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Oreos are as addictive as cocaine.... Discuss!
by JenKatja (submitted 3 years ago)
Fitbit has an open API
Total would like fitbit sync with fatsecret
by JenKatja (submitted 3 years ago)
Eating after work....
around 4, but as late as the drive home I eat a protein bar..with chocolate in it. It feels like an award, because of the chocolate, and it fills me up so I don't have to munch while cooking dinner. They call it the bewitching hour...not just for kids! I have heard that drinking water to fill you up works, but it isn't just the hunger at that is emotional eating as well for me.
by JenKatja (submitted 4 years ago)
Add Calories alone
you could add fake food to your "do not share list"(Add new food, not from manufacturer or restaurant, then only you see it)..Like food labelled 100 calories = 100 calories and 0 of all the other stuff..then you could add it to your food log. You could have 500, 100, 50, 25, 10 and 1 calorie foods, and just add them modularly as needed.
by JenKatja (submitted 4 years ago)
What are your biggest secrets/tips?
When I started in August, I didn't have much trouble with the lower calories, I was ok...but recently (with the lower weight and the lower RDI), I have found the starvation wall is a monster! I must keep healthy snacks around for those times right after excercise and around 4PM everyday, otherwise I will end up binging on whatever I can find an hour despiration!
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
Food Haiku
oh rainy day outside makes me want to sleep at home and eat birthday cake
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
How does it get to this? 600lb needs to be cut out of house by fire department
for regular fat people like me...those who can blessfully still walk to the fridge and drive the the store, yes, it is all about what we want and how we control ourselves. But those who are so debilitated by fat that they must rely on someone else for access to food, I think their caregivers are also to blame.
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
How does it get to this? 600lb needs to be cut out of house by fire department
sjcoray - but if you continued to let her have 2 drinks every day, and then you started to see some mental deficit or the doc saw some liver damage because of it, would it be responcible to continue to allow it? If the caregiver of the fat man saw that giving him dessert was adding to his weight and inability to move, shouldn't they stop doing it?
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
How does it get to this? 600lb needs to be cut out of house by fire department
I think the thing that confuses me most is that this guy obviously could not take care of himself, so someone was bringing several thousand calories to him everyday. Why couldn't they just, this is what a normal person eats, so this is what you should eat and I am not bringing you more than that. I don't know what his diet was like, but one less plate could have been helpful.
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
Do you really want to lose weight? My RANT.
amen diddoh
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
Giving into sweets?
You need to find what works for you. If this is sustainable, and the lbs come off, then it is the right choice for you!
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
working out
but there is a minimum net cals that you need to maintain in order not to go into starvation mode and plateau. I agree with Ncnole....I keep a net cal deficit between 1000 and 1500 (as seen on FS) to keep the lbs burning off. Experimentally for me, if I go lower, I don't see any progress, and if I go higher then I am just a grumpy hungry fat gal!
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
20 lbs. lighter
Reese's are definitely the devil's work...I can not resist!
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
Indulgence Day Diet users - I need your input.
I don't do indulgence days every week, but especially when the scale is not kind, I have a day or two of +500 cal of my RDI which is about 1300 to 1500 below my calorie usage as calculated by FS. This means I have a 800-1000 cal deficit on those days. It has worked to kind of reset the metabolism...or something, and if I go back to my original cal deficit during the next week, then I will see some significant loss...usually. I never prevent myself from having anything I want (even now during my cabbage craze...can't explain it, I never was fond of it in the first place), or even cake if I have made room for it. But having those indulgence days does help with the kind of panic that this is forever....I can live with forever if there is sometimes cake!
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
"Lost weight lifting"
when I make a major goal weight...25 or 50 lbs, my trainer makes me carry the weight for the rest of the training session. 50lbs was pretty heavy!
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
Eating Healthy
I thought Basmati rice had a high GI. I spoke to an indian who said that they can't eat it everyday because it will make you very fat and unhealthy
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
List your benefits of weight lost
Running to catch the bus and making it!
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
Predictable weight loss
Agreed, I think if I complicate it too much, the plan become impossible for me to plan for (I don't always get to plan a whole day in advance, many times it requires knowing where I am at for the day, and how many cals I have left on the fly), but knowing that, I make better decisions. Also knowing that, I have room for the things that I want as well, which also helps.
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
The dark chocolate diet? Will it work?
Blue Diamond makes salt and vinegar almonds....yummy, but not as bad as the chips for you (high in sodium though)
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
The dark chocolate diet? Will it work?
Crab legs are not that bad for you...just have to watch that butter. If the fam insists on a red lobster night, crab legs are my go to dinner....full of protein!
by JenKatja (submitted 5 years ago)
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