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Low carb, low fat and low sodium
Ingria, I mean no offense, but what makes you think gabichaytor's comment is abusive? There are dozens of named diets described in the database here at FS, and nearly all of them name the creator or originator of the diet. Atkins, Dukan, Jenny Craig, etc. All she mentioned is another diet program. How are we to learn about new, possibly innovative programs if every time someone mentions a new program they're threatened with being reported? IMO, it's clear gabichaytor's comment is not meant as advertising, but as information only. I appreciate the information.
by DLynneGarner (submitted a year ago)
Is Sugar Toxic (60 Minutes)
Great article. Thanks for sharing!
by DLynneGarner (submitted 5 years ago)
Carbs in cheese?
The food database will not sync if the numbers don't add up and some cheese packages say <1 or less than 1 carb, but the database won't allow that so it has to be rounded up to 1, since it is not honestly 0. You can create your own entry for the specific brand you eat in the database to make sure the numbers are correct.
by DLynneGarner (submitted 5 years ago)
Seeking OTC equivalent to Phendimetrazine / Phentermine
Well said JP! This is a community discussion site, anyone should have a voice in it, especially when their opinion or information is relevent to the topic. PN, considering you chose a community forum instead of your personal journal, a forum which may be around for a long time and be read by other readers seeking the same information you desire, it is probably best that both sides of the story be out there. Anyone with experience with these drugs would be remiss in not stating so here, for full disclosure to others. On the pro side such drugs have helpful but temporary effects, on the con side, the vast majority of people will gain all the weight back starting almost immediately once they discontinue the drugs since they didn't train themselves to change their diets, and the drugs have serious side effects. I've tried many prescription and (legal) non-prescription appetite suppresants over the years--including amphetamines and their less effective cousins like Phentermine. Phentermine is only effective for about 3 months. After that they do make you crazy, causing serious psychological symptoms in some, including uncontrollable rage--I know this, it happened to me. Not to mention they cause high blood pressure, a rapid pulse, palpitations, tension and headaches. Many clinics require a one month gap after every 3 months in order to prevent some of the worst side effects. Such drugs should never be taken without supervision--which is why you can't find a product OTC that really compares. There is a name for the combining of OTC drugs that will produce a similar effect--it's called methamphetamine, and it's very illegal.
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
Yes, most "tomato sauce" is counted as vegetable because, added sugar or not, it is mostly tomatoes. Besides sugar it may also have added oil and protein depending on who made the sauce, but the concentration should be mostly tomatoes.
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
SHORT ON please
Have you ever heard of Tibetan or Himalayan buttered tea? I haven't tried it yet, but being a big fan of hot tea I plan to now. I read some articles online and it really sounds interesting. That would be a way to have butter when you have nothing to spread it on, and you could do like Ingria does with her coffee but try coconut oil in tea instead of coffee, or even real butter in your coffee. I think I'm going to do some experimenting with drinking fats. If you think of it like you're "creamer" it doesn't sound so weird.
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
How do you deal with heel pain from bone spurs?
What kind of shoes are you wearing? There are many kinds of shoes now that help with plantar fasciitis without having to buy custom orthotics. The last time I had a problem (now about 14 years ago) I saw an advertisement for Birkenstock shoes and testimonials said they helped a lot with plantar fasciitis or heal spurs due to the firm cork sole. I bought some, I’ve been wearing them since, my foot healed up and I’ve had no problems in at least 13 years. You don’t have to get Birkenstocks (though I love them and have about 60 pairs now because they never wear out),now there are other brands with the firm soles too. Just avoid soft soled shoes which actually allow the sole to stretch increasing the inflammation. For medication, seek an anti-inflammatory. For a diet, choose one that helps control inflammation.
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
Editing a recipe awaiting approval
Perhaps you could submit the whole thing again and they'll approve the corrected one?
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
Spouse Not Supportive
Don't assign emotional responsibility to this, or guilt. Not to yourself or your husband. He has his "flesh" to battle with, even if his is a totally different battle than yours. His battle might not be weight, but it might be appetite, or lack of control, or even fear of change. It my be an emptiness or unfulfillment in some area of his life or work causing his cravings for certain foods. My husband used to sabotage my weightloss efforts all the time. I don't think he meant it that way, but he was comfortable when I was overweight and jealous when I wasn't; though he's always loved me very much. It's not right to expect others to fight our fleshly battles and their own as well. Your victory may mean his loss if you expect him to meet your need instead of his own. I'm not saying he shouldn't help you, but you need to see through his eyes too. What will it require of him to help you? Take the battle to Jesus, He's the only one who can truly correct it anyway. Give it to Him. He's already forgiven you of everything. Ask Him to heal you of the effects of the past mistakes which led to being overweight. Ask Him to take the weight and ask Him to help you going forward to keep it off. Ask Him to bless the food you consume to the nourishment of your body. Ask Him to bind all negative or evil effects and possible side effects including retaining excess weight. Ask Him for self-control and deliverance from temptations. See temptations for what they are. They are a deception that you don't have to give in to. And if sometimes you fail the Lord is always there to lift you up. The people and tools here are helpful too, but you have to turn to Him for real solutions. Praying for you!
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
Craving Chocolate...fighting hard not to give in.
Just a thought, "Fat-free" should not be part of the language for Atkins WOE. Go for the full fat Greek yogurt. It's tastier and helps control cravings in general because it curbs hunger. Oh, and I love Pig fat!! Yummy! I'm thinking of making some chocolate covered proscuitto--instead of bacon only because I find too much salt kills the sweetness, especially artificial sweetners, and proscuitto is not salt cured like bacon. Maybe I'll try making the coconut oil candy, with stevia instead of honey, spread it on the proscuitto and then roll it up for an appetizer.
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
Changed over to the Keto Diet
I've been on dozens of low calorie diets and "accurate" or not I ALWAYS experienced temporary water weight losses in the beginning. If glycogen depletion is the explanation, then so be it. "Balance" in eating is a cultural concept and a cliched guilt hammer used to beat dieters with, especially those burdened with also trying to feed children and teach their children how to eat. Having "balanced" nutrition does not equal eating carbohydrates. IMHO most of the literature demonizing low carb diets have little scientific backing. I second Karisue's recommendation to try doing something different than low calorie.
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
Changed over to the Keto Diet
[quote=paperiniko] Personally I tend to think a balanced diet is healthier but to each his own , if the low carbs works better for you long term than that is definetly a better option than staying overweight, good luck.[/quote] He is right about the water weight, but that's also true for any lowcalorie diet in the beginning too. And he is free to think what he likes, but he's wrong about a "balanced" diet. Having a "balanced" diet is highly overrated by "authorities", and misunderstood by most people. A "balanced" diet based on consuming carbohydrates is in fact a cultural and religous idea, not based on science. To say we must have equal proportional amounts of carbs, fats and protiens to have a healthy diet it false. It is absolutely possible to maintain a good blood sugar level in a ketogenic state, without eating any carbohydrates at all. I'm not suggesting that, I love vegatables, but it is true according to science. (Recommended reading: The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living by Valek and Phinney) Congratulations Karisue on choosing an alternative to low calorie dieting!! No more going hungry! Congratulations on getting back into your family too. I honestly believe my yoyo lowcal dieting for so many years has in fact caused imbalance and weight problems in my children and husband. Atkins has solved the weight issue for my husband, and both of my now grown children lost weight on Atkins. It's the only way of eating that we can share without someone feeling deprived. I understand you're not on Atkins, but another form of a ketogenic weightloss program. I pray for your success! Enjoy your adventure in eating!
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
2 weeks slump
Looking at your diet I can make these recommendations. Do not go below 1200 calories per day consistently; every now and then won't hurt, but doing it often will slow your metabolism making it harder to burn calories. Increase your fiber. Your Indulge bar is only adding 6 dietary fiber grams (the other 9 is sugar alcohols) so most days you're well under the recommended 20-25g fiber per day. I can't tell about your water, but you need 64oz fluid to pass into your system everyday. Think of it as the hose washing out the grime (fats and toxins) in your blood stream. Also, combined with the fiber, it will keep you regular, avoiding the constipation many on Atkins experience. Be realistic about your losses. The first weeks you lose a lot of water weight, and it can take a fews days for your body to adjust to the new weight, but after that you should be able to expect, realistically, to lose 1/2 to 2 lbs per week depending on your activity level. 1 lb of fat = 3500-3600 calories. So to lose 1 lb you must consume 3500-3600 less or burn 3500-3600 calories more than your body reqires to maintain. That would be about 500 calories per day (more burned or less consumed) over a one week period to lose 1 lb. For weight loss some programs recommend setting an RDI of 10 x your desired weight. Yours is 150, so your RDI could be set as low as 1500 calories per day, and it would be best to not go below, especially not below 1200. Aim for 20g (80 calories) or less in carbs, 84g (336 calories) (which is 4oz per meal or 12 oz per day) protien and about 120g (1080 calories) of FAT! Also aim for 20g dietary fiber (don't count the sugar alcohols in your fiber) even if you need to add a supplement, and 64oz water per day. Exercise and being active is vitally important too. Dr. Atkins said, "Not only is it (exercise) an essential part of the program, but in cases of severe metabolic resistance, it's likely to be the difference between success and spinning your wheels." Hope that helps. Best wishes! Oh, and keep in mind, the pie chart graph on your page is set to calculate according to gross carbs not net carbs, so it's better to watch the gram totals at the top of your food diary page to get a more accurate ratio total.
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
Confirm the right % of fat/protein/net carbs?
The "ideal" balance or ratio is going to vary per person, or per goal weight. It is NOT a one ratio works for everyone. Think of it more this way; Induction is 20grams carbs (or less), OWL for most is going to be about 25g carbs. There is 4 calories per carb, so 20 carbs is 80 calories. Say your RDI is 2000 calories. 5% of 2000 is 100 calories,so 5%is the correct ratio of carbs for OWL not Induction. For induction the correct carb percentage for a 2000 calorie RDI is 4%. But most of us don't have an RDI of 2000 calories. That may work for men and very active women, but not for the average woman I know. Also, regarding protien, Atkins recommends 84-126 grams protien per day (4-6oz per meal, or 12-18oz per day)--with the smaller portion being more appropriate for smaller or inactive people, with more protien needed for larger or very active people. Remember, in Ketosis, a portion of your protien will be converted to glucose (sugar) in the body to fuel muscles and especially the brain. Too much protien can stall weight loss even if you're getting only the right amount of carbs. There are 4 calories in a gram of protien. The minimum protien recommended by Atkins is 84g, so 84g x 4 =336 calories. Which is roughly only 17% of 2000 calories. On the high end of protien protions, or at 126g protien or 504 calores (which is 126g x 4= 504) then it's still at about 25% of 2000 RDI. For the person on 2000 calories per day AT MOST their protien portion should NOT be more than 25%. So, so far, [b]on Induction[/b], with a 2000 calorie RDI--4% should be carbs, 17-25% should be protien, and ALL the rest should be FAT, which is 71-79%. On OWL, with a 2000 calorie RDI--5% should be carbs, 17-25% should be protien, and 75-78% fat. [b]MOST people on Atkins should be getting at least 70% of their calories from FAT![/b] NO, I do not fear fat. In fact, I am discovering that a big part of the problem with people stalling on Atkins, I believe, is the fact they won't consume enough fat and they're too relaxed about how much protien they eat. In Ketosis, or "fat burning mode" the body prefers stored fat over consumed or dietary fat as fuel, so part of the fat we eat will pass through unused and never stored. THAT is how people can consume so many calories and still lose weight on Atkins! The irony of years of incorrect training about fat is that it is the opposite of the truth, and now we have millions of people who "fear" fat.
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
Net Carbs
Go to your food diary page. Look for the link for "edit preferences" at the top of the page just under "total calories." Click the link and set your preferneces to show Net Carbs. (But keep in mind your pie chart graphic will still be calculated according to gross carbs.)
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
Feeling Cynical
Truth is though, your weight loss is right where it should be! 1 lb a week is AWESOME! Your diet looks awesome too for OWL and you're doing it right. If you're in a hurry then it's simple, you can lower your carbs or exercise more. If you lowered your carbs just one or two days per week you might see an increase. If you set a goal of exercising off an extra 250 calories per day you'd increase your losses by half a pound. Burn an extra 500 calories per day and you'd lose an extra pound per week. Keep in mind that alcohol can slow or stall weight losses too. Be encouraged! You're doing great!
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
Muscle Loss-- considering Metabolic Diet
@kanan, no one on Atkins will argue that the body needs carbs, protien and fats. You are absolutely right about that. It's the ratio that allows weight loss that makes Atkins more appropriate than other diets for some of us.
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
Muscle Loss-- considering Metabolic Diet
No, I wasn't referring to you. And saying someone is ignorant isn't meant as an insult, but to identify a lack of knowledge. Sadly, much "science" today, especially online and in many diet books, is based on a lot of assumptive results and not facts or genuine research either, leading to a WHOLE lot of confusion. While body building it's very important to consume enough protien. If specifically building muscle is your goal you'll likely not be looking to achieve ketosis. You'll need just the right amount of carbs for energy (which could be a considerable amount if you're spending a lot of hours in the gym), enough protien to prevent the body from stealing any already built muscle, and enough fat to keep from being hungry. So you're certainly looking to control your carbs, but I don't know if a ketogenic diet is the best for body building. Good luck!
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
Muscle Loss-- considering Metabolic Diet
It's obvious most everyone who's posted on here so far is pretty ignorant about how Atkins works (and by his definition Marlboro man must be a very blissful person). One general truth about the body is that it's not very good at storing protien reserves for later use. It either uses it to build muscle or it converts it to glucose to be used as fuel or converted to glycogen for muscle energy and then it simply excretes the rest not used up. We don't have any protien cells that work like fat cells, and protien cannot turn into fat. And, Marlboro man, after following years of no/lowfat dieting I can confirm without a doubt that carbs alone, meaning without being attached to fat or protien, can and do convert into stored fat. That's the whole point, carbohydrates are metabolized into fat, our body's most usable form of fuel, and whatever fat is not burned is stored for later use in fat cells. On Atkins without the carbs the body converts some protien into glucose. If a person on Atkins is losing weight while truly limiting carbs, as you Chyldblue seem to indicate, then the protien you were consuming was being used up as fuel for your brain (which uses almost exclusively glucose for fuel) and glycogen in your muscles, apparently so much so that you were not able to build muscle mass. You were still burning stored fat also or you would not have been losing weight. So Atkins was successful in helping you lose fat stores--just as the program promises. In the absence of carbs the body goes into ketosis, using primarily stored fat as fuel, but the protien eaten, the part not used by the body to maintain muscle mass, will be converted to glucose for the brain and as stored glycogen for quick energy bursts or needs. These glycogen stores are quickly used up in people that are very active or that workout often (which explains the loss of energy while working out) and it takes the body time to recover these glycogen stores, requiring more protien be consumed or if necessary the body will begin to use muscle mass to replace the glycogen if no carbs, or not enough carbs, and eaten protien are available. (I could be wrong about this, but I don't think the body makes glycogen from stored or consumed fat.) The answer is not in trashing, berating or scrapping the diet, but to find the balance that works for each person. A very active person can and should eat more carbs than Atkins induction level and they should still benefit greatly from a carb controlled way of eating. Chyldblue, even for a body builder, the key is keeping watch on your protien needs, your protien consumption and your carb needs and consumption. Be aware that in carb deficit (as Atkins intentionally achieves) the body will convert consumed protien into the glucose it requires for survival while sparing existing muscle mass (this is an awesome benefit for those truly fighting obesity as most lowfat diets don't preserve existing muscle mass) but building muscle mass will be difficult unless you also consume adequate protien and enough carbs also to provide easily converted glucose into ready glycogen needs. You should study how the body stores glycogen and make sure you are getting adequate carbs to keep those stores filled and available as needed. I know this doesn't help answer your original question. Bodybuilding is a very interesting science and requires flexibility in eating to be able to adjust your diet as needed to balance building muscle mass, controlling stored fats, and eating enough carbs to keep energy levels up. I don't have the information for that and can't help you there, but I do know, in defense of Atkins WOE, there are a lot of people who did not take the time to truly understand the diet, attempted some form of low carb eating that failed to meet their expectations, and now spend a lot of time ignorantly and unfairly trashing the program. Best wishes for success with whatever program you choose!
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
School lunches.
High school boys are still growing and need lots of protien even if they aren't in sports, but they'll need even more if they are. Be prepared to have something for him to eat when he gets out of school too. Lots of cheese, hamburger meat, chicken--white and dark--with the skin on it, high fat lunchmeats, eggs prepared lots of ways if he'll eat them, pork skins for crunchy snacks, nuts too. My son was in college and fully grown when I put him on the Atkins diet. I didn't try to control his calories at all, only his carbs. He lost 25lbs in less than 6 months. He loved double meat/double cheese bacon cheeseburgers without the bun but with the salad, just make sure the dressings are mustard and/or real mayo but no ketchup. I made taco meat salads with lots of Mexican food additives like cheese, salsa, onion and peppers, but no taco shells. The carb balance tortillas by Mission are very good for meaty burritos and breakfast burritos made with scrambled eggs and sausage, and Sara Lee Delightful 45 cal bread is about the lowest carb that is generally available at stores, but some stores have other versions of low carb breads that would be good for growing boys. Look through the cookbook here for Stef's pizza bake, which is awesome actually. You can put all sorts of toppings on it, especially meaty ones. I kept wieners in the fridge at all times, which also could be wrapped in low carb tortillas with some cheese. Also look for Dreamfields Pasta for making Mac and cheese, or Spaghetti with meat and pasta sauce. Best wishes!
by DLynneGarner (submitted 6 years ago)
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