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weight loss surgery
Good morning. You have tons of great info here. And I prob won't say anything new. My Dr's tried to push me into having the surgery, thinking there was no way i could lose weight naturally. My Dr's thought I was headed down a bad road with extremely high BP and depression and many other medical issues. I weighed 375 at my highest weight. I also have been on basically every diet out there. I had weight issues my whole life. Most of them were due to mental issues and things that happened in the past. I never fully committed to changing my lifestyle. a 'diet' doesn't work. At least for me. I have lost 142 lbs to date. Without surgery. I have about 50ish more lbs to lose to be at my goal. has it been easy? Hell no. But it's been worth it. Now I'm not saying surgery is a bad thing, if that's what you truly want...then go for it. I'm just wanting you to know that someone with a whole lot of weight can lose it the natural way. I weighed more then you when i first started my journey...and it was so daunting thinking I could do this. But i did, and I am. Changing the way you think is the biggest thing. and also the hardest. I just want you to know that it CAN be done. Really use this time to work on YOU and really figure out what it is that you want. Believe in yourself hun. YOU are the only YOU you get. =)
by HerStrawberri (submitted 5 years ago)
Extreme Obesity cases
This made me so sad. =(
by HerStrawberri (submitted 6 years ago)
Don't be a stranger!
I respectfully disagree. Some people keep their journals private due to not wanting certian people reading them. I had mine private because my sister used to come on here and I wasn't comfortable with her reading some very personal issues I was/am having. I also know of another member who has her journal private because of someone who was reading it and using it against her in real life. We can't lump everyone into 'one' catagory. People do things for many reasons and for us to judge them simply because they don't want to share their info with everyone is wrong. This is suppose to be a HELPFULL and SUPPORTIVE site. When we start casting stones amoung us, how will people feel comfortable? Some people I'm sure keep their stuff private due to the fact they might be ashamed of their food or whatever and if that is the case.....they only have to answer to themselves when they look into the mirror. Who are we to judge? I mean SERIOUSLY!! Who is ANYONE to judge??? We ALL struggle, not one single person here is prefect, no matter how much weight we have lost. I learn and grow everyday. But, if i don't want to share my journal or my food journal....frankly....I don't freaking have too NOR should I have to justify WHY.
by HerStrawberri (submitted 6 years ago)
HCG Weight Loss Products Are Fraudulent Says FDA
Scary stuff.
by HerStrawberri (submitted 6 years ago)
Ok, so I eat LESS then 50 total carbs a day...usually below 30 and my brain is just fine. In fact, I have lowered my BP to where I NO LONGER HAVE HIGH BP, my migraines have gone down and I have WAY more energy. Now, I'm not a DR and will never claim to be some 'nutrition expert'. I just know how I feel and how my body feels.
by HerStrawberri (submitted 6 years ago)
The world has gone mad! Woman TRYING to be the world's fattest!!
This article made me sad. I can't believe the people around her are allowing her to do it's something GOOD. After reading her daily food list, my stomach hurt. i can not even IMAGINE putting all of that food in me. It makes me sick thinking that someone would actually WANT to weigh 1600 lbs. I don't understand how someone's body would still be functioning properly even weighing half of that. She should NOT get exposure over this. I bet she will have her own reality show soon. =(
by HerStrawberri (submitted 6 years ago)
Ground Turkey VS Ground Beef
I have tried ground turkey MANY times and many different ways. I just don't like it. I'm a ground beef girl. If you buy the lean stuff it's not bad. To me, the ground turkey has a weird taste. Maybe I'm just expecting it to taste like hamberger...I don't know. It's just icky to me.
by HerStrawberri (submitted 6 years ago)
Too Big
Hey there! I started out at 375. It CAN be done. Just try to be more active each day. That's what I did when I first started out. Logging your food and being honest about it is VERY important. Even if you eat something you think is 'bad' log it. dance around your kitchen, march around your house, go for small walks up and down your drive way. Anything helps. =) You CAN do this hun!
by HerStrawberri (submitted 6 years ago)
What are some of your embarassing/emotional/eye opening reasons for loosing weight?
I want to look in the mirror and not cry. I want to be able to ride a rollercoaster. I want to wear a sexy dress with hot shoes. Honestly, I just want to FEEL pretty.
by HerStrawberri (submitted 6 years ago)
Sugar in your diet.....
I totally pay attention to it. It's bad stuff. At least for me. I have also read some new info linking sugar with HBP. Interesting stuff.
by HerStrawberri (submitted 7 years ago)
Know your privacy!!!
I did the same thing and saw all my stuff. YUck. Thank you for posting that. We all need to be aware that our info is out there for anyone to see.
by HerStrawberri (submitted 7 years ago)
Looking for buddies for encouragement
Hey there! I sent you a buddy request and I would love to help with the encouragement. I have found lots of great people on here and would love to encourage on your journey. I'm right there with ya sista!
by HerStrawberri (submitted 7 years ago)
About change
I LOVE that quote! I'm going to borrow it, if that's ok. I think I even want to share that with my fb friends. The day I decided to change was more like a few days. I went on a road trip with my partner to see my sick dad who lives in AZ. (We live in Milwaukee) The whole drive there I thought alot about my health and my depression and how I have let it completely take me over. It was like a 'parasite'...sucking the life out of me. When we GOT to AZ and it was warm and I had to wear less clothes...I REALLY had to look at myself honestly in the mirror. ( I usually DON'T ) and I hated what i saw. It was like I was looking at someone I didn't know. I cried. That day I made a vow that I had to do something or i was going to turn into this different person for good. So when we got back it took a few tries but it finally stuck. I still have dark days but each day things are a little easier. I smile more. I want to go out and do things. And now I'm ready to start exercising. I've also developed this 'take no crap' attitude with people that used to walk all over me. ( my fam) and THAT in itself feels incredible. I'm so happy you found your turning point and you are doing so incredibly well. You are an inspiration!
by HerStrawberri (submitted 7 years ago)
A low carb awakening!
Thank you for posting this! I just watched the movie and am SO glad i did! It makes total sense. I'm doing low carb and watching this totally validated it for me. So many people say low carb is bad....they really need to watch this! thank you again!
by HerStrawberri (submitted 7 years ago)
I'm in the same exact boat you are in! I'm also new to the site and have NO idea how to 'get buddies'. i will send you a friend request if that's ok. It's great people can find each other for support on sites such as this. Losing weight is hard enough. have a great day!
by HerStrawberri (submitted 7 years ago)

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