burning. [/quote] THANKS Keld! SO, so true! Excellent. A side note, I have upped my calorie intake, not on purpose mind you, still doing the 500 2x a week, and my weight is still going down. I love science!
by Katred12 (submitted 4 years ago)
Hungry on 1500 calories
[quote=reddarin] Low sodium is bad unless there is a very specific health/med reason for it. [/quote] Thanks, you! I cringe when I see advise not to eat sodium. Obviously not over do it, but not eating it IS bad. If you are holding water you might need taurine, as is stabilizes the water in the cells. "In cells, taurine keeps potassium and magnesium inside the cell, while keeping excessive sodium out. In this sense, it works like a diuretic." AND "There is also evidence that taurine is beneficial for adult human blood pressure and possibly, the alleviation of other cardiovascular ailments (in humans suffering essential hypertension, taurine supplementation resulted in measurable decreases in blood pressure). Taurine is regularly used as an ingredient in energy drinks, with many containing 1000 mg per serving,[14] and some as much as 2000 mg. A 2003 study by the European Food Safety Authority found no adverse effects for up to 1,000 mg of taurine per kilogram of body weight per day.(wikipedia)
by Katred12 (submitted 4 years ago)
Hungry on 1500 calories
Your vanity weight might not be ideal now, it may be 136, and 10 of that being muscle added on. Were you in good shape at that weight? You might consider a new definition of vanity, meaning be stronger, not weigh less. I weigh 10 pounds more than I did when I wore the size I do now, than when I wore it before. I am not focused on my weight so much as getting in shape. It's hard except the clothes tell the truth. That does mean I need to lose at minimum another 20 lbs, however that will be subjective when I get there as to how much more. And check out the 5:2 diet- you eat normally 5 days a week, meaning a maintenance amount and cut way back 2 days a week. I do 2 500 and try to do 5 1700-2000, although I've been going over lately. Weight is still trending downward. I low carb on the 500 cal days. My average is around 1450 last month. Your weight will fluctuate but ultimately go down. You can do 3:4 too if you are in a hurry. Google 5:2, Dr. Michael Mosley.
by Katred12 (submitted 4 years ago)
You lost what?!
I've lost a bag of cat food and the cat too :). bugzbetty chihuahuas? barking too, no less. I almost snorted in my coffee!
by Katred12 (submitted 4 years ago)
Lemon Juice in it really making a difference?
yes AnnThom- I have heard that a 1/4 tsp of baking powder in a glass of water will do the same thing. Makes you burp, too :oops: :shock: :d Also, if you are more alkaline you are supposed to be more immune to things like colds. And it won't hurt you.
by Katred12 (submitted 4 years ago)
Unsupportive Comments from Mother-in-law
My MIL is not amenable at ALL. I never know when she's going to take offense, no matter what my intention, and I never mean her harm or disrespect. When you have to say no you might try smiling and say I love you! which is what my son does, I know what he's doing but makes me smile and soften anyway. That kind of goes with what cerobit's story, which is fantastic, thank you for posting it. What I end up doing sometimes with my MIL is saying yes, then I don't eat it. It's a waste but better in the trash or garbage disposal than on my hinny and it saves a lot of trouble. Good luck.
by Katred12 (submitted 4 years ago)
mummydee I don't know if I can fan you but I did buddy request you. Good post.
by Katred12 (submitted 4 years ago)
My motivation comes from-a couple places. In a way this is my 'job', and I need to do it. If I'm healthier, stronger, not sick, I'm better for me, my family and the community. The second is independence. I don't want anyone to have to take care of me. I have people who would take care of me if need be, but I have to hold up my end, meaning I need to do everything in my power to be well. That means being in good shape, not sick (if I can help it). The vanity of looking better because I am thinner never made good motivation for me. I have to say it's been a long haul for me, I'm down 30 pounds from when I started, and it's about a pound a month. I don't really care it's not going faster, I'm learning how to eat right in a way I can maintain. I've been going to the gym off and on, I'm back there now. I hate to go in the summer. I am MUCH stronger, and my weight is going down, slowly, but that is much better than up slowly, which it did for years. So, if it takes another 30 months I'm down. It's harder when people in your house don't eat like you do, it feels almost like you are rejecting them when you don't share the food with them. That said, the same goes for them, they can help, at least by accepting when you don't eat what they do if you feel it's bad for you. If you don't eat the junk for a month you will most likely have stopped. Just do it for a day. Then another day. I know it sounds cliche, but it works.
by Katred12 (submitted 4 years ago)
Did you know that 'gullible' is also listed twice in the dictionary?
by Katred12 (submitted 4 years ago)
Bloaty Tummy
Hi- Xanthan gum is in most prepared salad dressings- especially low cal ones I'm finding. I've been off xanthan gum for the last week to see if that's what's bugging me. I will eat some tomorrow and see what burbles. I hope it's not the xanthan gum because I'm finding it in in everything. Have a look and see if this might describe your issue:
by Katred12 (submitted 4 years ago)
You lost what?!
Ut oh- I've lost a human head- 8 lbs!
by Katred12 (submitted 5 years ago)
Affording the food for a healthier
I used to live on a budget of 300.00 per month for the 4 of us, after we paid the mortgage and utilities and the like. Our clothes, food and gas had to come out of it. We did it, and saved enough for a 2 week vacation every year, although some of that was our income tax refund. A good book is The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn. You can probably get it at the library. The way we used to do it was, have a limit of how much you can spend on what. For example, we never paid more than 2.00 a pound for cheese, .10 an ounce for cereal. Also, our menu was dictated by what was on sale. You just figure the least you can pay for stuff and stick to it. Limit for breakfast was .35 each, and that included milk. Dinners had to cost no more than 2.00 for the four of us, sans drinks and condiments. A pound pasta could not cost more than .30, quite doable then, now probably a 1.00. So you can do perhaps 3.00- 3.50 a dinner. We bought ground turkey chubbs( it was .69 a lb then, it's about 2-2.50 now) and made most everything with it, (tacos, chili, casseroles, burgers)and chicken leg quarters in the big bags. We did use coupons but only on those things we would buy anyway, like cereal( never sugared!) or oatmeal. Sometimes the store would have buy one get one free, we would have a coupon and get boxes of it for 1.00 each, because they doubled the coupon. Buy cottage cheese/yogurt in the mark down when you see it. Store it upside down in the fridge, it lasts nearly forever. Why I don't know but it does. You can use it to make a lasagne in place of ricotta for example. Make your own noodles, you just have to roll it out, nothing fancy. Make sauce(or buy it on sale). A whole (giant)pan can cost as little as 3.00, and last 2 meals. Make a couple and freeze it. You can stick veggies in it if you like. A serving will be about 400 cals., not bad for a dinner on say a 1700 cal diet. you can throw in a salad and skip the bread. Now we buy 6 lb bags of boneless skinless Chicken thighs and pork sirloins at Costco, and milk/cheese/eggs there too. Fresh veggies are expensive, unless you can buy them on sale, frozen are your best bet. Roast them in the oven with good fat, and garlic salt, I like a [i]little [/i]sprinkle of chili flakes on broccoli and green beans. Learn how to season, it makes a big difference. Another frugal lesson that works out calorie wise is measure everything. Weigh your portions. You know you don't need more than 4 oz of meat for a meal,(my hubby gets 6, he's a big guy) and perhaps 3 oz for some things. 4 oz of veggies. Try really hard skip seconds. It's surprising what an hour will do. Measure your oils and butter, they will go farther. A half tsp too much will be a tablespoon with just 6 uses. It adds up. Use a scraper spatula too, to get the last little bit out of the bowl/jar. It can be as much as a half a muffin, another serving. Grill, every loves it and it's low cal. Make some rubs, cheap and tasty. I hope this gives some you ideas, good luck.
by Katred12 (submitted 5 years ago)
5:2 Fast Diet
I am quite happy with my fast day menu. You are welcome to have a look. Today is one for me. Good luck :). Kingkeld, thanks for posting, I found it through you. Much, much appreciated. I have to say, I too wish I had known how to eat/diet this way from the start.
by Katred12 (submitted 5 years ago)
New scale
Another reason for water weight is low taurine. You can get it in energy drinks, or i just take capsules. Taurine helps regulate the cell sodium content so it doesn't make you hold water. How do you know if it's accurate? I've never seen a scale like this.
by Katred12 (submitted 5 years ago)
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