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You can easily add your usual menu items to the list and they will pop up each day...and I often add items to the food list if they are not in the database. abbadabba is correct. It is easy to do!
by HCB (submitted a week ago)
I'm having a hard time navigating this site
Greetings! Most people post using the "journal" option. and there are options under "settings" to make it private or public, we also have a "buddies" option so your posts are for your friends only. Good luck.
by HCB (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Help! What am I doing wrong?
I have been going to Orange Theory for three years - ask a trainer to measure your bodyfat percentage. You may be gaining muscle with your workouts so it feels like you are not losing. Macros that i tend to follow are 40-45% protein, 30-35% healthy fats (avocado, nuts whole eggs) and 20-25% carbs.
by HCB (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Struggling? Refined Sugar is actually MORE addicting than cocaine and heroine...
Many of us understand. We just dislike the arguing and challenging of you and your original intent.
by HCB (submitted 2 months ago)
Do you guys track fruit?
It sounds like you are doing well. I log everything in my food diary - in fact, I use it as a menu planner because I plan my food for the day in the morning, I tend to stick with it when it is already logged. Of course, I make revisions when necessary.
by HCB (submitted 3 months ago)
Industry funded studies
Yay - so happy you are here again!
by HCB (submitted 3 months ago)
The 15 Minute Lunch
Iagree with farrar21 - you need to have protein in there. Pre-cook and then grab and go!
by HCB (submitted 3 months ago)
weight lost
Stay with a well developed plan, log all your food daily and you will see loss over time. Slow losses are usually more permanent.
by HCB (submitted 3 months ago)
Great story - stay with it, you will get is about consistent effort and never giving up.
by HCB (submitted 3 months ago)
I agree with the posters - five days is not stuck or a plateau yet. GOOGLE the article titles, "Why the Scale Lies" to learn about water, sodium, etc.
by HCB (submitted 3 months ago)
Or should I say "Green Tea Good for Weight Loss"
I enjoy a cup of green tea almost daily - but it is because I enjoy the taste.
by HCB (submitted 3 months ago)
"Poop-less in Seattle"
Drinking at least 12 cups of water and taking magnesium tablets daily could help.
by HCB (submitted 3 months ago)
nothing works...
FatSecret overestimates RDI and the calories burned for exercise. According to what I have read, high intensity intervals (HIIT)in your cardio coupled with weight training is effective. For nutrition. it sounds like a real challenge - but if you develop muscle and burn more calories than you eat, you should lose.
by HCB (submitted 3 months ago)
Let me brag a little
Bawahahaha! FiveTwoCowboy!
by HCB (submitted 3 months ago)
One of the best ways to figure our your needs is to use Katch Mcardle formula. If you know your lean bodymass (LBM), you can figure out your metabolic rate (BMR)- the calories you burn daily without exercise. Eat less than your BMR and you will lose weight without exercise. LBM requires first knowing your bodyfat%. The formula requires you to convert LBM to kgs. Here is how it works: My LBM of 121.08 pounds divided by 2.2 = 55 kgs. The formula: 370 + (21.6 X 55kgs.) = 1558 calories = BMR My BMR is 1558 calories. We then multiply 1558 x 1.2 to consider activity and my Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) with the exercise is 1870 calories. Once you know your BMR and TDEE, you can choose to eat in a deficit - with our without exercise.
by HCB (submitted 3 months ago)
Intermittent Fasting and Low Carb/High Protein
What a relief! Thank-you, kookywit for your comments.
by HCB (submitted 4 months ago)
intermittent fasting
"No Wheat For Me" - Many people do 16:8 Intermittent Fasting which just means eating within an 8 hour window. I have been doing it for 18 months and lost over 80 pounds - perhaps you could do some research before you tell others it will "ruin your metabolism." Starvation mode is a myth. I workout five days a week, and have plenty of energy - and I am 61 years old!
by HCB (submitted 5 months ago)
YOU are important to thousands!
Yes, we are what our ancestors hoped us to be...and we carry it forward so why not be the best we are able at this time?
by HCB (submitted 5 months ago)
Protein Powder
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard offers good tasting protein. It depends why you want to use powders - I drink them to increase protein totals to build muscle. If you want to hold off hunger, a snack may be better like hard boiled eggs, unsalted almonds, Greek yogurt, etc.
by HCB (submitted 5 months ago)
The Truth About Avocados
Thanks Ollie - you are cool with me. Read some of the books we all have read...Grain Brain, Keto Clarity, Low Carbohydrate Living. You may enjoy them.
by HCB (submitted 5 months ago)
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