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When it is just too much work. . .
I think your eating partner needs to lay down the a nice way. Make larger portions of the healthier stuff. If her family wants to eat more then let them eat more healthy food like vegetables. If they want to eat something different, then why can't they make it or buy it for themselves? I think they'll catch on after a while. As far as the time constraints, if you buy fresh, use the stuff that doesn't freeze well first, then the stuff you can freeze second. I use frozen veggies all the time. If you buy frozen, check the packaging and choose something that doesn't have added salt - or if you get something that does have added salt, then don't add any when you cook it. I prepare a lot of food on weekends for the rest of the week. It makes things a bit easier. This includes baking bread, portioning oatmeal breakfasts, butchering and cooking a whole chicken every week or two (whole chickens are much less expensive than packaged chickens). It's a different lifestyle but it is sustainable.
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
Blood sugar questions
Hoser - here's an interesting article about sugar in general that you may find helpful.....
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
Is it okay??
What you need to ask yourself is "who is they"? Find what works for YOU and stick with it. Everyone is different. Your body is not going to go into starvation mode overnight....look at your AVERAGE consumption. For me, 1300 calories was the key for a very long time, then I bumped up to 1600, then 1800, then 2000. I'm currently at 2100 calories and I'm happy where I'm at.
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
How many times can you weigh in?
I weigh in every day
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
The Protein Myth
Kate, I agree with you. I mentioned in another post somewhere that my first goal was to get the weight under control....and the next goal is to work on the finances. I'm reading quite a bit about frugality and how folks survived The Great Depression. One thing that is interesting is our diet has never had as much protein in it as it has today. Before (and during) the great depression, a typical "Southern Meal" was beans (usually pinto) with some corn bread amd some greens. I am consistently reading about how people should "eat more greens" over eating more meat if they want to save money. That last sentence was the kicker....and I know it won't go over well because the first myth is the protein myth....the second myth is the "eating healthy is expensive" myth. With relation to losing weight....I specifically did not follow an established "diet" aside from limiting intake because I wanted to do something I could continue doing after getting to the weight I wanted to be. The only thing I watched was fat intake and that was before the thread you added about "fat" and before I got off the cholesterol medication. Alas, the best thing we can do is experiment on our own and find what works best for us. On weekends, when I have a PROTEIN shake for breakfast, I tend to get hungry about 10:00. The same thing happens when I eat oatmeal for breakfast. To me, there were only too obvious solutions - 1) wake up later so you can eat later, or 2) eat another small meal at 10:00. Both solutions work equally well.
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
Beat Down....
I agree that you need to count calories. Once you know what you are eating, you'll be able to determine and adjust eating the right amounts. I didn't really hit a plateau while working to get to my goal weight mostly because I watched my weight closely and was able to change up when the loss was starting to slow. In my case, I knew I was restricting calories (and I still am) so when the weight loss started to slow, I started to eat more - bumping up from 1300 calories per day average to where I am currently - 2000 calories per day average. Track your food for a week and then assess how much you're eating and whether or not that needs to change.
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
What to do?
Without having a record of how many calories you've been eating, it's a bit tough. The general response is you need to change something up. Most folks that ask this question are often not eating enough, but being a diabetic changing your diet without knowing facts can be deadly. In general, I would say change something that you're doing.
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
My vice
[quote=Erie32]I am a former dt. mt dew addict. I drank 48oz on some days. I can attest that if you are trying to lose weight ditching the dt soft drinks will help you so much. The chemicals in fake sugar throw off your body and cause you to crave sweets later on. It has sodium, no nutritional value, is expensive and it is bad for your dental health. If you can switch to drinking pure water you will find yourself better hydrated, your skin will look better and your body will be able to properly eliminate. Also, the diet coke contains caffeine which is a diuretic and actually makes you more dehydrated. We often confuse thirst and hunger and reach for food when we are really just thirsty, and the diet coke will not hydrate you causing you to eat food. I hope that helps and good luck! [/quote] x2 My name is Ed and I'm a Diet Coke addict. I've abstained for the past 7 months :-) Keep at it!
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
I eat whole wheat bread almost daily. The key is if the ingredients have "enriched" in it, then it generally has been over-processed and it isn't a good thing. Alpine Valley (Costco) makes a whole wheat with flax that is 80 calories per slice which is pretty good. Orowheat makes sandwich thins that are decent as well.
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
Coconut Oil and better weight loss with Atkins?
There is an ongoing debate about coconut oil. Some claim it's just as harmful as long chain fatty acid oils (lard) and others claim it's as good as vegetable based oils because it's a medium chain fatty acid oil. I'm not a scientist so I don't know the difference. I have used it and it has a very different taste than olive or canola oil. It's good in popcorn and in stir fry or with fish. You'll have to experiment with it. As far as "breaking through plateaus", I've lost 112 pounds and have not had a problem yet by simply changing something up....mostly increasing caloric intake gradually.
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
had weight loss surgery worry about protein or calories?
Take a look at where you are getting your protein from. Not all protein comes from beef or meat. I had the same questions when I first started out only I was also very concerned with fat intake. There are many low calorie sources of protein you can eat. Some examples- Try eating Quinoa instead of rice (cook it just like rice) Lentils Edamame beans and legumes are generally are higher in protein spinach broccoli Even if you don't want to become a vegetarian, reading up on vegetarian diets will help you get an idea of low calorie, high protein foods. If you want protein from meat, I've found that chicken, fish, and pork are better alternatives from a calorie perspective. Beef can be high in calories so leaner cuts (like tenderloin) are going to give you more protein for the calories.
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
Home gym suggestions?
I have friends that swear by the P90X videos. I was introduced to the TRX system... ...and I've gotta say that you can make the workout as tough or as easy as you want. My experience is it is an excellent workout and doesn't take too much space. There are YouTube videos on how to make your own straps if you don't want to spend the money for their system.
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
Strength Training- ideas/recommendations?
Best thing I did was hire a personal trainer for some sessions to help me out. It will give you a TON of ideas and a solid basis for what to do going forward.
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
What's Up With Pumpkin?
Try the smaller markets or the natural food stores. I bought about three cans a few months ago and have one can left. It'll probably go into a smoothie tomorrow morning.
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
Feet Injuries from Exercise
I agree could be plantar fasciitis. Go see a doctor. I had it.... 1) Make sure your shoes fit correctly 2) Use tennis balls or golf balls to massage it out (put pressure on the ball to massage the area) 3) If you don't go see a podiatrist, then try using some inserts for your shoes - not the cheap ones you buy at the supermarket, but some that provide adequate arch support. The good news is, losing weight will make it go away or at the very least, help it to improve :-)
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
From Obese to Fit with Calorie Counting and Exercise!
Well done! Congratulations!
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
what did you give up?
Beer (I love a good beer) - last one was on August 14th. This one will be back (in moderation) once I get to where I want to be (not necessarily my goal weight). White Bread - nothing better than a fresh parbaked baguette Caffeine - I used to be a Diet Coke addict. The last time I had caffeine was in black tea about a month ago. I was absolutely wired and jittery after. That's the food list. I still eat a lot of what I used to but in moderation. I no longer throw a rack of baby back ribs on the grill, over a low smokey flame for hours, and then eat the whole rack. Three or four ribs with veggies are still appropraite every once in a while.
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
What do you truly wish for yourself besides weight loss?
I am learning patience. Patience is making me a more happy and tolerable person. I'm learning that counting calories is not unlike creating a budget, restraining myself from consuming items goes hand in hand with being a consumer and buying things I don't need, and this is all making me tolerate the things I see myself formerly doing, in other people. I truly wish that with the weight loss, I will acheive excellent health, excellent finances, and excellent balance in my life. I feel I'm getting there.
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
Healthiest Low-Cal Milk (or milk alternative?)
I use soy milk, almond milk, and recently discovered coconut milk. They're all great alternatives. I make sure I get the "unsweetened" versions of all of the above - they are lower in calories.
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
Nutritional Yeast?
Substitute it for parmesan cheese. Another good use is a popcorn topping. It's not too bad - as has been mentioned it's used by a lot of vegans. I first discovered it after buying the cookbook called "Skinny Bitch In The Kitch". There's a pretty good recipe for chicken salad that uses it (it's fake chicken and mayonnaise in the recipe).
by Ed Endicott (submitted 7 years ago)
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