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Throwback Thursday!
Nice pic. There is our pal.
by Draglist (submitted about a day ago)
Silence is deafining
Unfortunately, Fatsecret has removed the Forum as a default view. I used to check it out daily. Now it's hidden somewhere and I never make it over there unless one of my buddies comments on one (like now).
by Draglist (submitted 2 days ago)
Activity Level
I would use the IIFYM calculator and list exercise at four times per week. You can Google it.
by Draglist (submitted 4 days ago)
Wedding in just over 9 weeks
That is a fantastic tool. If you have an iphone or an ipad, you can get a simpler version. It's simply called Body Weight Simulator and is available for free in the app store.
by Draglist (submitted a week ago)
Metabolism: Myths and manipulation.
This should be required reading. I just forwarded it to the Diet Truth facebook group. Guys, if you are stuck, drop the calories a bit. Unless you are lower than 1200 per day consistently as a woman or 1500 consistently as a guy, I wouldn't worry for a second about 'starvation mode.' The way that idea is tossed around is yet another myth.
by Draglist (submitted a week ago)
My Daughter's Orchestra Live Streaming Now
Hi everyone. My daughter is playing live right now. Thought I'd post this for my pals who might be around tonight. Click Kobacker Hall. She's the tall girl in the middle of the cello section. Cheers! bp
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
water loss
Thanks, Chad. That is a fact. I have learned a lot up here and I'm still learning every week. I love to share what worked for me with those who are ready. Bill
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Hi cstout. Check out a few sources to recommend how many calories you should target. There are great links to calculators on the top right of the site. I also use the IIFYM calculator to target specific amounts of protein, fat, carbs, fiber. Been pretty successful with both. Your calorie intake should be tailored to you. And the commonly identified minimum for men is 1500, but I have had months with an average intake of 1350 and single days of 600. Just don't do it for too many days in a row... Let me know if you have any questions.
by Draglist (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Updated IIFYM Protein Calculations
Email exchange with the If It Fits Your Macros site today: Hi guys. Did you reduce your default protein recommendation or did I find a bug on the site. I have consistently been recommended 1 gram per pound of body weight and now it is lower... Did you find something through research that showed 1 gram to be too much? Thanks, Bill Reply: The calculator has always been at .8 but we had a glitch where it jumped to 1 gram.. We fixed it when we noticed it, however you might have started our calculator right when things were messed up. The research has been pretty clear for the last 15 years or so.. .7- 1 grams per lb of lean mass is enough protein. so .8 of total mass is plenty.
by Draglist (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Before and After, anyone?
Very nice, Snezica!
by Draglist (submitted a month ago)
Yes, I use an app called to automatically send my Fitbit calorie burn to FatSecret. It works great. That's all it does at this point, but it's enough. I have used it for months and I highly recommend it.
by Draglist (submitted a month ago)
why does resting has an exercise value?
Jim is right, but to answer your basic question, yes, you do burn a significant number of your daily calories just by being alive. That's your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). The number will vary based on your age, weight, height, and gender. I find the FatSecret estimates for that number to be pretty accurate.
by Draglist (submitted a month ago)
Protein Cartb and Fat ratio
Great info from Chad as always. However, I have had success using the IIFYM calculator (you can Google it). Some think it is a bit heavy on the protein recommendation, but you can play with it and try different settings for a while and see how they affect you. I choose my own calorie total, but attempt to hit the recommended protein, fat, and fiber numbers each day. Good luck!
by Draglist (submitted a month ago)
Books that changed your life!
Here I am again in the new year. Another plug for Younger Next Year, but also for Seven Habits of Highly Successful People and Awareness by Anthony De Mello.
by Draglist (submitted a month ago)
2014 Fatsecret Lessons learned
You will get there, Pam! You're doing marvelously!
by Draglist (submitted 2 months ago)
What's the most you've put on after a month of letting yourself go?
I went from 204 on April 8 to 233 on April 23 during Easter vacation this year. I got back on plan and got back to 204 by May 11. I put on water weight super fast when I indulge but it comes back off pretty fast when I get back to work.
by Draglist (submitted 2 months ago)
Check out I use it and it copies my calorie burn from Fitbit to Fatsecret. That's all it does now but that's enough for me. Good luck.
by Draglist (submitted 2 months ago)
Get up and move every hour - here's a tool
I found this way to set an hourly alarm within Windows on a computer. Also a good article on getting up and moving every hour...
by Draglist (submitted 2 months ago)
Loss is Good
Good one, Unamoyer!
by Draglist (submitted 3 months ago)
Loss is Good
It occurred to me as I congratulated some FatSecret buddies on their success today... This is perhaps the only place where it's appropriate to say, "Congrats for your loss."
by Draglist (submitted 3 months ago)
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