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measurement of a glass of water
And really, we're not all advised to do that-- it's a common myth though. Drink when you're thirsty.
by Hoser (submitted 3 days ago)
1600 calorie diet
Food should not be bland! There are so many wonderful herbs and spices, vinegars, peppers, and other flavorings that bland food should not exist... unless you like it. Richly flavored does not need to mean high in calories. I question any nutritionist who put you on raspberry ketones or any other snake oil.
by Hoser (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Calculating Stock
Stock has so few calories that I would just treat it like water.
by Hoser (submitted 2 weeks ago)
What is a good inexpensive pedometer?
I'm a huge FitBit fan. They aren't insanely cheap, but it's cheaper to buy one that you will not lose rather than several that you will. The bracelet version might work well for you.
by Hoser (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Eggs anyone?
I love eggs, but factory egg farming is an abomination and I try to avoid supporting it as much as possible. When I buy eggs they come from hens that are raised in pastures rather than in cramped cages. Do a Google image search for "factory egg farm" and you'll be horrified.
by Hoser (submitted 4 weeks ago)
Second month, only 1 lb lost
Subway is actually not too bad if you choose wisely. For me it's usually a 6" chicken teriyaki on wheat or N-grain or whatever bread seems healthiest, with onlon, lettuce, tomato, and sweet onion teriyaki sauce. The nice thing about Subway is that you can pretty much look at the food and figure out what plant or animal it came from-- chopped fresh vegetables are just that whether they come from a fast food restaurant or your own garden. OK, the latter is probably more nutritious, but you're still not getting bizarre factory food for the most part. At Arby's you can get a mid-sized roast beef sandwich and a side salad for around 550 calories. I'm on the road right now too. Tonight's dinner was at Del Taco in, I dunno, bum**** nowhere California somewhere along I-5. I had two tacos del carbon at 150 calories each, and since I was in the mood to splurge I also had a mini bacon quesadilla for another 150 calories or so. I generally dislike fast food, but in this case I spent 450 calories and the food was not nearly as bad as I expected. You can probably stop at a supermarket and pick up fresh fruit, pre-chopped vegetables, etc. If you have a small cooler in your truck then you could keep these fresh for a few days. A baby-cut carrot has around four calories-- you can stuff yourself silly on them and still be way on the good side nutrition. Bananas, apples, berries, and other fruits are also fabulous healthy snacks. Dieting isn't just about restricting calories-- it's about finding healthier eating habits. This isn't easy to do, and don't be surprised that your first attempt didn't hit the mark. Read the advice, think about it, and then think about ways of adapting the recommendations to your specific circumstances.
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
Second month, only 1 lb lost
I'm going to be frank: your diet calendar sort of scares me. Lots of calories! Lots of really horrible food with little nutritional value. You may want to rethink not just your calorie intake but also what sorts of foods you eat. Calories are important, but you also need nutrition. Make sure you have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, and french fries don't count. Cut out the fast food and processed food, and see how things work for you then.
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
How can I get the person that buys the food, to buy the right food.
Do you have any grocery delivery services available to you? Around the San Francisco bay area I can get deliveries from Safeway, Nob Hill Foods, and Amazon Fresh... and probably other things. If this is available to you then you can shop online and pick out what you want, and the groceries will be delivered to you. You might also look into CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes. These are typically farms or collectives of farms that deliver boxes of organic produce to your door on a weekly basis. Again, I'm spoiled by the richness and variety of my local agriculture options, but many places have similar programs available.
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
Try this its working for me
Losing one pound per day on a consistent basis would mean that you have a calorie deficit of around 3500 calories per day. Since that's almost certainly higher than your non-restrictive RDI, you'd have to be eating negative amounts of calories. It seems implausible that you could do this on a sustained level.
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
Salad dressing
If you go to the food entry for [url= oil[/url], one teaspoon is one of the measurements that you can select. There are two good things that you should know to help you with this one: - One tablespoon of pretty much any kind of oil is 120 calories. - There are three teaspoons in one tablespoon. You might see slight variations in 120 calories, but they're just noise. Peanut oil is listed as 119 calories, for example, and coconut oil at 117 calories. Pure fats will always be about 120 calories per tablespoon.
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
Option to add calories instead of a specific food?
Not directly, no. You could add a custom food for yourself and do that, but you'll still need to make up some other nutrition info for it.
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
FS data base
You only have to do it once, and it only takes a minute. After that the food should be available to you. You should also be able to edit and correct the existing entry.
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
Is Obesity a Disease? NPR
An "executive pen" won't work-- it will take an act of congress. Unfortunately, big agri-business has enough money to keep congress from making meaningful reforms to our agriculture system. Corifeo, the problem is not that HFCS makes you fat faster than say cane or beet sugar. The problem is that it's cheaper than cane or beet sugar, and so manufacturers add it to everything. If we weren't subsidizing that particular sugar supply then adding extra sugar to foods that don't need it wouldn't be nearly so cost effective for manufacturers. Try this: wander through the supermarket one day just to read food labels. You'll be shocked by how many of the products have HFCS in them.
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
Is Obesity a Disease? NPR
[quote]But the alternative is to do what? Have the government regulate what kind of food gets produced and stocked in stores?[/quote] The government shouldn't regulate what gets produced and stocked in stores. However, it also should not be in the business of subsidizing unhealthy food products. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening right now. If we revamped the farm bill so that we subsidized carrots, apples, and spinach rather than corn, wheat, and soy then unhealthy empty calories in food products would not be artificially cheaper than real nutritious food.
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
Is Obesity a Disease? NPR
I'm not buying obesity as a disease. Rather, it's a symptom of our society having switched from eating food to eating food products. The corporations that produce food products have a problem in that they would like to continue growing their businesses. (I'm going to pretend for a moment that I'm only talking about US corporations, and that they only sell their products within the USA.) There are only so many American consumers that they can sell their products to, so how do the corporations grow their businesses? They convince their existing customers to consume more calories per day. Convincing customers to consume an extra 10% per day is exactly the same as them getting 10% more customers. This problem is compounded by the farm bill, so that we actually subsidize the production of empty calories like high-fructose corn syrup. Because of that,food product manufacturers throw it in all sorts of food products.
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
does it matter if i do not eat all calories awarded to me?
Diablo, there's a difference between a calorie surplus and a calorie deficit. As we evolved, calorie surpluses were probably quite rare, but calorie shortages may have been much more common-- food isn't always plentiful, and our ancestors couldn't just drive their Flintstones car over to the local Safeway for food. It seems quite plausible to me that the body could have learned to adapt to such shortages by using less energy for non-critical functions and storing as many calories as possible. I've read a lot of the arguments for and against starvation mode. My intuition tells me that starvation mode is probably real, but that dieters are not likely to encounter it over a few days or a few weeks of moderate undereating. If your RDI is 1800 calories and you eat 1500 calories/day for a few weeks then it seems unlikely that you will send yourself into starvation mode. If you start eating 300 calories per day then yeah, you might be causing problems for yourself.
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
I don't do Atkins and I'm only sort of familiar with it, which is why I did a lot of hand-waving with "or whatever works." Google is your friend though. Here's [url=http://www.ibreatheimhung... recipe for low-carb hummus[/url].
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
Can you make frittatas ahead of time? They might not be good for the whole trip but you should be able to store them in a cooler for a couple of days. Pack a cutting board and knife. Stop at supermarkets along the way to pick up lots of fresh vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, celery... whatever you can eat on Atkins) and serve them with hummus or whatever dips are acceptable.
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
Tasty frozen dessert bites
I'm fairly convinced that the primary cause of the American obesity epidemic is that we've all been taught that food comes in boxes and bags and paper wrappers. We've become completely disconnected from the production and preparation of the things that we eat. Real food grows in the ground or on trees, walks in pastures, or swims in oceans and lakes and rivers. It doesn't get churned out of factories. It's sad that so few people cook these days. I think we need to reverse that trend. (And yes, I understand the irony of my recommending Nutella and then ranting about "real food". I'm not of the mind that we should never eat food products, just that they shouldn't be our primary source of nutrition.)
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
Tasty frozen dessert bites
When I entered the recipe, I didn't measure out a tablespoon of Nutella ahead of time. Instead I put the jar on a scale that measured grams and noted the starting weight. I put a small dab of Nutella in each banana sandwich, just enough to make a thin layer across the whole thing. At the end, I weighed the Nutella jar again to see how much I had used and it came out to almost exactly one tablespoon.
by Hoser (submitted a month ago)
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