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SABOTAGE! Is any one else running Into this?
Sometimes I think the husband (or wife or partner) may be worried you will lose the weight and be attractive to other people and they will lose you to someone else. Or, perhaps they just are clueless and doubt you "mean" it when you say you are changing your eating plan. My husband eats things I chose not to eat and has the good sense to "hide" his treats so i don"t even have to see them!
by HCB (submitted 4 days ago)
Silence is deafining
MICHAEL - it works best if you post under "Journal" entries instead of under topics. Journal entries can be seen by more people.
by HCB (submitted 4 days ago)
New Friends Thread
Greetings Abe. The best way to get everyone on board to see your posts is to make "journal" entries instead of forum posts. journals entries can be adjusted for everyone to see - and then you will pick up :Buddies: HCB
by HCB (submitted 2 weeks ago)
not shedding the weight- three weeks on ketogenic diet
It is possible you are not eating enough calories - that will automatically impact your metabolism. And be sure to keep the protein under 30% of your total with the fat in 60% range - hope that helps!
by HCB (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Sick cat and Halloween remorse
Aww - good luck with the kitty!
by HCB (submitted 4 months ago)
Everything sort has to add up to 24 hours - so you can increase in another area to reduce the resting.
by HCB (submitted 6 months ago)
Hello, Not exactly new
Aww - I am sorry people on MFP were not nice. People here are not judgmental...I love Classic Coke and have it ONCE in a blue moon as a treat so I know what you are up against. One can per day is great..eventually it will be gone...if that rs your goal. Otherwise, portion control is good, too.
by HCB (submitted 6 months ago)
Need HELP with ratio of carbs, fats, protein
I shoot for 40-50% protein (150grams for my weight), less than 30% carbs (does not always work when trying to get 30-40 grams of fiber daily) and the balance in healthy fats of nuts, olive oil, avocado, etc.
by HCB (submitted 9 months ago)
Why would you eat nuts?
Raw almonds are a staple for me - they have fiber, protein and healthy fat! Just a few ( like 10 or 12 almonds )can take away hunger immediately!
by HCB (submitted 9 months ago)
Garcinia Cambogia
I tried it and thought it did zero for me! I also researched and beleived I was buying the best one that had no additives; the right amount of the active ingredient, etc. The supplement that has seems to be helpful for creating muscle (WITH EXERCISE and proper food) is CLAs. You can but capsules at Trader Joe's, GNC, etc.
by HCB (submitted 9 months ago)
Under RDI yet gaining weight (and frustration!)
It is so difficult to estimate RDI, isn't it? I am learning that I need to eat more of the correct foods - not just calories. Try adding 200 more calories per day of lean proteins like ground turkey breast burger, whey protein shake or hard boiled eggs, etc. Our bodies will adjust to what we give it and if we eat too little, it will just hold on to the fat to "survive." I also am struggling with raising RDI but have increased it all with protein and seem to be losing inches and gaining muscle.
by HCB (submitted 9 months ago)
Nighttime eating
Peanut butter is mostly fat and high fructose sugars - so hard to resist! I switched to almond butter and it is OK. I tend to not overeat it and it has healthy benefits without the additives. Or maybe find peanut butter that is ONLY peanuts and a little salt.
by HCB (submitted a year ago)
Experience with planet fitness?
I am not a member at Planet Fitness - but I have gone there several times as a "drop-in" member. It is clean, has many options for cardio and weights, and has a no pressure environment. It is least expensive compared to most places, but you have to be very self-motivated.
by HCB (submitted a year ago)
Experience with planet fitness?
I am not a member at Planet Fitness - but I have gone there several times as a "drop-in" member. It is clean, has many options for cardio and weights, and has a no pressure environment. It is least expensive compared to most places, but you have to be very self-motivated.
by HCB (submitted a year ago)
Labs totally out of whack depends on what kind of carbs you choose to eat. Oatmeal is good, fruits and veggies are good.
by HCB (submitted a year ago)
Garcina Cambogia...
Tried it for two weeks but it didn't seem to do anything for me.
by HCB (submitted a year ago)
What a week of groceries look like.
WOW - this is truly enlightening! Fortunately, my personal weeks worth of groceries would look pretty good/healthy these days...but the typical American diet is frightening.
by HCB (submitted a year ago)
i am new, and daily calorie usage for a sedentary female of my age is way too high!
Yes, you are correct that FS seems to over estimate calories burned. We all tend to ignore it - FS may also tell you to eat more calories than you know will work for you. Just tweak it all to suit your personal need.
by HCB (submitted a year ago)
I suspect you are making posts under topics and forums - which are not sent to the community at large - try using the "journal" feature instead! Your journals will show up and more people will see it! Welcome to FS.
by HCB (submitted 2 years ago)
I do not think we eliminate carbs - we choose the quality of carbs we ingest; fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. Please read the book WHEAT BELLY (Google on and you will have a new perspective. It is the REFINED carbs in most breads, cookies, crackers, baked goods that will cause SOME people to struggle with weight loss.
by HCB (submitted 2 years ago)
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