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Calories and sodium
If you still want to have sodium, just raise your potassium intake. As you lose weight, your blood pressure will also reduce.
by Diablo360x (submitted a week ago)
? for you
Counted calories, used a food scale to improve accuracy. Made sure to be thorough and counted 24/7. Raised my daily burn by just being more active. If I am sitting at a cpu for a while I take breaks and do some pushups/pullups. Still having daily "treats" to have something to look forward to diet-wise. Part of the joy of life is food so cutting out my favorites is just not happening, especially when I know that CICO are what matter.
by Diablo360x (submitted a week ago)
My RDI is 3100 calories per day - that seems high
It has always been accurate for me but that may be because of lean body mass. The reason it is high for you is that you're heavy, the larger of a person you are, the more calories you need to sustain that weight, which is why it is easy to lose fat when you start off. If you lower your intake to 2500 instead, you will lose another lb. per week. Good luck!
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 weeks ago)
atkins bars
Unless they are getting in the way of your protein goals and/or causing you to overeat calories, it doesn't matter. Rest easy.
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 weeks ago)
A week in...Low carb and no sugar
It needs to be a life long change. Can you see yourself doing low carb for life? If not, try counting calories instead.
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Crazy Diet Fads
Low carb was a fad for me. Sure, it works, but only because it made so many tasty and easy foods to eat, off limits, thus, lowering overall calorie intake. Never again.
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Fat bloke at a PC
Good advice in here. You can't go wrong if you're counting all calories. I suggest getting a food scale. They are pretty cheap and help immensely with the accuracy.
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 weeks ago)
What does (*only some food) mean?
People on diets under report intake a lot of the time. Clicking the "this is exactly what I ate" is kind of like confirmation that you carefully entered exactly what you ate.
by Diablo360x (submitted 4 weeks ago)
Weight Watcher Points
WW is another way to count calories. Like abba said they are approx 50 calories a point. So I guess multiply your point allotment by 50 and you'll have your calorie total.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Water retention
You are probably experiencing hyponatremia. "Hyponatremia can lead to fluid retention after exercise, so consume enough sodium while you exercise. The condition can also be quite dangerous, leading to pressure on your brain from excess blood volume in your brain capillaries, causing death if not treated quickly." Sodium is very important in functioning muscles. Unless your doctor advises you to lower your sodium intake there is no reason to avoid it. Be reasonable of course but you need sodium especially if you're working out.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Macro Ratios for effective weight loss
Macronutrient Intake Ensure that your intake of macronutrients meets sufficiency (as defined below), with remaining macronutrient composition of the diet being largely a function of personal preference. Protein minimum: ~0.8 grams per pound of bodyweight (or target/ideal weight in the obese). (0.6 gram protein per lb is a good minimum for many general lifters at maintenance or surplus calories, for optimal body building purposes and during energy deficit 0.8 gram per lb likely provides some additional benefits.) Fat minimum: ~0.4 grams per pound of bodyweight (or target/ideal weight in the obese). Remaining caloric budget: whatever mix of macronutrients you prefer and/or allows you to perform and feel well. Some people do better on a higher carb intakes while other people do better on moderate or lower carb intakes. It is not necessary to set a specific numbers for each macro, what matters is that the total calories, minimum fat and protein are achieved.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Monitoring calorie intake is the best for weight loss. Cardio can help but it can also make you hungrier. Many simply eat more and defeat the purpose. Weight training is more important in my opinion. You get a more desirable shape as it helps you maintain more lean body mass if you couple it with an adequate protein intake. I guess it depends on if you want to look close to a fitness model or a marathoner.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
[quote=Pamellivilin]I like sweets too much. I try to not eat chocolates and different other sweet things, I eat many fruits. but can't lose my weight. what is the problem? Thanks[/quote] If you're not losing fat, your problem is too many calories in.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
timing of food
Morning, afternoon or night. You bet.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Eat a banana
Time of day matters not.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Idk, I'm kinda just doing w.e
You're in luck because counting calories sounds like exactly what you need. You don't have to eat super healthy to lose weight.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Low Carb Diets - Do they work for everyone?
Oh look, another condescending post, how predictable. Keep eating healthy, it shows in your pictures and the fact that you've reached your goal weight in the six years you've been here. Before you mention my goal weight has not been reached either, I have reached a goal "look" before I got as light as my goal weight and I don't care to change it, mam.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Low Carb Diets - Do they work for everyone?
It uses pubmed to back up its findings. Science. The same source that backs up what I have posted. That was the first time someone responded to me with actual science, too bad it did not refute what I have posted or anything I have stated. Hmmm. You can keep being condescending, it seems that is your only mode. Not sure where I contradicted myself since you have never pointed it out. I know you just like to troll me, maybe out of jealousy, I don't know, but it's been fun so keep it up.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Low Carb Diets - Do they work for everyone?
[quote=Ingria]So you fully agree with the content of the article?[/quote] Yes, but I don't think you do since you don't believe in CICO only in eating "healthy".
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Low Carb Diets - Do they work for everyone?
[quote=Jadsl]just like with cars (individual metabolisms) and a gallon of gas (a calorie) different cars are going to get different mileage depending on engine type and how well the car has been maintained.[/quote] Where did I say that we all burn the same amount of calories? Calorie expenditure will be based on your gender, age, weight and activity level. You have to find your approximate burn through trial and error even if this website and many others can give you a close estimate. Then you need to eat less than your body burns for an extended period of time.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
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