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Looking for buddies to help and support :)
Yeah I just came back to FatSecret recently and I'm also looking for new friends!
by Egibbs000 (submitted 5 years ago)
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!
by Egibbs000 (submitted 5 years ago)
New kid on the block!
Congratulations on the progress, that's very good!
by Egibbs000 (submitted 5 years ago)
It's getting harder to eat :-(
Yeah you need to find something to help you distress. Stress + not eating will make you gain weight since you're not getting the right fuel and stress is a weight gain factor in general. Find something that you like to do the relaxes you and allows you to breath. Yoga, bath, or a walk are great ideas that Liv001 mentioned. I also do things like play games, work on programming projects, write in a journal, write poetry or stories, anything to preoccupy my mind and is enjoyable basically.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
New to Fat Secret
[quote=LJ-april]Thanks, I am finding out that this is a great site. We will have to help each other. I am also a housewife, kids are grown but like you I have terrible motivation. :( you seem to have found yours though ,your doing a great job:d [/quote] Yeah I'm definitely working towards my goal. It's taken me a couple years to finally have such a good start a couple months ago. It can be done!
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
New to Fat Secret
Welcome! I'm glad your co worker had you check out this site. It's a wonderful site with lots of tools for your everyday use and lots of supportive people. Thanks to the people I have met and some of my friends outside of FatSecret, I have managed to stay on track longer than I have ever been able to before.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
New here
Hey and welcome! Yeah making the conscious decision to eat better is always a great start. Just don't ban your old habits though. Make sure to treat yourself on occasion while you're making progress. It will make you want to work even harder. *smiles*
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
My horribly bad day
Everyone needs a splurge day. If you go healthy and diet and work out and never have a splurge day, you will eventually crack and have a bad week or two and regain a lot of what you lost. So on occasion definitely let yourself have a splurge day or something or your body will definitely get you back for quitting old habits completely.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
Weight loss plateu
Yeah it does happen where your weight doesn't move for a while. Even if you're burning more calories than you're eating, there are still other factors like water weight. I was stuck at a weight for almost a week now and then finally I lost 3 pounds in one day instead of my usual one a day. Just have to keep your routine going, it will catch up.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
Hello there....
Yeah it's definitely a hard battle but my suggestion would be to do a really healthy and stable diet. I currently am doing calorie counting. I try to make sure I'm working off more than I'm eating and it's been a stable weight loss so far. Just have to find what you are comfortable with and even after you reach your goal, just keep health in mind so you don't have to worry about losing a lot of weight again, just maintaining your weight. Maintaining is so much easier than losing haha. But I do wish you luck! This site has been amazing to me so far on my journey.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
can taking pain meds influence your weight?
I went ahead and Googled it and found the following: [quote]Aspirin Aspirin is a type of drug called salicylates, which are aimed at reducing fever, mild to moderate pain and inflammation in the body. There are not any normal side effects for taking aspirin that would cause you to gain weight. Read more: Do Pain Pills Make You Gain Weight? | Although I recommend doing things like stretching and putting heating/cooling pads on the places where it hurts. Try to weave yourself off of pain pills because your body will end up growing used to it and it won't work for your body any more.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
Doing Push Ups But...
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll see if I can get some wristwraps soon and try those.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
LACK of sugar has a Really bad effect on me. HELP!!!
I agree about the fresh fruits and yogurts, but if you go down the cereal isle, there are some nice sweet bars you can have also. Usually there are 150 calories or less so you can't go overboard with them, but they are nice to have when you get a sweet tooth. There are also a lot of 90 calorie packs of things like cookies and stuff that are yummy and sweet but they won't hurt you. A lot of them have added things like extra fiber and grains that will help your weight loss too, but still taste great.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
Question about calories burned
Yes as long as you are alive, you are burning calories. But sitting and burning 500 calories and working out and burning 500 calories are still different. While sitting you don't really burn anything else but calories, but of course while working out or moving, you are burning other things and different parts of your body and strengthening yourself. This is all from my perspective though, I could be wrong but this is how I view it as. Burning calories is great, but that's not the only factor of losing weight.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
Doing Push Ups But...
So lately I've been doing push ups (from the knees but still), and I've noticed that usually when I come up during a push up, my left wrist pops. There's nothing wrong with my wrist and it doesn't hurt when it pops, but it does bother me and get in the way. Not sure if I should do something about it or if I should get it checked out.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
i love random topics on fat secret
I agree. If I'm not pre occupied with working or something entertaining, I'm on here reading and searching for things. The more your mind is preoccupied, the less your brain tells your body to want food hehe.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
What do you drink?
Yes green tea is awesome. I love different flavors of tea (I get them from Teavana), and I also do things like V8 low sodium and natural orange juice. But I have a lot of water still.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
For some reason my dieting profile restarted my diet
Might have to contact customer service or make a new account.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
Keep on keepin' on
Yeah my issue is motivation. It's hard to get motivation and keep it, so that's what I'm trying to do haha.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
Keep on keepin' on
Well I'm working on losing quite a lot of weight and if I stay on track, I should meet my goal in about 3-4 months. If that's something you're looking for. I would love new friends.
by Egibbs000 (submitted 6 years ago)
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