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Eliminating Sugar - Where do you draw the line?
Hooray for you, Jeri and Christine! It is all about healthier choices and learning what works best for our bodies along the healthy spectrum of food. We all want to be able to enjoy food without restrictions and a healthy, natural or whole foods diet has proven the most advantageous in terms of taste, weight-loss, and health benefits. Combined with intense exercise 4-5 days a week, we should find success without fail. The beauty of natural fruits and veggies is that you can eat far more in volume than you could processed foods because the fiber in fruit passes much of the fruit through quickly and slows the absorption of carbs. It takes far less fruit and veggies to fill you up than it would take processed foods, and that translates to far fewer calories.
by JulofDenial (submitted 3 years ago)
Eliminating Sugar - Where do you draw the line?
It's a lie and a myth that people get fat from eating carbs. The carbs / sugar / fat / protein from PROCESSED foods is why people gain enormous amounts of weight. I've been gorging on fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds since November 2013, not even a year yet, and I now weigh 97.0 lbs. All of my adult life, whenever I wanted to lose weight, I went back to the basis.... fruits and vegetables. I even used to call myself a fruitarian before the term ever became popular. Fruits and veggies to me back then were "diet food", and as soon as I went back to processed foods, I was back to where I started. Fructose DOES NOT lead to weight gain folks. Keep the lies, stay fat. Embrace and live the truth to set yourself free. [quote=jwsplatjw]Try and consider the evolutionary reason why sugar is so good. It makes us fat, it allows us to survive when there is no food. If we look back in time to when we only got sugar from fruits and they only came one time a year. We would eat as much as we could to store as many of the calories as possible to survive when other food sources became unavailable. But now everything is available all of the time. The discovery of sugarcane was huge to our global existence. It caused major social changes and major economic changes. It was fashionable in the 17th century to have black sugar rotted teeth because it showed you could afford the luxury. Sugar and carbohydrates are not required for life. Our livers convert about 50% of all protein we eat into glucose. So the truth is even eating fruits will result in fat gain. That said, you need to find a balance. I find I can cut sugar out entirely for five or six days before I am overwhelmed by the cravings. But then it doesn't take much to slake that hunger for something sweet, a little milk or a teaspoon full of maple syrup will kill the craving and as long as I follow that with a proper meal the wheels don't come off and my genetic programming to eat all of the sugar I can doesn't kick in.[/quote]
by JulofDenial (submitted 3 years ago)
Eliminating Sugar - Where do you draw the line?
Fructose (fruit sugar) is very different from sucrose (table sugar). The former is very healthy; the latter damaging to the body in large quantities (soda, candy, cereal, etc.) Fruit is the perfect sugar fix. It causes no addiction and no cellular damage. If you've got a big sweet tooth, definitely try out fresh Medjool dates, sun-dried figs, and dried currants. Once you try them, you will wonder where the heck had they been all your natural lives. Then imagine making a smoothie blending the dates with bananas, plus a little bit of coconut sugar and a drop of vanilla. That's crack-dessert right there.
by JulofDenial (submitted 3 years ago)
Diet Pop...Your Opinion, Please!!!
Finally, somebody mentioned alcohol, lol!!! I'm wondering if anybody could recommend a low calorie drink that complements whiskey. I can't stomach whiskey straight. I prefer it diluted with a low-calorie drink. I've always had whiskey with diet Pepsi and it's a delicious combo to me. Any ideas you've actually tried would be appreciated!
by JulofDenial (submitted 4 years ago)
Exercising Online
I'll vouch for YouTube, Netflix and your local library (though the selection might be limited). Leslie Sansone videos are a great place to start. I'll vouch for that too! Once you learn the basic moves, you can turn down the volume and play music of your own choosing. I actually get a better workout with those tapes. I up the ante by working my upper body with 5 lb. weights in each hand while I work out.
by JulofDenial (submitted 5 years ago)
Does calorie count work?
I count calories. Everything I eat gets logged at FS. When you know your RDI, you can subtract 500 calories from it, which should equal one pound of weight loss per week. If you add exercise, you increase the amount of weight you could lose. It's that simple and based on that plan (keeping track of caloric intake plus regular exercise), you will lose weight. If you don't or can't, maybe you should see a doctor to rule out medical issues like hypothyroidism, diabetes or metabolic syndrome. My best wishes to you.
by JulofDenial (submitted 6 years ago)
Frustrated, but never hungry
I also tried Atkins but I felt weak and tired and hated all the can't-haves. I'd always used the calorie counting "method" and limited my intake. I lost weight successfully, and then some. I also gave up processed foods and THAT I think is key to keeping the weight off. I went through a pig-out stage for several months and didn't exercise and I only gained back half the weight. It's like my body had been rewired to a lower weight. Since I've been calorie counting again, I eat mainly proteins and low-carbs as I learned that important habit from Atkins, and it keeps my carb cravings at bay. I can't do dieting without counting calories. Even when I'm on a fruit/veggie/lean meat kick and not counting calories, I won't gain weight no matter how much I eat, but I don't lose weight either. I need to feel in control of how much is going in. That way there's always room for a Snickers bar or small bag of chips if I ever miss those indulgences. I'm glad I don't for now!
by JulofDenial (submitted 6 years ago)
Really proud of myself again today !!
That's wonderful, Kimzie77! It's always an ego boost when we resist temptation. I for one have yet to figure out how to say no thanks to my boyfriend's mom's Sunday deserts! Every Sunday, I end up giving in, eating two to three servings and feeling guilty later. I call her a saboteur. She and her husband are fantastic cooks! But they're merciless. Thank goodness my boyfriend canceled dinner tonight! Keep your nose pinched and your eyes closed when you come in contact with tempting food! Or do a time-out...go outside and do something distracting for fifteen minutes. Seperate yourself for a period of time and see if that helps. That's what I plan to start doing. It actually worked the time I did it. After that, it was, "I'll take a piece home, thanks." Best wishes to you!
by JulofDenial (submitted 6 years ago)
My new favorite low-calorie dessert-- roasted peaches
That sounds so very yummy, Hoser! As good as baked apples!
by JulofDenial (submitted 6 years ago)
last straw?
My last straws were 1) feeling terribly afraid because I had put on too much belly/body fat to feel confident in attracting my bf's attention, especially when we were out and about and thin hot chicks scantilly clad were everywhere, it seemed. I was thin and fit last year and so happy that I'd achieved my goals. Then financial stress kicked in and I went straight to the refrigerator. Then leptin kicked in and I couldn't stop eating. lol The second straw is related to the first. When I lost all the weight I had last year, I told myself that I am NOT buying or keeping any clothes for my former self. I pitched them out to discourage any weight gain. Well, when I ended up gaining weight (not all of it back, thank God!), I had only three big shirts left to hide in while I was uncomfortable with my body. Needless to say, they don't look or feel sexy, just big. So I'm out and about with my boyfriend and I'm seeing all these thin women and I'm feeling very unattractive and unfeminine in my big shirt. Then I noticed that even though my bf is happy with the way I look, I started feeling jealous everytime a hot chick was nearby, thinking, "he really wants to be with her, not me." I lean towards the paranoid to begin with and those thoughts were eating me alive. I couldn't take it anymore. I'd been eating pretty healthy for a few months already, hoping to lose weight on fruit, veggies and meat/fish, but my weight wasn't going down, just stabilizing. I decided that the only way for me to lose weight is to start counting calories again. I bought yogurt, Atkins bars, and meats that have calories listed. I started working out again and have a long ways to go as far as regaining muscle, tone, and strength. But I'm very happy that I did. I feel my confidence coming back already. The only thing I hate is the droopy boob syndrome from losing weight. I would love to get in touch with a cosmetic surgeon in training and volunteer for boob reduction. I'd love to be an A-cup. Anyway, enough about me. I'd love to hear from you and others how you're progressing! It's thinspiring!
by JulofDenial (submitted 6 years ago)

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