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I'm back - Let's do this all over again :/
Just become religious with counting calories. Surefire way to victory. Good luck. We all fall off, don't beat yourself up. Good luck!
by Diablo360x (submitted 28 minutes ago)
A moderate deficit over a long period of time is your best bet.
by Diablo360x (submitted about a day ago)
Homemade wraps?
The water weight you shed doing that will be very temporary. They don't cause fat loss.
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 weeks ago)
28 Day diet
I do a 28 day diet every 28 days.
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Sugars (Good or Bad)
Fruit is like any other source of calories. Given a calorie deficit fruit is perfectly fine.
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 weeks ago)
It's always just about the calories
Great post OP. CICO. Choose foods that help you maintain a healthy weight. Add strength training. Winning combo.
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 weeks ago)
New Member... Any fat burning food ideas?
Does nothing...
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Disapointed with myself
As Rick said, it all comes down to calories. If you can stay in a deficit despite what you eat, then go for it.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Ketogenic Diet and Bullet Proof Coffee
One of the silliest fads. Drinking your fat. Eat solid food that contains fat to reduce hunger. Drinking your calories is not a smart thing during calorie restriction.
by Diablo360x (submitted 4 months ago)
Do you guys track fruit?
Fruit can range from 50-250 calories per item. Track everything.
by Diablo360x (submitted 5 months ago)
Eat what you want & loose the weight!
Eat what you want but have a very strict diet? False advertisement in the thread title. You can include a piece of cake in your 12-1300 calories and not have to do any extra cardio. Also, it's lose not loose.
by Diablo360x (submitted 5 months ago)
Walking in place
Even standing vs. sitting will have you burning many more calories so of course actually stepping as well would be an even greater "burn". Keep it up.
by Diablo360x (submitted 5 months ago)
How to curb late night eating?
Drinking your fat is.....special.
by Diablo360x (submitted 5 months ago)
Loosing it
[quote=mskestrela]Make up your mind that those things are POISON..because they are![/quote] Oh wow, I poison myself everyday then, still alive somehow....Nice fear mongering there! A+ As far as the OP is concerned. Eat a small amount. A normal sized piece of cake is ~300 calories. No need to worry.
by Diablo360x (submitted 5 months ago)
Intermittent Fasting
[quote=spacey48] often people who suddenly lose a lot of weight when they first start a caloric deficit go crazy as they think they have amazingly lost loads of fat when they have just lost water....then a week or 2 later the scale hardly moves and they get discouraged [/quote] This is a major reason that going low carb diets seems to be the problem solver for many. They get the instant gratification that they need. We can hold A LOT of water. Just look how much a boxer regains on fight day. They can gain 10-20 lbs. overnight. You're losing water, and if you think about it, weighing less immediately will reduce your daily burn so in a way, you're hindering actual fat loss. Don't quote me on that, I just thought of it but it would make sense as your burn changes on any calorie counting website when you lower your body weight. Also, you're giving your body less stored glycogen to work with for exercise. Your body prefers it to using fat. I mean, people go through the "keto flu" for a reason. Not telling people to avoid going low-carb. If you don't really exercise too much and you can't adhere to a caloric deficit without it, then go right ahead. It just is not for me.
by Diablo360x (submitted 5 months ago)
Intermittent Fasting
Like Spacey said, the differences are just water weight. You're not saying this in that post but for the people who believe 300 calories in twinkies vs 300 calories of anything else would make a bodyfat difference are indirectly saying that "junk" food causes your body to be more efficient. The same amount of calories in junk food would keep you alive longer since you need body fat to live. That would be funny if it were true.
by Diablo360x (submitted 5 months ago)
Intermittent Fasting
The thing is, people like Spacey and I have been doing this for years and years(15 for me). We've tried all the fad diets. We've done hundreds of hours of reading success stories and the science behind it all(well, I have and I assume he has, being older than I). The common trend with all the success stories is people stuck to their diet whether it's Weight Watchers, Keto, Etc. They were able to adhere to a caloric deficit for a prolonged period of time. We are not telling people to stick to a certain diet, or eat a certain food, or anything else. CICO allows freedom to choose any diet you want. There are dozens if not more calorie counting websites for a reason, CICO always works as long as a person finds their daily burn and eats less than it. It may take time to find it, but you will eventually. I don't know why people expect us to be ultra nice and to sugar coat everything we say. Seems that if we don't you all get insulted and think that we are getting heated when that is just not the case.
by Diablo360x (submitted 5 months ago)
I'd love for you to be right Ollie, one less thing to worry about. I have to be honest, I barely get any vegetables and I'm healthy. I just have to wonder why you're the only one with this info....
by Diablo360x (submitted 5 months ago)
Intermittent Fasting
This is why a lot of myths will never go away, people will take a youtube video with no scientific backing as gospel. At least the ones who seek the truth about it all will have an easier time of it. It's all quite simple which is why I've made the most progress since I've started. It's simple math. When you eat and what you eat is personal preference, there really is no advantage with any magical foods or meal timing.
by Diablo360x (submitted 5 months ago)
nothing works...
[quote=spacey48]you could eat a diet of highly processed , MSG, hydrogenated fat and sugar ridden crap but if you only ate 1000 calories of it a day you would still LOSE weight! you wouldn't be very healthy but you would be lighter [/quote] Bingo.
by Diablo360x (submitted 5 months ago)
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I'm back - Let's do this all over again :/
Just become religious with counting calories. Surefire way to victory. Good luck. We all fall off, don't beat yourself up. Good luck!
by Diablo360x on 25 Feb 17 10:11 PM
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Getting discouraged
Just start following your plan again. Simple as that! Back at it! ;) My Dr. actually advised one cheat day a week within reason!
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