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Goals Demolished and Still Going Strong
I started on FS at a weight of 232 lbs, but I started my journey at a personal, record breaking high of 253 lbs. Today, I am down to 160 lbs. That is 93 lbs down from my heaviest. My BMI has gone from 34.3 to 21.7. My Body Fat was over 36% and it is now down to 13%. I wore XXL shirts and size 40 jeans, but now I wear M shirts and size 30 jeans. I am less than 2/3 the man that I used to be. It has been a tremendous journey full of successes... and, I am not done my transformation. I eat well and I exercise, but not a lot. You would be surprised at how easy this has all been to accomplish once the research and trial-and-error were done. It's actually been fun, and tomorrow, I start training MMA. Freakin' incredible. As most of you know, I did drop FS for another site/app. Basicaly, it was done to approximate caloric intake and defecit, weighing goods against bads, instead of being so precise. I just found it easier to use and liked the fitness logging. I haven't even logged anything in a long time, but I also use it as my pedometer and it gives daily challenges. Most of them just require reading an article, but there are some goodies on there. Like I said, the hardest part was the figuring out what really works and what is hype. I tried a lot of different foods, movements, supplements and methods to find an easy way that wouldn't break my wallet or deter my spirit. For free, I am going to share it all with you. I wrote a book, about 80 pages, on losing the weight and gaining muscle. Everything is in it, already tested and broken down. I left out the scientific mumbo jumbo to keep everything light and easy. To make it even easier, I made a website and put all of the contents of the book online for everyone to read and benefit from, for free. The website is still under construction but all of the info is on there. It will be more user friendly and will have photos, recipes, videos, articles, reviews, a forum and more. I am NOT trying to take you away from FS, but to help you get more information to have greater success at your fitness goals in conjunction with your use of FS and the community built here. The more help one has, the better their chances. My website does not presently allow for as much interaction and user based content as FS does and I do not plan it to be like FS is. My site showcases my learned lessons. It is my plan, it is easy and it works. Please, check it out... Thank you FS and friends!!
by Galahad (submitted 4 years ago)
Drink plenty of H20 and eat enough protein. Water will help fill you, without calories and assist in cleaning your system. Protein helps you to feel full longer, among other benefits, or so I have read on numerous sites. G'Luck!
by Galahad (submitted 5 years ago)
How much protein?
There is a lot of talk about how much protein one should have, and I have read a lot about it. They say all sorts of things. 1g per lb. 1g per kg. 1g per lean body lb. Myself, I try to shoot for around 100 or more grams a day. I'm not saying that I am successful at it, but I am losing weight. I'd like to get in more protein, but by watching my calories, sodium and cholesterol at the same time, it gets difficult. I think that you are doing very well at 120g a day. That's just my opinion and some of what I have read around the internet. I started trying to lose weight when I topped out at around 250lbs. Today, I'm down to 187lbs and have dropped several pant sizes. You have to do what's right for you. Take all of the knowledge available and gear it towards what you need and are capable of. My diet plan is simple... Eat Less, Move More... It just has a fancier name. lol. Best of luck to you!!
by Galahad (submitted 5 years ago)
Thanks everyone for the great advice. I just wish I felt up to taking it. I didn't eat or drink at all like this before stuff happened. Not an excuse, I know. Once my brain heals, then I'll be able to work on my body again. Thanks again for bein' there everyone.
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
Lately, I have been suffering from extreme fatigue. I wake up, work, nap, wake up, and go to bed soon afterwards. I am always tired, even when up. What can I do to help this?
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
Measuring food... can a digital postal scale be used for a food scale?
The postal scale would definitely work. Might even be a little more accurate, too.
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
How late should you eat
I have to agree with Matt. Calories burned are calories burned, regardless of the time. The downfall to eating so late is, basically digestion and waste. The weight that you see reflected on the scale in the morning after eating late, are more likely to include those foods and beverages that you consumed late at night. So if you see that you gained, say, 1lb, that is most likely undigested material and not actual weight gain.
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
I can not eat sometimes!
Before I started on my journey here, I ate about once a day. I found that, if I ate when not hungry, I would feel ill and potentially vomit. I was only hungry about once a day and probably consumed a lot fewer calories than my personally set RDI. I ballooned from about 180lbs to a max weight of just over 250lbs, leveling off around 230lbs... on one meal a day. After a lot of talking with professionals and friends, I started easing myself into eating more regularly, bit by bit. Eventually, I started being hungry, being able to eat and have lost over 35lbs since September 29th. Yes, I was also on medication that can cause weight gain, but I'm still on those same meds now and am losing the weight. Like everything with diet and fitness though, everyone is different and there are so many variables to be considered. This is just my story on the issue.
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
Exercising at Night
Most of my exercise is done in the evening hours. If you keep yourself well hydrated by drinking water and make sure to get your post-workout protein in (via food or other means), the increase that many see the next day should be extremely slim or not there at all. If you keep it up, as your body gets used to it, you definitely won't see it at all, except if it's actually reflecting muscle mass built. But when you get to the point of muscle replacing fat affecting your weight, that's a good thing. Or at least that's my take on it.
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
Whey Protein Powder - Got advice?
I buy Isoflex and I stick to vanilla. I tried their strawberry, but it kinda tastes like medicine. Blech. I don't like chocolate anyways, so that's scratched off my card, and I am weary to try the "different" flavours. I find that, post-workout, I believe I can see more results in my muscle tone than I did before I started using it.
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
sickness and workouts
I just go by how I feel. If I feel too ill to workout, I rest, which was the case recently when I caught the nasty flu that's goin' 'round here. It knocked me on me bum. I still stuck to my diet and mostly still saw progress on the scale. Now that I am better, I will get back into the exercise.
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
Goal Weights
I set my goal weight on when I last felt kinda skinny, before I started my large gain. That was about 8 or 9 years ago. Looking at myself now though, with how close I am getting to my goal, I think I'm going to have to drop it down just a bit more.
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
Supplement Information
I figure that it would be easier to ask on here than to investigate everything and post for everyone, as I am sure that there are FS people who can answer everything. There's been a lot of talk about supplements. I did a quick search on FS and compiled a list of the ones I saw mentioned. Please, for those of us who don't know and are interested, describe the items in the list, what they do, and how/when they should be taken and their natural sources. Add whatever else you can think of to the list. Plus, include recommendations as to what combinations of supplements you feel work towards your success. Please and thank you. :) I'd kind of like to think of this forum string as a possible one stop supplement shop. LOL. Have at'er, my friends. Multivitamins Calcium Vitmain D Ester-C Vitmain B 100 Complex Vitmain B12 Potassium Omegas 3, 6 and 9 Vitmain E Magnesium Fish Oil CLA Creatine Protein Fibre Glutamine Effedrine
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
Regrouping...back to basics
Your basics pretty much summed up the whole process, which is, pretty basic. I need to get back to it myself.
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
I take a multivitamin in the morning every day. I also use Isoflex Protein Powder 1 to 2 times a day, with one of those times being post-workout. I haven't been using the protein supplements so much lately as I have been ill and not very active.
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
What the doctors forget to tell you
I have to agree that not all doctors are quick to jump to medications and not explain matters very well. Quick example, I inherited high cholesterol. My doc gave me the option of medication or diet to fix the issue. I was on meds for a while, but once I started my lifestyle change and dropped a pant size, not only was I taken off of the cholesterol medications, but my other medicinal doses have been lowered... all due to diet and exercise, and a doctor that understands. Sorry, I had to chime in here.
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
resistance bands
For light days, when I want a quick workout, I'll just use my resistance bands. I bought an Everlast kit for $20 at Walmart. I wouldn't rely on them 100% for all of your strength training needs, but here and there when you want to go easier but still get that workout in and save a little time, I'd recommend them.
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
I think they should add...
But when you add them, are they really added to the database and selection lists? It's just putting an "other" into your own exercise journal, isn't it?
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
Exercise music - what are you listening to?
The Crusade album by Trivium
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
What is Cardio?..Which is the winner?..Pros and Cons..So what to do then...Lets go!
I don't know how you got through all of those exercises so quickly. I tried to keep form and go from one right to the other and it took me like double your time. Warrior Status 1:38 with a heart rate of 160-170 bpm cold (no warm up). I did have to take a quick look at the paper I wrote the exercises on as I couldn't remember what came after jumping jacks, lol, so maybe 3 seconds or so off that time. Did I fair well? Now to finish up.
by Galahad (submitted 7 years ago)
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