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Yes. Outstanding! I've never seen this before. Great info and actually more detail on this subject than I've seen elsewhere.
by Draglist (submitted 3 weeks ago)
What should I eat?
I always default to low sodium cottage cheese. 320 calories for two cups. 52 grams of protein and 16 grams of carbs. You can add flavors to it if you don't like the plain cottage cheese.
by Draglist (submitted 4 weeks ago)
Low Carb or Low Fat or Low What?
Fatsecret really needs to look at that number. I take it as my maintenance number. Currently, mine reads about 2331. I target 1655 for intake. One idea might be to take the Fatsecret number and drop 500 calories to lose one pound a week and (if there is enough room) 1000 calories to lose two pounds a week. These are rough estimates and you'll have to adjust. When I first hit Fatsecret at 325 pounds, my daily number was about 3600. I ate half that to lose the initial 100 pounds. And then I needed to start fine-tuning.
by Draglist (submitted a month ago)
How to Upload Images to Fatsecret by Kingkeld
Thanks, Keld was very helpful to a lot of us when we started. He's still around on FB (see him almost every day there) but doesn't do FS anymore. Just thought I'd let the old timers know he's still kicking! Bill
by Draglist (submitted a month ago)
Looking for buddies!
Absolutely great list of members. Rebecca, sent you a buddy request. Welcome!
by Draglist (submitted a month ago)
Looking for buddies!
Cheers, Nan-Dee. I sent a buddy request. I also sent one to RCKC... couldn't believe we weren't already buddies! Really enjoy RCKC's posts. I've been up here since June 2012. I lost 140 a few years ago and have largely kept it off. I'm not all in on LCHF but I get as close to it as I can. I have no doubt it works magnificently for the folks who are committed to it. RCKC is an excellent example. Welcome to FS! Bill
by Draglist (submitted a month ago)
Fitbit FAIL
Hi, all. Got my replacement Fitbit Surge. Initial good news as I worked out yesterday and I had an accurate heart rate reading, even when swinging my arms while walking. Tonight, I did another hour on the treadmill, but swinging my arms in that manner had me up above 178 bpm (invalid) after a while. I held my arms up in a boxing stance to limit movement and the readings returned to normal. So, a definite design flaw, but at least a new Surge. I had pretty much beat the crap out of the first one.
by Draglist (submitted a month ago)
Calorie Free Snacking. Please help!
The sugar in the fruit is making you hungry, chances are. Try cheese, nuts, etc. for more fat and less sugar. Understood that there is fiber in fruit, etc., but it is still a lot of sugar and your body is responding via cravings as normal. Good luck! Bil
by Draglist (submitted a month ago)
YOU are important to thousands!
Thanks, guys. I have spent entire nights on and watched the sun come up! Fascinating stuff there.
by Draglist (submitted 2 months ago)
YOU are important to thousands!
Something to think about: You are the ultimate result of all the generations that came before you. YOU are what they worked so hard for. YOU are amazing and carry the hopes and dreams of generations.
by Draglist (submitted 2 months ago)
Fitbit FAIL
Hi, everyone. So I have been working with Fitbit to provide them a detailed analysis of the issue I found and they have taken it back to their test track. Can't say what they found but they have said that for my efforts, they are sending me a brand new Surge... It's awful hard to argue with that level of support. Thanks, Fitbit!
by Draglist (submitted 2 months ago)
creating and saving my recipes
Right. I've had some out there for years. Looks like a sleepy corner of the website they don't update. But it's useful to me for those recipes that I eat on occasion.
by Draglist (submitted 2 months ago)
Fitbit FAIL
Fitbit tech support has contacted me again with specific questions. I will continue to work with them to try to get to the bottom of situation. However, since I've adjusted my arm position during workouts, it has reported accurately and I'm getting much better and more effective workouts.
by Draglist (submitted 3 months ago)
Fitbit FAIL
Fitbit got back to me and recommended that I reset my Surge by pressing the left and top right buttons until the screen flickered. I did that but on my subsequent workout, I confirmed that it still misrepresented my heart rate when I swung my arms by my sides while walking. If I kept them bent at the elbows (sort of in a boxing stance), the heart rate was correct. The difference was on the order of 40 bpm or a 27 percent increase. That is quite an error and had held me back in two ways: I have not worked out hard enough and I have eaten too much as I overestimated my calorie burn. Bad show, Fitbit. I will seek a replacement.
by Draglist (submitted 3 months ago)
Fitbit FAIL
Thanks, Shmetterling and Jim. I do get that 'lost signal' thing on my Fitbit now and then but it always seems to find its way back. I wrote to them last night about a repair or replacement and I'm waiting to hear back. Thanks for sharing your findings.
by Draglist (submitted 3 months ago)
Fitbit FAIL
I found out today that I'm experiencing a significant data error on the heart rate tracking on my Fitbit Surge. When walking either on a treadmill or outdoors, if I swing my arms by my sides normally, I get maximum heart rate readings (when walking at 4 mph) in the 175 to 190 bpm zone! I am 57 and my max should be 163. I literally have been advised by my doctor (and my friend ClassicRocker) to check with a cardiologist and I was close to making an appointment. The crazy thing I experienced is that when I do one minute all out HIIT sprints, my heart rate drops into the 140s! I imagined that this was due to my body converting from hard-to-metabolize body fat to easy-to-metabolize glycogen for fuel. As the book Younger Next Year teaches, the body will store a small reserve of glycogen for fight or flight episodes. I thought I was converting to that when I sped up and then reverting to fat burning when I slowed back down to 4 mph. Tonight, I got a shock. I hop on the treadmill to do a modified “Sprint 8” program, where I do four minutes of warm up at 4 mph and then eight alternating sessions of 30-second sprints and 90-second walks. (I was doing a ‘modified’ Sprint 8 because the 30 second sprints should be as hard and fast as I can go, but I can’t do that on my rickety treadmill, hence the 5 mph limit.) Well, by the end of the first four minutes at 4 mph, I was already at 180 bpm. And as usual, when I did my 30-second 5 mph sprint, my heart rate dropped into the 160s. I then put the treadmill back at 4 mph and did the next 90 seconds. Very soon, I was back up above 180 bpm and at one point, even hit 189 bpm! Nonetheless, I continued on. After I did the initial Sprint 8 session, I did another 20 minutes but changed it up so that when I hit 175 bpm at 4 mph, I set the treadmill on 5 mph and continued at that speed until my heart rate DROPPED to 136. I then would set it back to the slower speed and my heart rate would rise again. It wasn’t until the last five minutes of this that I had a “NO Sh*t” moment. But first a bit of history. When I broke my treadmill a few weeks or months ago, I had to set it to a 1 percent grade instead of a 10 percent grade because I broke off the handle that I used to steady my hands on. To my surprise, I discovered that walking at the lower grade without ‘holding on’ gave me a significantly higher heart rate (and calorie burn). At 4 mph, I was able to let go and swing my arms naturally without holding on. But due to the extra speed of walking at 5 mph, I found I had to bring my arms up to more of a running (boxing) position because I was hitting them on the treadmill and losing a bit of balance. It was sometime after that I noticed the strange situation where my heart rate was higher at 4 mph than at 5 mph. This happened whether I was on the treadmill or walking/running outside. And you read above my pseudo-science to try to explain that away. So, back to the last five minutes of my workout tonight. For the second to last session of sprinting at 5 mph, for some reason, I kept my arms swinging despite the faster speed. To my surprise, my heart rate did not start to go down but actually began going up. I waited and waited but it never went down from the 175 or so it was at the time. That’s when it hit me -- the Fitbit was sensitive to ARM POSITION while walking or running! I spent the next ten minutes testing this and sure as hell -- when I brought my arms up into a boxing (or standard running) position, my heart rate was a reasonable 118-120 bpm at 4 mph and then went to a far more reasonable 137-138 bpm at 5 mph! When I would put my arms down by my sides and swing them, the heart rate climbed. So crazy and frankly, a little embarrassing that I didn’t figure this out sooner. These are exactly the type of readings I received before the treadmill broke and I changed the way I walked on it. So what we clearly have here is a significant error with my Fitbit Surge where it radically over reports the heart rate when I swing my arms by my side (standard walking). When I keep my arms elevated into a standard running (boxing) position, the actual valid heart rates are recorded. What this means is that for a month or more, I’ve been attempting to eat a number of calories to match an incorrectly reported calorie burn on my workout days. That proves that my recent decision in January to limit my calories to 1950-2000 was the right decision. But it was not because my body had some arbitrary limit on the number of calories I could eat regardless of calorie burn. It was because my calorie burn totals have been over reported to some extent and I’ve simply been eating too much. It could be up to 300 calories a day depending on how long I work out. So crazy. I’ll be emailing Fitbit immediately to find out if my unit is broken or if this is a feature of all their heart rate monitors. Nothing in the literature indicated anything about over-reporting heart rate. Anybody else seeing this? I think ClassicRocker mentioned something similar in the last year. Palm slapping my head… Bill
by Draglist (submitted 3 months ago)
Fit Bit
PS. The Fitmess app was updated earlier this year to send the Calories Eaten per day from FatSecret back to Fitbit. Still very happy with the app.
by Draglist (submitted 3 months ago)
An unexpected error has occurred
I do the same thing every time I weigh in. Just a 'feature' of the free site... :)
by Draglist (submitted 6 months ago)
Constipation issues
I agree. I used to have the problem all the time. I take two Magnesium Citrate pills a day (one at lunch and one at dinner) and I don't have the issue anymore. Has worked for months now.
by Draglist (submitted 6 months ago)
FS and Fit Bit
Thanks, JWill. The app is called Works great. Goes both ways but I only use the Fitbit to Fatsecret portion. I use it with outstanding results every day.
by Draglist (submitted 8 months ago)
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