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That would be impossible. You're definitely losing fat if that is your average intake. If you're eating 800 on most days and then binge eating on the weekends without logging it, that is a different story. Going that low may cause slight metabolic adaptations but please ignore the starvation mode comments. It's a myth.
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 days ago)
how to remove rice from diet?
Asian populations do great with keeping a healthy weight with plenty of daily rice. It's not the rice, it's the total calories..
by Diablo360x (submitted 5 days ago)
Has anyone ever used Garcinia?
Just another scam. It does zip.
by Diablo360x (submitted a week ago)
35 with no cavities. Plenty of sugar daily up to this point. Lucky or just religious brushing? Who knows.
by Diablo360x (submitted a week ago)
I just had a hooge bowl of cocoa puffs!
by Diablo360x (submitted a week ago)
Food Scale or Body Weight Scale
Food scale is much more important. I would serve myself way too much ice cream without mine.
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Unsupportive spouse
It comes down to calories. He is right. If you can't restrict calories without going low carb, then try your best with what you have and go shopping next time. :)
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 weeks ago)
intermittent fasting
I use it sometimes when I know I am going out to eat, but my calorie intake is currently high enough to where I am able to eat ~4 times a day.
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Protein Powder
I just get the cheap six star whey isolate from Walmart. French Vanilla or Decadent Chocolate are both tasty. A banana and skim milk really help with the flavor.
by Diablo360x (submitted 4 weeks ago)
Tips for staying on track while dining out
If I have a planned dinner with family, I fast for most of the day. That way, even if I gorge on 2k calories at that meal, I am still well within my calorie limit.
by Diablo360x (submitted 4 weeks ago)
Sodium is healthy. I think it is recommended that you have around 2,000 milligrams a day. More if you sweat a lot. I take in over 5,000 per day. It helps with lifting weights and keeps you from cramping up. Also, you should raise sodium intake if you drink a lot of water as it is lost in urine. You must balance sodium intake with potassium to keep healthy in the long term.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
The Truth About Avocados
[quote=philmck]I don't cook avocado, and dietary fat isn't a concern if it's not consumed along with foods high in sugar and starch. Sugar and starch are the real issue, the action of the hormone insulin, doing it's job efficiently, removes excess glucose from the blood and converts it to body fat, not the same thing as eating animal or plant fat and storing it as fat. Splicing of hairs? [/quote] Unless in a calorie deficit, right Phil? Fat is more easily converted to fat than carbs are. But if you're in a deficit, it doesn't matter.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Long Term Permannent success is Possible
[quote=delede] Good grief! Is there a Keto/LCHF/IF monopoly on this site?[/quote] Many are biased towards a low carb diet on this particular site. Definitely not the case on larger sites with more knowledgeable members like MFP and Most dieters on those sites are macro/calorie counters and get the same results without depriving themselves of delicious carbs. IIFYM is a popular initialism that stands for "if it fits your macros". Love it.
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Long Term Permannent success is Possible
Hahahaha, I see Phil and Knuckles are still their carb deprived crabby selves. Welcome back Spacey!
by Diablo360x (submitted a month ago)
Awesome. Keep us updated!
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
Not sure anyone can do any kind of bulking on 1,303 calories. Let us know how it goes...
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
How to curb late night eating?
Food does not increase metabolism. Eating before bed is no different than any other time of day. It comes down to personal preference.
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
3 Week Stall
The initial loss in a low carb diet is fluid. Now you have to rely on CICO, like every other diet. You will experience water loss and retention during weight loss which will make it seem like you have stalled. As long as your calorie counting is accurate, you are losing fat, keep it up!
by Diablo360x (submitted 2 months ago)
setting calories
I like to stick the the recommendation but I also like to have energy for lifting weights, running, and looking fuller. When I go too low, I can definitely tell when it comes to energy levels. If you feel fine with that intake, stick with it. The only problem that you may run into is that metabolic adaptation may come on sooner and if/when you plateau, you won't be able to go much lower without risking your health.
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 months ago)
Daily Calorie Intake
At 306 lbs, 3700 calories would still put you in a deficit. You can definitely be more aggressive though. Try 3k and see how you feel and lower them slowly over time. I'm averaging over 3k and I weigh ~185.
by Diablo360x (submitted 3 months ago)
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