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by Diablo360x (submitted a week ago)
Daily calorie intake
Yeah, I like to average my calories for the month. It's the biggest reason I choose this site for tracking over others. As far as your question OP, you can put your calories wherever you want.
by Diablo360x (submitted a week ago)
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Amen to that.
by Diablo360x (submitted a week ago)
New member ... dieting education needed!
The plan your doctor laid out will work if you're consistent and are accurate with your calorie logging. Fat loss comes down to consuming less energy than you expend. I suggest a scale to weigh your food portions. You can try other tricks to help you consume fewer calories like intermittent fasting or going low carb if you think you can stick to it as a lifestyle change. Limiting carbs limits your options so it may benefit you but is not necessary and gives no metabolic advantage. is a great resource.
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Butter coffee
How many calories are in your butter coffee? Last I heard it was about 400 give or take. It's a meal worth of calories, I'd hope it would suppress your hunger. Maybe have the coffee with some real food on the side? Something with vitamins minerals and protein instead of straight fat? I can't help but think of how odd this trend is. I wouldn't advise people to drink fruit juice either but at least you'd get more nutrition from it.
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Butter coffee
I don't drink regularly but when I do, I find coffee suppresses hunger without the added calories.
by Diablo360x (submitted 4 weeks ago)
I don't understand
Weighing by the gram is recommended. Also, the weekend can easily erase a week of progress.
by Diablo360x (submitted 4 weeks ago)
Butter coffee
So people do it to suppress hunger and it didn't suppress your hunger, so why do it?
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
I feel like I post this often but my trick is intermittent fasting. I save most calories for the last part of my day. I almost always have room for a large bowl of cereal or some pancakes before bed. I seem to sleep better that way, too.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
People put too much emphasis on bodyweight. It should go measurements>>mirror>>>scale. Especially daily differences. It takes at least a week to see fat loss on the scale and even longer if you don't eat the exact same thing every day. You'd have to have the exact calories, sodium and bowel movements daily for scale weight to give any sort of meaningful feedback on a day to day. But it's human nature to want to see immediate results. Then you get journals with people freaking out about water weight fluctuations....
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Seeking High Protien low carb advice
Given that exercise performance is desirable, I would not recommend a low carb diet. Fat loss comes down to calories in vs. calories out. High protein(for satiety and lean mass retention), moderate fat and moderate carbs for better exercise performance is what I'd recommend.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Net calories (gain weight)
That is a very high surplus. Are you trying to gain a lot of fat?
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
Can Antibiotics Kill Ketosis
Rapid results when you begin keto is because of the initial water weight loss. You're no longer using glucose so when you lose the glycogen stores, you lose the bound up water that comes with it. Once you're using fat for energy instead, you will not experience any more rapid water weight loss and scale weight will come down to calories as with any other diet. If you stall for more than a couple of weeks, re-evaluate your calorie intake.
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
Advice for beginning healthy eating for weight loss
All diets are CICO. If a certain way of eating makes your calorie goals easier to stick to then try it.
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
Amount of calories and exercise to lose weight
When calories and protein are controlled it does not matter what you eat. Fact. Scientific fact! Countless metabolic ward studies Prove it. Now buzz off.
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
Amount of calories and exercise to lose weight
So self-reported intake of food. People went on a restrictive diet and lost weight. How predictable.
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
Is Fatsecret just for keto dieters?
It's for anyone who wants to be accountable for energy in vs. energy out(which is how bodyweight is lost). It does seem to have a higher concentration of keto dieters compared to other sites.
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
Recently Eaten and favourite Foods expansion
That's odd, I think the exact opposite which is why I use this site. MFP is slow and laggy in comparison. It shows me my most recent entries and the list is long. You can even copy yesterdays entry completely. Also, the fact that you can enter all at once makes entering food simpler than on MFP.
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
Just a start
You should stick to science instead of misleading films. It's readily available. That link contains over 30 metabolic ward studies proving that fat loss is totally dependant on calorie intake. Also shows that when calories and protein are the same fat loss was the same whether the rest of your calories came from fat or carbs. Quit basing your nutrition knowledge on a hypothesis and start using actual science.
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
Water Tracking
Is your pee light yellow? Then you're drinking enough, if not, drink more. Drinking too much is also a thing. I personally feel that people drink too much when beginning a diet. Co-workers going to the restroom once ever 30 min gets annoying.
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
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