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Goal Number 3 - 332 pounds, 200 pounds lost 12 months 3 weeks.
OMG!!! Way to go Les. You are amazing!!! do you realize you have lost a whole person? What an inspiration!!!
by Debinator (submitted 3 years ago)
Before and After, anyone?
Progress pics from Cozumel June 2009 (180 lbs.)and Roatan August 2010 (156ish). Will post pics from Cozumel after vacation in June. Still have a bit to go. I went off track in August, But am back in the swing [img]
by Debinator (submitted 3 years ago)
Goal Number 2 - 349 pounds, 183 pounds lost, 10 months.
Les you look great!!! Way to go man! I am so happy for you. Ypu have done a great job and motivate a lot of people. Your great attitude and realism make my day!
by Debinator (submitted 3 years ago)
Getting Started???
For me, more calories burned than consumed is working best for me. I have no forbidden foods (although there are quite a few that went from my regularly consumed list to occasionally consumed list LOL), so no guilt about what I eat. I started by logging every calorie I put in my mouth and that did 2 things: 1. opened my eyes to how many calories I was actually eating and 2. allowed me to evaluate what needed to change to eat healthy. I am also of the opinion that while you can lose weight without exercise that it is best to combine healthy eating with exercise to get optimal results. I am not just talking about weight loss results either- there are so many benefits to regular exercise that I knew in my head, but didn't really appreciate until I started exercising regularly. My blood pressure has dropped significantly, I don't get winded as easily, I have tons more energy and my thinner body has muscle tone to name a few. As previously stated go slow- don't expect huge losses- it took more than a few weeks to put the weight on and it certainly is going to take a while to get rid of it. Eat healthy, (if you are not sure of what is healthy do some research, find some buddies on fatsecret who have been successful) Exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep (the body repairs while we sleep. Remember that you can eat too little as well, try not to drop below 1200 calories. Always remember that if you want to lose weight for good it takes a lifestyle change. Dieting only works until you get tired of the diet and go back to eating the same things you ate to put the weight on. I have been eating the way I currently eat since the beginning of may and I have to say I don't miss my old evil ways at all and am actually much happier with the way I eat now. Good luck on your journey. Feel free to send a buddy request my way
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
What will you do when you've reached goal that you wouldn't do now?
1. Buy the clothes I want to wear instead of what camouflages my belly fat (Get rid of the baggy pants and loose oversize shirts) 2. Wear a 2 piece bathing suit in public 3. Wear shorter, more form fitting shorts (Get rid of the baggy cargo shorts)
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
20 Months and I Finally Made It - 107 Pounds Lost
Way to go buddy! You are incredible!
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
Obesity rates still rising in the US
I Believe in Louisiana it's culture more than anything. Even the wealthy here are at the very least overweight if not obese. The food here is just so delicious! It is very rich, with cream, and butter,and more cream and more butter,Oh and don't forget the alcohol! and there is tons of it. Actually in some places the wealthy have a tendency to be heavier because they eat more and serve more to prove they aren't poor. Just my observation in my little corner of the world- That and New Orleans just OOOZES decadence of all kinds.
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
weight loss as stall
My calorie accountant only shows me losses on thursday and friday. sometimes she waits for a whole week before she will gove me good numbers. I don't worry about it I stick to the plan because in the long run it will work. I know that while I am losing fat I am gaining muscle as well, and muscle is more dense than fat. So as long as my clothes are not getting tighter or if they are actually getting looser, then all is well. I also use the mirror to make judgements on my progress when the accountant seems to be on vacation, like seeing muscle definition where there was none.
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
Need Healthy Meals my kids will eat too...HELP!!
I fell for "spinach makes you stronger like Popeye." I have been eating and loving it ever since. With my son I just made him try every vegetable I ate at every meal-it took a long time but eventually he just started eating them.
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
Crazy water weight story
I have noticed that when I do strenuous exercise like doing a lot of pushups, weight training etc that my weight will go up temporarily- it was explained to me by a fitness coach at the gym that when you work your muscles they retain some water hence the reason that you need to have a day of rest. That way you cane get rid of excess water weight and your calorie accountant can do his job and post the results of all your hard work :)
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
Best advice or encouragement you have received?
I think for me the encouragement I get comes from within. I have been training for my black belt for the last 3 and a half years and the motivation to get healthier from martial arts. We have a student creed that I end up saying 2 to 3 times a day 5 days a week ( I teach the beginner classes as well as train) "I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid ANYTHING that would reduce my mental growth or my physical health. I will develop self discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others." My martial arts practice is more than a way to fight or defend oneself, I began wanting to exercise a bit, and for me it has caused me to really evaluate my health. It has helped me to quit smoking,(2 years smoke free) and now is giving me the motivation to lose the extra weight I am carrying.
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
Snacks! I need everyones favorite snack!
I snack on almonds (20 or so), carrots (100grams at a time) fruit, celery, to name a few
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
Personal Responsibility and Health
I agree whole heartedly rjenkins!! I am the only one responsible for the condition I am in, whether it is positive or negative. It's funny that when we are fit, and feel healthy that we don't give credit to the same things we blame our weight/poor health on ie "Oh its just my good genes, or "it's my medicine" or "I was neglected as a child" etc. Granted when we are healthy we have a lot less negatives in our lives (or have at least dealt with the ones we had) but one thing remains true. we are healthy because we choose to be healthy. We make responsible choices on a regular basis. We understand cause and effect. (eg. If I eat 1500 calories and burn 2000 every day I WILL lose weight)I for one am not only concerned with JUST losing weight. I want the whole enchilada! I want to be fit, healthy and strong. I want my cardiovascular system to be in good shape so that when I hit my 50's and 60's that it doesn't give out on me like my mother's did. I want to be able to do all the things I love doing now(Karate, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Hiking etc.) well into my 70's and beyond. I have learned that sometimes you just have to put on your big girl panties and make responsible choices, and it doesn't always just pertain to raising kids, paying the bills etc., it also has to do with how we treat ourselves. Love yourself- that means taking care of yourself. It is my responsibility to myself and those that I love to get and stay fit so I can be around for a very long time to enjoy life. The weight I lose along the way is what my body needs to be fit. My body will tell me when it's happy, and I have finally learned to listen to my body and do what it tells me makes it work best. Its a shame it took me so long to do what is best for me, considering I learned long ago how to suck it up and do the right thing. Sorry for rambling but you got me started on a topic that has actually been on my mind a lot lately.
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
Why do you want to lose weight?
1. Health 2. Fitness 3. I want to be able to say "I look good"(and really mean it) not "I look good for my age" When I started karate we have a student creed we say at the beginning of class: "I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth or my physical health." I truly believe in this creed and have been able to quit smoking after 25 + years of 1-2 packs per day. If I can do that, I can get my health (weight) under control as well.
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
low-cal bread?
I get my pita bread at walmart.
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
Can someone tell me what Net Kcal means?
as long as your net Kcal is negative 500 or more then you should lose weight. Just remember that as matt said it happens on its own schedule. My calorie accountant is very unpredictable I can go for a fair amount of time and show no movement then all of a sudden BAM!! 2-3 lbs are gone.
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
Can someone tell me what Net Kcal means?
@srwjones-the bigger the negative number the better your weight loss should be provided that you are accurate with your calories eaten and your exercise log. -3500 kcal = 1 lb. (approx)
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
My bar is finaly yellow!!
Awesome-glad to see you are happy with the scale again.
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
What exercise science doesn't know about women
Interesting article.
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
low-cal bread?
I use whole wheat pita pockets made by Toufayan Bakeries. They are 150 calories per whole pocket, but I only have to use half of one to make a very healthy sized sandwich, and they have a great texture and taste.
by Debinator (submitted 4 years ago)
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