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40-50g Carb challenge
So long as you are burning more than you are taking in, your golden. But the amount you use will decrease as you lose weight. I used 3600 a day when I began. Now I use about 2200. Good luck with your goals.
by Draglist (submitted about a day ago)
40-50g Carb challenge
Good luck. Lowering carbs is always a good idea, but overall calories in versus calories out is ultimately the final word. That is, don't lower your carbs below 50, but eat so much protein and fat that you exceed your daily calorie goal. If you do, you still will not lose weight.
by Draglist (submitted a day ago)
How do I divide a recipe into slices?
Or you can enter the entire recipe... and then went it comes time to eat it, you can enter "1/5" or ".20" into the serving size field.
by Draglist (submitted a day ago)
advice needed
I agree. I lost my first 75 lbs (from January 2012 to January 2013 with diet alone. I then started adding in modest exercise. Everyone should exercise regularly if they can, but the math doesn't change. You need to eat fewer calories than you burn. Exercising gets you in better shape and towards the end of your journey, gives you a few more calories to eat per day.
by Draglist (submitted a day ago)
Cardio question
Here is a great article on it. I stayed within the fat burning zone for the majority of my weight loss journey but for the past few months, changed to the cardio setting based on the logic in this article (and as Corifeo notes). I was very successful with each, but as I try to squeeze out my last few lbs. of body fat, I did want to burn more calories overall. Best of luck.
by Draglist (submitted a day ago)
Its taking me a LONG time to post but I have to take a risk and commit. Wish me luck.
Congrats on the decision and much success to you. Ask for help anytime.
by Draglist (submitted 4 days ago)
Feeling Hopefull
Congrats and welcome to all the new members.
by Draglist (submitted 5 days ago)
New Here...defector from MyFitnessPal
Hi Cidalia. Great group of folks here and pretty great site overall. It has its bugs and minor tweaks are needed, but it definitely does what we need it to do to meet our goals. Wishing you success with your journey.
by Draglist (submitted 6 days ago)
Viewing diet buddies food diary
You're welcome! Glad you found it.
by Draglist (submitted a week ago)
Viewing diet buddies food diary
I don't know. Maybe someone else can share a tip. Or they can try seeing mine. I have it set to 'everyone' for access.
by Draglist (submitted a week ago)
Viewing diet buddies food diary
Go to my profile, click 'view full journal,' and then click Food. You should be able to see that.
by Draglist (submitted a week ago)
Viewing diet buddies food diary
It is a setting they have. I think everyone can see mine.
by Draglist (submitted a week ago)
I Need Tips for beating sugar addiction.....
The only way I can avoid it is to go cold turkey and stay away. If you eat the carbs, you'll want the carbs. I still binge now and then (like this past weekend) and it's a heck of a note to have to lose 15 lbs. of water weight gained over three days. Chances are you can't moderate it; you need to get off the simple carbs. Good luck.
by Draglist (submitted a week ago)
Buddies wanted (Please)
Cheers, Jim. I've had a lot of success doing a variation of calorie counting. Send me a buddy request and check out my site at It's been pretty simple and effective. Bill
by Draglist (submitted a week ago)
Happy Tuesday, I love the fat secret website!
Glad you are here!
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Okay. I'm fed up!
Yes, I use grams mostly but it is a royal pain. I do wish FS would have an online convertor but you can't have everything I guess! I just google that stuff...
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Okay. I'm fed up!
MyFitnessPal has a nice one where you enter the ingredients and it breaks it down into serving sizes for you (with an overall meal title). FatSecret does it as a Create a Meal, but you have do to more math yourself. Then, when you select it, FS presents the ingredients separately! So yesterday, I had an egg casserole for both breakfast and lunch, but it listed all the ingredients separately, which looks sort of weird on my food journal!
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Finding a Chocolate Truffle in the Rain by Geneen Roth
Great story. Until the truffle in the rain part. But nobody gets to tell you what to do. And don't think folks don't try up here on FatSecret, too.
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
How do I change daily calorie allowance?
Download the free Body Weight Simulator on iPhone/iPad. If you don't have one of those devices, try this site:
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Welcome. That's great. Keep in mind that much of our early loss is water and you won't be able to maintain that initial pace. But go for a pound a week (or two, if you want to be a aggressive), and that is a great, sustainable level of weight loss. Wishing you much success!
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
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Try finding carb alternative snacks. Fruit is great, but it has a ton of sugar which will slow weight loss. And as always, water and green least 64 oz a day. 20-32 oz of Powerade Zero can help ...
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Back to the Gym
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Vegetable pasta
Try Miracle Noodles. Not flour/carby pasta but a great carb free option.
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Try a low carb/ketogenic diet. Get rid of the Metabolic Syndrome before it gets worse.
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how can I boost my metabolism and decrease my body's resistance?
Increase activity and cut all carbs.
by Lunarios on 02 Sep 14 08:22 AM
How do you measure your body fat percentage?
I use a Tanita Scale. Works great.
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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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