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Atkins and foot/leg cramps
Sounds like you need potassium supplements. I did the Bernstein Diet (low carb, low fat, VLCD) a few years ago, and had terrible cramps in my calves, until they upped my potassium supplement. After that, I didn't have any more problems.
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
Working out after breast augmentation?
I was back walking after a few days, jogging about 2-3 weeks later, and boxing after 6 weeks. Had to wait longer before doing push-ups and such. Wear the band your doctor will give you to hold them down when you run, and buy a very supportive sports bra. I like LuLuLemon Ta-Ta Tamer and The Bust Stops Here bras. Good luck with the surgery and the marathon!
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
reversing heart disease
I highly recommend getting The Pritikin Edge, or any of the older Pritikin books. It's a program that has been around since the 70's and was designed specifically to treat heart disease, as well as hypertension and type 2 diabetes. The main thrust is to eat whole foods (i.e. unrefined fruits, veggies, grains, etc.), avoid added sugar, limit animal foods (other than fish), and exercise daily. There are lots of specific recipes and guidelines in the book. I have stayed at the Pritikin Longevity Centre in Florida and seen some of the success stories first hand; it's quite amazing.
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
comments on posts
I generally respond if it's a question that I think I *might* be able to answer, or sometimes if I disagree with the OP. The ones I have a hard time resisting are the ones with incorrect but oft-cited information in them, or promoting extreme, unhealthy ways to lose weight. I hope I don't come across as a know-it-all (because I know very little, actually), but I just hate seeing people get bad advice. I read the really good posts, but rarely comment, because I usually have nothing useful to add. I wish there were a "like" button on this site; I would use it a lot.
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
First let me say, great work so far! 63 pounds lost is a hell of an accomplishment! It can be really hard to stay motivated over a long period of time, especially if your partner is starting to slide a bit as well. Could it be that you are dieting too strictly and your regimen just isn't sustainable? Whatever you do to lose the weight should ideally be something you are willing to do the rest of your life to maintain it. If you can find a happy medium, maybe you'll be able to avoid the "diet fatigue" and bingeing behaviours, and continue to your goal weight, albeit more slowly. I know that losing weight slowly is not as satisfying as losing weight quickly, but it beats the pants off gaining it back!
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
This is 'Some' Of What I Ate
I didn't even notice the default until I read this thread. I wonder how many other people are tracking 100% and just didn't realize they had to change that option.
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
Are you a Positive or Negative Dieter
I agree 100%. If you live in a state of perpetual helplessness and hopelessness, you not only give up opportunities for joy and growth, but you won't recognize when opportunities do happen. I am not a religious person, but I have learned that negativity isn't helpful in any way, and wishing things were different won't make them different, only action can do that. Please realize that I am not judging anyone based on their feelings, or how they express them (as long as it does no harm to others) I believe that everyone has a right to their emotions, and it isn't wrong to feel hopeless or angry or hurt, but it simply doesn't serve you in life. If you really want to make a change, you need to let go of the negativity, and deal with the real issues that are causing it. Some emotions, like grief, are unavoidable at times, and can be cathartic and adaptive, but self-pity, bitterness and hopelessness can't possibly be helpful.
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
BMI - Go figure.
BMI is just a formula based on height and weight. There should be no need to use a scale or anything like that. If your weight hasn't changed and your height hasn't changed, your BMI is exactly the same. If you want to calculate your BMI, it is weight in kilograms devided by height in centimetres squared BMI=kg/(m)2
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
Does Fasting Work???
Have you read The CR Way? It is all about increasing lifespan through calorie restriction (CR). It's a great book.
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
Never hungry anymore?
Ketones are an appetite suppressant; this is why people on very low calorie diets generally only succeed by cutting carbs to levels that produce ketosis. As long as you are restricting your carbs, your appetite will be lower than normal. If you can add some rich protein and fat combos like nuts or seeds, that will help get the calorie count up. The other option is to stop restricting carbs, but don't be surprised if your weight jumps 4-7 pounds in a couple of days. That's just your glycogen stores replenishing; it's not fat.
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
Not hungry, but not losing weight.
Have you been tracking your food intake? The volume of food you are eating is not necessarily indicative of the calories you are consuming. I would recommend tracking every single bite you eat for at least a week, and then looking at some of the patterns. Do you eat too much fat? Not enough fibre? Are you missing your fruit and vegetable targets? If all of that is fine, I would start thinking about adding in more exercise. If you do weights and build your muscle mass a little you will raise your resting metabolism. Plus, cardio will burn off some calories and give you a bit more leeway in your eating. Honestly, if you find your eating is right in line with what it should be for weight loss(there should be some good calculators online for caloric recommendations based on your weight gender and activity level), and you are working out a solid hour or so a day, and still not losing, I would see a doctor.
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
Sugar vs protein
Eggs, millk, protein powder, tempeh, quinoa, tofu, nuts (in moderation, high fat and calories in nuts), beans, and meat. SOme ideas: Homemade breakfast burrito of eggs, black beans and salsa High fibre cereal with protein isolate mixed into the milk Scrambled tofu with tomatoes onions and peppers
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
Tracking Body Fat & Lean Tissue
I agree with the bioimpedance scales being more of a trend watching tool than an accurate measure. I had been registering about 24% bf on my Tanita scale and feeling awfully good about myself, then I got a Dexa scan and found out it was actually almost 33%. Now I just go by whether my % is going up or down over multiple measurements, and usually ignore the outliers, figuring it's hydration differences. I don't really like the calipers because the formulas differ so much from expert to expert, and the measurements are fairly subjective. I have had testing done with calipers by a few different trainers and the measurements varied from 18% to 30% in the span of a few months. I imagine you get more accurate with practice, but I would rather use something a bit more idiot-proof :-P
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
I Hate to Cook.....
I also don't like to cook, because a) I resent the time it takes out of my day, and b) I truly suck at it. What I have found to be a huge help is the T-Fal actifry. The commercials are always hyping the ability to cook with less fat, but the big selling point for me is that you can just dump in some protein and veggies, turn it on, then go do other stuff. Come back 5-10 minutes before the end and add your sauce, and that is it. I hardly ever use my stove anymore. I even made granola in it, and risotto once.
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
What's your biggest problem or frustration losing weight?
[quote=ray_wilson] [b]1. What's your biggest problem or frustration losing weight? [/b] I don't know what to cook or how to cook. I have bought several cookbooks but I can't find recipes that fit into the nutritional guidelines I am trying to follow, and most of them look too complicated anyway. I am a vegetarian so it is a bit harder to plan meals. Plain tofu tastes terrible, so it always needs to be "in" something. [b]2. What have you tried so far that hasn't worked for you?[/b] Low carb. I managed three days before I absolutely crashed and burned. It's just not for me. [b] 3. What's your biggest fear when it comes to losing weight?[/b] That I won't ever enjoy food again. I don't hate what I am eating, but I don't like it either. I read all the time about non-food treats, but honestly, nothing else feels like a treat to me. [b] 4. What worries you? What are you afraid will happen if you don't do something immediately?[/b] I will never have a chance to compete in my favourite sport. I am getting close to 40, and I feel like if i can't get into great shape in the next year or two, I will miss my window of opportunity. [b]5. What would you be willing to do to solve or get the outcome you want?[/b] This is the problem; I am not sure. This is what I have been asking myself lately. Am I willing to give up my favourite foods until I reach my goal, and then limit them for the rest of my life? I don't know. i do know that I am not willing to do low-carb, super low calories, fake foods, or anything else that isn't health-supporting. As far as exercise, I am willing to do any amount, even if it means cutting my work hours and having no social life. I just don't know what amount is optimal. I don't want to overdo it and do more harm than good. [b] 6. If you could have one question answered about losing weight, What would it be?[/b] How much exercise is optimal? Not just enough, but the best amount. [/quote]
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
Looking for fitness and health buddy, weight loss is secondary
Hi I am a 37 year old vegetarian female looking to get into the best shape of my life. I know there are a lot of fads out there, but I am looking for a buddy who is interested in health at least as much as weight loss and wants to share motivation and healthy nutrition and exercise tips. I have recently started doing Muay Thai classes after a two year absence and I am trying to eat regular, healthy meals, with mixed success so far. If you are also into healthy weight loss (no low-carb, high fat diets, just calorie balance and high nutrient foods) I would love to be buddies. I know a bit about healthy eating from a few visits to the Pritikin Centre, but I am always looking to learn more.
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
healthy alternative to pop for energy
Green tea is supposed to be good for energy, if you can get used to the taste.
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
Eating after work....
I have been struggling with this problem for years as well, but it has been getting better lately. I think this is because i have shifted my entire eating schedule forward by several hours. I eat my first meal of the day at about noon, second at 5:30 or 6, and then when I start to get hungry at 9 or 10 pm, I still have a full meal's worth of food to eat. I know that the conventional wisdom is not to eat late in the evening, but I figure I would be eating anyway, just junk food instead of a healthy meal! For some people, skipping breakfast can encourage unconscious overeating later, until you get used to the new schedule. That is why I plan all of my food early in the day, and sometimes even make it in the morning before work. I find it is way easier to eat healthy meals when they are already in the fridge ready to go, or waiting in the slow cooker. This might not work for everyone, and I know a lot of diet experts would not like this solution, but it is the first thing that has ever worked for me, and after a few hungry mornings, I am now totally used to it and don't start to feel hungry until lunch time.
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
I love Fresca, especially the cherry flavour. I try not to drink it every day because of the aspartame, but once in a while as a treat it is fantastic.
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
I need a sports bra!!
I am a 32DDD and I wear the lululemon ta-ta tamer or the bust stops here (also by lululemon, but discontinued, so check the clearance racks) The key is not so much just holding them in, but holding them down, so they won't bounce. A narrow tensor bandage, not too tight, above your breasts and angled lower in the back can really stop the bounce.
by CorsetLady (submitted 5 years ago)
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