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A bit frustrated
LowCarb Femme is exactly right about her history. I agree with Ibiza122 as well - many factors play into each person's metabolism. There are special foods for reducing inflammation in the body, or folks with irritable bowel syndrome - or diabetes. Carbs are related to insulin spikes that upset many people's systems. Also, Northern Musician is right about age, metabolic changes etc. The law of thermodynamics applies to "normal" situations - most people come here because weight loss is not easy and have unique circumstances. Our friend above suffers from narcissistic personality disorder because he often displays a snobbish, disdainful, or patronizing attitudes. And, I can say this becuase I am PhD Psychologist by profession!
by HCB (submitted 7 hours ago)
A bit frustrated
"I'm sorry that you believe in his theories. Oh well, make it all harder than it needs to be and keep believing you're a special kind of human. Sad" written by Diablo360x WTF? "Keep believing I am special kuid of human"? What the hell does that mean? Keep your insults to yourself, please. I have a right to believe in what works for me. YOU do not know it all about everything there is concerning weight loss. Honestly, I am SICK to death of people thinking they are RIGHT and others are wrong. That is NOT what this community is about. So BACK OFF!
by HCB (submitted about a day ago)
Before and After, anyone?
Fantastic progress! Good for you!
by HCB (submitted about a day ago)
A bit frustrated
I agree with jmb3450! I know the bodybuilders like to talk about calories in vs. calories out - but we are all different with our responses to sugar/insulin. Metabolisms differ, too. I do poorly with starch, breads, white refined flours, etc. Diablo360x - try reading Gary Taubes book - "Good Calories, Bad Calories" - it is quite informative.
by HCB (submitted 3 days ago)
Before and After, anyone?
Great work!
by HCB (submitted a week ago)
Quinoa is All the Rage...Why?
Quinoa is a wonderful grain - once you get it from the package, soak it in cold water about 15 minutes and drain until the water runs clear. Then, follow package directions until it is soft and all water is absorbed. Use it all kinds of dishes.
by HCB (submitted 2 months ago)
FS Guide
Greetings - FS traditionally over estimates recommended daily calories. The average woman will lose weight eating 1200-1300 calories each day. Many of us do low carbs which means low sugar, no white refined flour items, no rice, or potatoes to avoid the starch that equates to sugar. Good Luck!
by HCB (submitted 2 months ago)
Throwback Thursday!
Bwhahahahaha - I assume you have underwear at least?
by HCB (submitted 3 months ago)
I understand the health benefit of including whole grains for a LONG-TERM approach - but most of us here are in the losing weight mode and low carb is helpful until a person gets to maintenance. Paleo/Primal diets suggest no grains and no dairy. Since I started that WOE, my body is efficiently burning fat and I no longer have achy inflamed joints. Is it forever? I don't know but I think of food as medicine so I continue to do what gives me the most energy and causes me to feel lean and well.
by HCB (submitted 4 months ago)
Throwback Thursday!
Bwhahaha - Jim in a dress!
by HCB (submitted 4 months ago)
Low carb question
I keep my total carbs under 40 grams whenever possible. And, less that 15% of my total macros. Generally my net carbs are around 20-25grams.
by HCB (submitted 4 months ago)
Low carb question
Greetings - it is really different for everyone. Are you trying to do high fat low carb? If you do low carb, look at the bottom of your food diary where there is a round circle that shows percentages. I go for 15% or less of carbs per day, and protein 25% or less, the rest healthy fats from olive oil, nuts, avocado, etc.
by HCB (submitted 4 months ago)
i do not get it.....
Perhaps they do not realize they must go under their site settings and click the correct buttons? Or, some people ask for help but are defensive if they hear what they do not want to hear like eat less sugar, log your food, drink water instead of pop, etc.
by HCB (submitted 4 months ago)
Low Carb egg options
If you look at more recent research, you may learn that eggs are excellent for you and they do not cause high "bad" cholesterol like we used to believe they did. Real food is better for you than processed - like Egg Beater's. Just my opinion after doing research.
by HCB (submitted 4 months ago)
SABOTAGE! Is any one else running Into this?
Sometimes I think the husband (or wife or partner) may be worried you will lose the weight and be attractive to other people and they will lose you to someone else. Or, perhaps they just are clueless and doubt you "mean" it when you say you are changing your eating plan. My husband eats things I chose not to eat and has the good sense to "hide" his treats so i don"t even have to see them!
by HCB (submitted 5 months ago)
Silence is deafining
MICHAEL - it works best if you post under "Journal" entries instead of under topics. Journal entries can be seen by more people.
by HCB (submitted 5 months ago)
New Friends Thread
Greetings Abe. The best way to get everyone on board to see your posts is to make "journal" entries instead of forum posts. journals entries can be adjusted for everyone to see - and then you will pick up :Buddies: HCB
by HCB (submitted 5 months ago)
not shedding the weight- three weeks on ketogenic diet
It is possible you are not eating enough calories - that will automatically impact your metabolism. And be sure to keep the protein under 30% of your total with the fat in 60% range - hope that helps!
by HCB (submitted 5 months ago)
Sick cat and Halloween remorse
Aww - good luck with the kitty!
by HCB (submitted 8 months ago)
Everything sort has to add up to 24 hours - so you can increase in another area to reduce the resting.
by HCB (submitted 10 months ago)
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Before and After, anyone?
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A bit frustrated
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How do you log your steps per day? Over goal or all for exercise?
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by Glaun on 03 Jul 15 12:47 PM

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