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reached my ideal weight
Congrats. That's awesome!
by Draglist (submitted 9 hours ago)
Congrats on your success!
by Draglist (submitted 3 days ago)
Muscle Weight is a Problem
No, your muscle is great. It does help burn fat and is not keeping your weight stubbornly high. You need to get your waist down to 32 or 34 and into a Large shirt. I'm 6'0" and at 196 lbs. at my lowest. I have a 34 inch waist, but I'm not thin by any stretch. So, for you to get to 186, you need to be at least as thin as that. I started at 340 myself and I always thought it was the extra muscle mass, but it turned out I was wrong. Let me know if I can help.
by Draglist (submitted 5 days ago)
Health Sidekick
by Draglist (submitted 5 days ago)
Health Sidekick
It is too late to migrate all my data to another tool. Can you set up the tool so that we can simply add the number of calories per day instead of having to enter the food again?
by Draglist (submitted 6 days ago)
Fitbit has an open API
I have used fitmess successfully for a month or more. Works great.
by Draglist (submitted a week ago)
First weigh in
I like a digital but I used a regular one for the first year. I like the BIA scales (Tanita, etc.) because they also give you an estimate of lean mass, body fat, and water content instead of just weight. That additional accuracy means a lot as you get closer to your goal.
by Draglist (submitted a week ago)
Fell off the wagon
Welcome back. Hidden sugar and other simple carbs are what cause most hunger spikes (certainly does for me). Try to eat lots of bulk veggies and protein for saiety and to prevent cravings. Make sure you are eating the right amount of food (a reasonable RDI to lose 1-2 pounds a week). Don't depend too much on those workouts for that. Exercise is great, but can't overcome overeating. Wishing you much success.
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
41lbs gone :-)
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
baking day
Please post the recipe.
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Welcome and good luck.
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
I did it !!
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Before and After, anyone?
Great job, everyone!
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
[Feature Suggestion] using one recipe as an ingredient in another
I love these new ideas. I hope they get implemented.
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
feature suggestion: buddies share recipes and/or saved meals.
Good idea.
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Posting my formula for pain relief here also
I eat turmeric every day now. Every morning, I put the following into a tiny Tupperware thing to put in to my yogurt at work: 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp flax seed, a tsp of turmeric, a half tsp of black pepper (to make the turmeric more bio-available), and a tsp of cinnamon. When added to yogurt, it sort of resembles a 'crisp' and it's delicious and good for you!
by Draglist (submitted 2 weeks ago)
40-50g Carb challenge
So long as you are burning more than you are taking in, your golden. But the amount you use will decrease as you lose weight. I used 3600 a day when I began. Now I use about 2200. Good luck with your goals.
by Draglist (submitted 3 weeks ago)
40-50g Carb challenge
Good luck. Lowering carbs is always a good idea, but overall calories in versus calories out is ultimately the final word. That is, don't lower your carbs below 50, but eat so much protein and fat that you exceed your daily calorie goal. If you do, you still will not lose weight.
by Draglist (submitted 3 weeks ago)
How do I divide a recipe into slices?
Or you can enter the entire recipe... and then went it comes time to eat it, you can enter "1/5" or ".20" into the serving size field.
by Draglist (submitted 3 weeks ago)
advice needed
I agree. I lost my first 75 lbs (from January 2012 to January 2013 with diet alone. I then started adding in modest exercise. Everyone should exercise regularly if they can, but the math doesn't change. You need to eat fewer calories than you burn. Exercising gets you in better shape and towards the end of your journey, gives you a few more calories to eat per day.
by Draglist (submitted 3 weeks ago)
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reached my ideal weight
Congrats. That's awesome!
by Draglist on 22 Sep 14 02:40 PM
Hello, Not exactly new
Myfitnesspal seems to be full of people who want to shame wont find much of that here. Everyone is VERY supportive :D
by notjune1 on 22 Sep 14 01:14 PM
Rewarding yourself
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by Glaun on 22 Sep 14 12:57 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins